Leader of the Broken Hearts.

behind blue eyes

"Hanging on to all your careless words
Maybe it's time I cut the cord
Maybe I stay and take some more
I've become the leader of the broken hearts." - Papa Roach

// Nancy


Black book Rainbows + bad dog and midsummer frog

Mousy Lizzy Oh! DOOGEli Naughty dog Midsummer frog

⬆What I contributed to my A5 black sketch-book this week⬆      Hope you liked it ^_^
// Nyancy

Rainbow Art Sunday

Wohoo an Art Sunday post on an actual sunday! ;D This week I bought a rainbow pencil so I’ve tried it all week (+ a silver pen, which you will see on the last one). This is the result.
Pink DP Lips 1P LipsP Lips 2
P Lips 3P Lips 4


Everything except the last one was drawn in the black book. Hope you enjoyed!

// Nyancy