Pizza party w/ Charles and Emma

Met up with Emma and Charles yesterday to eat and watch movies! We did what we did last time: bought three different pizzas and got a third of each. Last time we made frankenstein’s monster-pizzas though because we cut them and assembled them before putting them in the oven, this time we just ate them, one at a time because we were so freakin hungry!

12355086_10208411037343061_1857058178_n   The pizza from last time 😊

This time we had ham – cheese, pesto – mozzarella and prosciutto – funghi and we watched the white chicks and mr. and mrs. Smith.

We had a great time and hopefully we’ll do it again not too far in the future!


I’ve blogged a lot today but this will be my last post because I have some school stuff to read and sleep to do!

The first London vlog is up on my youtube channel so check it out here, hopefully I’ll be able to edit the second day tomorrow! The third day won’t need any editing because I just shot one video that morning ^^

// Nancy

Tastier pizza the day after?

That doesn’t happen very often does it?

Not for me atleast Ö_Ö

So I just microwaved a slice and it. was. amazing!

Usually the pizza turnes soggy (yuck!) and you can’t really hold it in your hands.

I don’t really know if it might have been the fact that I always dab away the grease so it’s drier but still.

Mistery of life, right? ;D

The “amazing” part now that I think about might be because I was hungry as a lion X’D

// Nyancy ❤