H-hiiii guys so it’s been a while. The reasons why I haven’t posted anything: too much things going on in school and the most crucial thing: no computer (we had to get it fixed for real this time).

I don’t have much time to write anything because I have an english test this afternoon but here comes some pictures from my morning!

These are taken with my 3DS XL, the quality isn’t great but in 3D it looks really pretty :3

Got to go study now! Until next time~ byeee!




Met my frenemies Marcus and Lovisa today. As always it was really fun.

I took some pictures that I’ll share with you! ^^

Lovisa & Marcus started argumenting whether or not the tile was in the right pattern…  (I have it all on my phone and I may put it on fb)

Haha four frames of derp! X’D ♡

We later decided to go to Toys R Us because we wanted to race around the store with scooters… but we took the wrong bus and ended up on Rainbow street! *w* The scooter idea didn’t work out either because they were stuck to the shelf. They weren’t last year (I was the only one who didn’t get yelled at that time hehehe) :<. But it was good that we went there because we met Emilia and Kevin! :D Milia scared me so hard! She came from behind and talked english saying “those dresses won’t fit you”, talking about a princess dress that I had just put down while saying that it was “soooooo not my size”. ♡

“Want to feel my Pooh?”

Ended this wonderful evening with sudden summer rain and a really beautiful sky.

Going to watch Legion now and then fall asleep.

I’ll be working after school next week so I need all the rest I can get. The final test is on Wednesday too (I’m so nervious). :c I don’t really know how many days I’ll be working but either three or four. I know that I’m definitely free on Friday!

Go0d night! ^^

// Nyancy