Ahahaha… hi there *awkward smile*.

Missed me?851582_144885319019068_2087531931_n

I’ve been so lazy! Because I’m addicted to Animal Crossing…  I don’t do anything else if I don’t go out to meet friends, *cough*Merielle*cough*. QwQ’

We’ve tried to make plans to meet up with Miss Anon all weekend but it didn’t work so well. We also tried to meet today but that didn’t happen either so I’ve been watching horror movies all day. My stomach was turning from the horror OD so right now I’m watching Madagascar 3!

Sonja the bear is so precious.

mad3_character_large_332x363_sonyaking-julian-sonia-ourse“Hey, gorgeous. Has anyone ever told you that you look like a super model? Albeit a fat hairy one who smells.” – King Julian

I didn’t see this one when it came out because I thought that it would be lame but I actually like it a lot :3 The circus is so shiny and sparkly and the Russian animals are so… special.

Oh this Saturday is Skara Sommarland (the amusement park)! :D I’ve actually bought something so you guys will get some pictures on Sunday. I’m not promising anything though since Saturday will be a long day and then I have to work Sunday and Tuesday-Friday. But I should be able to have a post up on at least Monday… if the item arrives before Friday >w< Let’s hope for the best!

I’m scheduling this post to be up at noon today since I’m writing this at 03:49 and… no one reads it when I upload this late/early haha.

I still have 22 minutes left on the movie but after that it’s sleepy-time. See ya!851577_144885229019077_1533674658_n// Nancy


Dead snow.

dead-snowI’m not actually going to talk about the movie ‘Död Snö’ (a movie about dead nazi’s and stuff… I haven’t actually seen it! x’D) but I thought that the title was fitting because It’s now so cold

I feel like dying over the winter…

and then wake up at the end of January with Christmas present laying all over the bed ready to be opened. And after that celebrate my birthday :’D

(What’s wrong with this idea is that I would die for reals if I slept that long! And I won’t get any present this year because I insisted on getting money *boring, I know but I need them next year*.)

Anyway it’s -15 degrees Celsius/5 degrees Fahrenheit outside D: SO COLD! GAH

My dad is working overtime tomorrow so he can’t drive me and my brother out either ;___; The timing is bad but yeah, we’ll make it work.

10 layers of clothes here I come!

On a side note: my shoes from Amazon has come! :D I’m going to pick them up on the convenience store before school, as usually class begins after lunch so the store is open! Expect a video on them~

See ya tomorrow guys! Oh and I hope you like the Panty and Stocking header. It’s so Christmasy and fun, I couldn’t help myself :D

// Nyancy

Non-existing Sunday

Sunday just flew by. I didn’t post an “Art Sunday” post because art hasn’t been present this week. Happiness hasn’t been present this week. I don’t know what happened but I’m really, really hoping that it isn’t like this next week.

I’ve already planned out my Friday though! 1. Go to school 2. Wait for friends to start their lessons (Marcus got PE and Anna got literary composition) 3. Meet up with Char-Char 4. Take two buses home 5. Get to the mailbox asap 6. Find a copy of Pokemon Black 2 there 7. Arrive at home 8. Play Pokemon/watch some anime (don’t remember what it’s called but Charles wanted to see it) with Char-Char the whole weekend.

^ That can’t go wrong

And I don’t start at 8 tomorrow! I’d call that I good start of the week. Good night people~

// Nyancy

So happy I could die.

Seriously I was depressed as fuck yesterday. But today I’m so happy I could die. Don’t know what’s happening… might it be the time of the month? Hope not :c

So I finally talked to my mother about my plan to pierce my tongue (my dad isn’t awake yet so he doesn’t know). She was totally fine with it even though she kind of cringed of the thought of doing it (she did the same when she saw that I had pierced my ears X’D “I’m too old for that” she said).

Telling my dad might ruin my mood but we’ll see.

I will also buy the Nintendo 3DS XL when it comes out! QwQ

I’ve thought of getting the regular 3DS for quite some time so hearing that this version is coming out soon. I took the chans of getting it instead!I will get the R E D one!

So tomorrow is the awsomest day in a long time.

I’ll be heading down town with my mother. When we get there I’ll preorder Nintendo 3DS XL @Gamestop. When I pick up the DS on the 28th of July I’ll be giving them my DSi so that I get it cheaper! ^_^ It’s great because why would I need two? ;3

After that my mother wants to buy a face cream but she doesn’t have any money so I’ll buy it for her haha. When we’ve done all this I have an appointment @ Tribe Bodypiercing :D My mother will come along but she doesn’t want to see it so I guess that she’ll wait outside. Totally fine with me!

I really can’t wait for tomorrow or the end of the month! ASKHBHFN JKJNIS ♥

Going to take a nap now =w= Woke up at 7 today… uhh. Oh yeah, might finish painting my nails lady blue before that! ;D

// Nyancy ❤