Snow white.

snow whiteBringing you double illustrations today because I felt the urge to upload these. Running low on things to scan so hopefully I’m in the mood to draw today~ Have a lovely weekend!
// Nancy


The Red Lippy Project: Day 5

The Red Lippy Project 
(If you don’t know what TRLP is, click on the text!)

Bild 2013-06-13 klkjpoi kopia[Kitty Tail]Bild 2013-06-13 kl kopia Bild 2013-06-13 klekf kopia[Happy Doggy]

Lip-product used: IsaDora’s Perfect Moisture lipstick in Chelsea Red.

Such a strange weather day! It looks like it’s going to rain anytime in one minute and the next the sun is shining crazy strong. I’m having a recovery day today because yesterday was very long for me~ I’m still exhausted  (╯︵╰,)

// Nancy

The Red Lippy Project! ♡

Good morning!
I was browsing through Facebook yesterday and Illamasqua’s fanpage informed about The Red Lippy Project which encourages people to wear red lips from 9th to 15th June to raise awareness of cervical cancer!

⬇The actual post⬇Skärmavbild 2013-06-06 kl. 23.39.14

946421_10151411390106567_41172412_nIf you do it and have Twitter/Instagram, share a picture (or seven :D) hashtagged with #TheRedLippyProject and/or @RedLippyProject!
I’ll be wearing different red’s from Sunday to Saturday (and I’ll be posting MOTDs)~ Join me and a lot of other people, it’ll be fun! And for a good cause~

Looking forward to see your lips on Twitter and remember546928_10151300725715838_1909040511_n

// Nancy


So as I said yesterday I will have an update every Sunday of all the paintings ect. that I’ve made through out the week!  

They might be anatomically incorrect, unfinished and weird. Most of it isn’t pretty but hey that’s not how I work~ ;3

I had an idea drought and no energy to do anything but last Saturday it stopped and I started playing with watercolor on A3 paper. I can’t scan them because my scanner only takes A4 or smaller. =w=’

The fourth one is made with red and black ink and the others with watercolor. I was bored making these so that’s why they don’t have any type of meaning or anything ehehe.

The next six are made with a lead pencil and black/red/white ink (mixed and as they are).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s art and come back next Sunday! :D

I’m off cleaning and studying now~ ;__;

Continue to have a nice Sunday!

// Nyancy ❤



Yesterday evening Robin requested that I would wear Red Queen (from the Tim Burton version) make up today. He didn’t tell me why, just that we’ll be heading to the store Åhlens after school ^_^ What’s the secret??! I’ll tell you when I’ve found out ^^

I’ve always loved the martyr character The Red Queen or The Queen Of Hearts. Red + hearts (two of my favorite things)… How could I not??

The queen,
She likes them red.
She’d see they’re not all red,
She’d raise her voice
And each of us would quickly lose his head!

Since this is the thought we dread…
We’re painting the roses red!


// Nyancy