Last day of the Pocky contest!

Hi guys~ It just hit me that it’s the last day for the Pocky Royalty contest on Facebook (that I wrote about here)!!!

My entry is my header so if you like it and have facebook, I’d be so, so grateful if you liked my picture: Contest Entry. QwQ
It only takes a minute to do, right~

pocky derping

Stay awesome and spread the Pocky-lovin’ people! ^__^

// Nyancy


Participating in the Pocky Royalty Contest!

Good morning everyone! When I got home yesterday I saw that Pocky’s FB-page had released the pictures that are in the contest early so I located my picture and saw that it had 9 likes! I was so happy and thankful~ I was expecting nothing tbh.

This is the picture I’m competing with:

Pocky royalty competition entry“The Only Thing You Need On Gloomy Days Is Pocky.”

Now, if you feel like it’s worth a:thumbs-up

I would be very happy if you liked it on Facebook: Pocky Royalty 2013 Entry.

The Pocky featured are (from front to back):

  • “Chocolate On Chocolate Mild” Pocky CreamyDoubleChocolateMild
  • “Belgian Taste: Pocky In, Dark Chocolate” Pocky PockyIn_DarkChocolate
  • “Belgian Taste: Pocky In, Milk Chocolate” Pocky PockyIn_MilkChocolate
  • Classic “Chocolate” Pocky PockyChocolate

I really recommend them all! “Chocolate on chocolate” has a thick layer of chocolate + some swirled chocolate around and “Pocky in’s” are like biscuit sticks you eat with ice cream. But yummier! If you haven’t tasted the original, that’s the never-strikes-wrong-card + you have to try it~

Thank you for reading and hopefully liking! See you after school ;D I’ll post what I got from Sheslookingatthestars in the Budget Beauty Blogger Swap! I’ll probably write about yesterday before that (from school).

// Nyancy

Pre-birthday celebration!

Hi guys! Has this been a long day or what??! (Answer: yes yes yes)

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day of walking around down town, see Django, eat something and then go home, everything before four. Well… that didn’t go as planned.

Arrived to the middle of Gothenburg and found Anna within one minute of getting off the tram~ We went to two asian trade-stores before I noticed that Marcus had called… turned out that he overslept and he asked if we could watch the next showing, so we did. The time was around 10.30 and the next showing was at 14.30. So we continued as planned and went to two more asian trades and found this while buying Pocky.

DSC_0050Pandanus... do I have to explain why that was absolutely hilarious to me and Anna!(??)

After that we had a photo shoot for the Pocky Royalty-contest I’m participating in! Without Anna I wouldn’t have gotten the pictures I got so I’m really happy she said yes when I asked her. I’m doing a separate post on the contest when the voting begins! (So people can vote for me… hopefully QwQ’) While we took pictures, people would walk past and I’d feel embarrassed and laugh and run away. It was super-fun though.

 A preview kinda... I haven't used this one in the picture I entered the contest with!

When we were done, we headed to the centralstation. After waiting for a while, I called Marcus three times. Voicemail greeted us each time and because it said that the train Marcus was on had wagon-error we assumed that something horrible had happened. Death, death and… death. (No other explanation really! ;D). Reality: his phone was silly and slow. He texted us that he had arrive so we met up with him and took a tram to the cinema. 

After purchasing the tickets we walked down to Max and ate yummy food!

DSC_0082 DSC_0083 DSC_0084 DSC_0085 DSC_0089Marcus blueberry delux milkshake looked really yummy and my chicken burger was... *ahhhwhjfiojkd*.

At last we saw Django Unchained! It. Was. So. Good. And super-silly at times! I laughed so much haha~


2 h. and 45 minutes long! I had washed down a big cup of coke during the first one and a half hours so when it was an hour left I couldn’t hold it any longer! D: It hurt like a b- so I walked on shaky legs to the restroom. The people sitting on our row… should get an award! TwT They were so helpful when I could’t see anything. A guy with a huge bag helped me by pushing it away (took a while though since he couldn’t see it either!) while being super nice and polite.

I got an early birthday present from Anna:


Various candies but mostly she got it because of the party-whistle!


Trouble along the way but in the end everything was awesome!

// Nyancy

Yummy gifts from Thailand! :D

It randomly started snowing today… the day I decided to put on my summer jacket (Doesn’t really bother me though, I stay warm anyway… I just wish I’d brought my mittens :’c M-my fingers!).

On the last 20 minute walk home, it started “raining” snow. Cold, fast, visible snow. I like snow and I was in a really content mood so I just felt that it was really pretty. The air was already cold so it didn’t get any colder.



Miss anon was in Thailand the whole winter break and she brought back two type of snacks to me! :D

The sweet one is a pack of almond sticks from the brand Hajuku! They are biscuit sticks coated with chocolate and crushed almonds. In other words very similar to Pocky but the actual stick taste like puff pastry and the combination (puff pastry, chocolate and almonds) is really good!

almond sticks by hajukuLove how they are assuring us that it is real chocolate and almond haha!

When Anon’s father was in Thailand last summer, I got two packs each of strawberry and blueberry sticks (from the same brand). They were also very good!

Then Miss Anon also gave me 3 packs of Pretz, the pizza flavored one. Pretz are from the same brand as Pocky, i.e. Glico. They are breadsticks powdered with seasoning. And they kind of taste like a calzone (ham, cheese, tomato and champignons) with a spicy after-taste of what I asume is paprika because of the front haha. pretz with pizza flavorThat’s what I got. It’s so nice of her to give them to me! So… thank you Ballerina~

I really recommend both, try ’em if you get the opportunity! :D

// Nyancy

Gap vs. Pocky

I asked my mother to buy me Pocky because she was on her way to escort my grandmother to the train…

Well, she came back with this:

Gap in chocolate and strawberry flavor. I tasted the chocolate one first and I thought that it was totally fine (the taste is a little different from Pocky but not much because let’s face it… it’s chocolate!). xD

But when I came to the strawberry one…. as soon as I picked one up I could tell that I wasn’t going to like it. :c

It looked all sugary (not smooth as Pocky) and it was peeling off D:

Uhhh I’m so dissapointed. It tasted awful too. Not buying this again. Ever!

I want my delicious Poooockkkyyyyyy~

// Nyancy ❤


So I couldn’t reach miss Anon… which means no Pocky for me.

BUT dad got some vietnamese sesame balls ♡ THEY ARE SO DAMN TASTY!

Aaaaannndd of course:

I got the best seats that were left. *w* I’M SO FRICKEN HAPPY.

Daddey’s makin’ lásagnaaa, can’t wait I’m sooo hungry TwT

// Nyancy ❤

My skin hates me.

“Good morning!” is what I want to say… but it’s 12:23! XD First time I’ve woken up past 12 since Midsummer I believe. ∑*∆* And I don’t even like it :<

I have a headache because I’ve slept so little, went to sleep at 5 or 6. And it’s really warm in my room right now so I’m cold sweating.

So woke up and looked myself in the mirror… my skin really doesn’t like the factory or industrial oil (my mother even got eczema from it but she’d been working there for 20 years. Now she drives truck so the eczeme is gone! ^^).

I look like a frickin’ mess… red eyes, pimples everywhere… and I just realised that I haven’t brushed my hair for 4 days TwT’

Anyway today I’ll be going to the cinema to buying the reserved tickets to The dark knight rises!

I also maaay get the Pocky that miss Anon’s dad bought from Thailand ;w; Yummy yummy!

Bye guys. ^^

// Nyancy ❤