Day 5 in Edinburgh…

…was the last day.

IMG_0629After we checked out from the hostel but left our bags in the basement, Emma, Linnea and I walked on Princes street one last time, ate and did some last minute shopping in St. James.
We had quite a hurry back because we were on the other side of princes street and had 20 minutes left before we were supposed to be back at the Hostel to get our bags.
Funny thing is that if we had just taken our bags with us, we wouldn’t had to worry about anything because we were near the airline busses =w=

After this I only have pictures taken in the airplane! ^_^

IMG_0631 IMG_0635 IMG_0637 IMG_0641 IMG_0645 IMG_0649 IMG_0650 IMG_0651 IMG_0656The end of the adventure.

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Day 4 in Edinburgh! ÖAÖ

Last Thursday we did our culture activity: We Climbed St. Arthur’s seat.

IMG_0529Wa-wa-waaam! It looked crazy-big when you saw it from there .___.IMG_0531At the foot of the mountain.IMG_0532Dat peak… Ö^Ö IMG_0535St. Anthony’s chapel.529171_10151565491909467_1903145976_nOn our way up! So beautiful :D Linnea took the picture and everyone else is in it! Martin to the left, Jacob being the fastest one and Emma is behind me with her plaited jacket~IMG_0542IMG_0540 IMG_0544 IMG_0545 IMG_0548 IMG_0550 IMG_0551IMG_0556IMG_0553 At the top! It was cold and windy- opposite the weather on the way up *_*IMG_0558 IMG_0560The lake we walked passed when we finally reached concrete! We saw a stork here too. This is the opposite from where we started walking :’3IMG_0568 IMG_0569 IMG_0571 IMG_0583At St Margaret’s Loch. The swan’s followed us <3 I’ve never seen so many birds in my life! Even baby-swan’s! °_° And crazy-looking duck-thingies.IMG_0586 IMG_0588On our way back to the hostel!IMG_0589We bought yummy stuff on the awesome little store to the right of the hostel. After eight in it’s evolved form *mind blown*. We played dares with the starburst’s again! >w<IMG_0592Mr. lucky god toe!
We walked out again in the evening to see Edinburgh castle ^^
IMG_0604 And there we were!IMG_0602“Real Hogwarts” again ;3IMG_0605Faancy.IMG_0616The view was so pretty at night (not that it wasn’t in the day, it’s just a different feel over the city)!IMG_0617I promise, I had those black circles under my eye….. >w<‘IMG_0621Silly Emma :DIMG_0623The prettiest picture of J.K. Rowling’s handprints. She has shorter fingers than me but a larger thumb…IMG_0625Back at the headquarter’s… melon and pineapple time!

End of day 4 in Edinburgh.

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Day 3 in Edinburgh!

The Wednesday in Edinburgh was the day my teacher had planned the three hour guided tour. I didn’t take pictures until we stood in front of the church and that’s about 40 minutes in to it.
IMG_0493 IMG_0500 IMG_0501Talking about poet’s and haggis in front of a building resembling Rapunzel’s/Juliet’s tower!IMG_0502Mr. Andy, the tour guide, in front of the old way of detecting thieves. A step was shorter than the others and the thief wouldn’t know so the person would fall (which woke everybody up).IMG_0503Edinburgh castle!IMG_0506We had a break in the middle of the tour to drink and eat something in a cafe called Hula. Hot chocolate :3 The god damn coins drove me crazy though. We couldn’t tell them apart most of the time!IMG_0507 IMG_0508The “real” Hogwarts (crappy picture, I know) :3IMG_0509Bobby… I love this dog! QwQ The statue is adorable too!IMG_0510The old red-light district. Andy talked about Burke and Hare here. Very interesting!IMG_0511 IMG_0514 IMG_0516This is where the tour ended. Since Andy doesn’t get that much money for the mount of time and effort he puts down on these tours, I think everyone gave him something as tip.

IMG_0517The building from the outside.IMG_0520Emma! Haha I love this picture :DIMG_0521Princes street on the left and the bridge on the right.IMG_0524The last picture of my shoes before they probably burned… in hell.IMG_0527St. Arthur’s seat from the bridge.IMG_0528We walked around looking for souvenirs and while we walked on a small street, I found this little shop with fairies ect. I instantly thought of Robin. You should go in if you ever visit Edinburgh, Robin! ^_^

End of pictures from day 3.

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// Nyancy

Day 2 in Edinburgh.

Pictures from day 2∼


Our hostel breakfast∼ This is basically what we ate everyday for breakfast.IMG_0480Tuesday was the day we were at the University all day. Here we were waiting for a pre-meeting with the scottish students teacher. After that she invited us to her office in a different building and you’ll know why in two pictures!IMG_0481The elevators were occupied by rushing students so the teacher asked if we wanted to take the stairs and for some reason SOMEONE (not me of course) said yes… the department for Scandinavian studies are on the 13th floor, a.k.a highest up in the freakin’ building! We were so tired but because we (Emma, Linnea and I) walked at the front we didn’t stop. And what did we see?IMG_0482 IMG_0483 IMG_0484^ That. A beautiful, foggy Edinburgh. The big mountain in the first picture is St. Arthur’s seat!IMG_0485On the other side of the building, from the window in the staircase. IMG_0486The lobby of the building where we listened to a lecture on Scottish culture from an awesome man (I sadly can’t recall his name) but he made everything a lot of fun.IMG_0487He gave us Irn Bru… and we gave him salt licorice (because it’s apparently rare outside of Sweden or something).IMG_0488Then we had a few hours till we had to have class with the scottish students, so we ate and walked around. The class we had was crazy. We moved all the chairs so two faced each other in a long trail. It looked like some kind of blind date scenario. The room was tiny for the amount of people in it, and it was so hot inside. And we did a lot of different group exercises. Some were pointless but a few were pretty funny. IMG_0489Before we headed to the hostel that evening, we stopped by Tesco express and bought our dinner. Emma, Linnea and I bought the same thing haha.IMG_0490My shoes got totally destroyed from all the times I tripped over nothing on the uneven street. So I had to buy new shoes but I couldn’t that evening because everything was closed already. Skärmavbild 2013-03-24 kl. 17.32.13Around 22.00 that evening, the majority of the class met up with the Edinburgh students at the OZ bar. It was nice (- the creeps trying to hit on people). We headed back to the hostel with Alexandra and Camilla at around 12 and that was for the best because the others stayed three hours after that and they looked so tired the morning after. I was tired enough during the three hour guided tour haha!

End of day 2.

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// Nyancy 

Day 1 in Edinburgh~

Get ready for 31 pictures…



20130318-194819.jpgBefore adventure land!20130318-194858.jpgFirst picture in Scotland! ^_^ We had just stepped out of the airline bus~
IMG_0422On our way to the hostel.
IMG_0424We were so hungry so we ate at the closest pub we could find… fish and chips, mmmm~
20130318-195021.jpgOur teacher forced us to the National museum of Scotland and this is on our way.20130318-195043.jpg 20130318-195116.jpg 20130318-195134.jpg 20130318-195217.jpg 20130318-195232.jpg 20130318-195256.jpg 20130318-195315.jpg 20130318-195404.jpg 20130318-195427.jpg 20130318-195441.jpgSo many fascinating things… I really recommend going if you visit Edinburgh :320130318-195500.jpg 20130318-195525.jpgOn our way back. The view from the bridge is so pretty! Especially St. Arthur’s seat *which I’ve explored c: But you’ll see that on Day 4*.20130318-195534.jpgGiraffes made out of car parts… ÖAÖ20130318-195546.jpgIMG_0460Our room! :D I slept on the bed to the right while Linnea slept highest up on the bunk bed and Emma on the lowest.20130318-195601.jpgFirst nommies bought, they were fun because of the dares written on them. Turns out, I can touch my nose with my tongue!
20130318-195628.jpgThe view from our window.20130318-195641.jpg“I’ve finished packing up.”20130318-195704.jpgSNOWSTORM, on our way to Princes street! 20130318-195803.jpgCute/beautiful/amazing architecture everywhere!20130318-195813.jpgMy Scotland friend c: (I’ll be back Superdrug✩)20130318-195834.jpgIt stopped snowing…
20130318-195904.jpg…but then the snowstorm started again.20130318-195923.jpgSo we ran in to Starbucks and drank hot chocolate~

End of day 1.

Internet, I’m back!

Hi guys~ Enjoying this Saturday so far? :D

I hope you’ve been fine while I was gone! We didn’t have free Wifi on our hostel so being online all the time wasn’t an option.
I arrived in Gothenburg at around 19.00 yesterday and the past five days was great! The weather wasn’t on our side but we made the best out of it. I took pictures everyday so I’m going to upload pictures from day one today and then upload the other ones when I have the time! The report (for the project) must be handed in on Wednesday and I haven’t started writing it… so I’ll have no time to blog (but I probably will anyway if I find a hole to do it >w<‘), so expect very little activity during the upcoming four days.

I bought a lot of stuff while I was in Edinburgh. Most of my money was spent on food and necessities because I didn’t bring those in my bag but I was able to buy things I wanted anyway.
IMG_0669Makeup~ I forgot to take a picture of the nail polishes I bought but I’m going to swatch them so it’s fine :3 I’ll review some of these when I have the time!IMG_0670Bought in HMV with a 30% discount on the CD and 40% on the DVD… aaaahwsome! IMG_0671Bought this cloth bag in Primark c: I payed a fifth of what I would’ve payed in Sweden *mind blown*. I love it~IMG_0665I bought this t-shirt because of my twitter addiction (+ it’s so cute) and a tank top with a mickey mouse dollar-sign on it!

Bild 2013-03-23 kl. 16.22I almost forgot the games, a powder and the nail stones I bought~

This is almost everything ^_^ Besides this I brought back Skittles, an Edinburgh snow globe, a game to my brother, a pair of heart earrings to my mother and of course, Irn bru! :D

Skärmavbild 2013-03-23 kl. 17.03.08See you later! // Nyancy

Vi ses om fem dagar! (The last sentence is the translation~)

Good morning! ^_^/

I packed last night and everything went fine~ IMG_0413My cabin bag weighs 5.05 KG which is just fine (10 is the limit and if I have to, I’ll just put on loads of clothes on the way back home). I bought a bag weigher yesterday so I wouldn’t be in doubt. >w<‘ Worth it… would be so nervous otherwise!
Except for the bag weigher I also bought a rain poncho and super-cheap temporary head phones (because I seriously need music on the flight… and just in general).

I should eat my yummy breakfast now~IMG_0415(Two toasted sandwiches, GOD MORGON orange juice with juicy bits *mmm* and a Peach / Passionfruit yoghurt drink.)

IMG_0414While reading the new Nemi comic! :D

I won’t blog on the trip *never say never though* but look out for the occasional tweet here and there *connection is the key haha*! ^_^

See ya in five days!

// Nyancy

Edinburgh in T -1 day!

I haven’t been out of the country for… hmm, what is it now, three years? And that was with my 9th grade class. To Budapest. We were there for three days and from the little I remember, everything was fun and exiting.

This time my English C class is going to Edinburgh, Scotland. To be teachers for students studying Swedish year 1 and 2! My student is Sanni and she’s lived in Finland, where they learn Swedish in school so I’m pretty sure it’ll be a piece of cake. Her written Swedish is really good~

We also got the assignment to do something cultural while we’re there and then write about it. These past few weeks we’ve also prepared a presentation about different subjects involving Scotland. Emma, Linnea and I chose Scotland in popular culture and if you read my blog you should know what we already had ours presentation before everyone else ^_^ So we don’t need to worry about that anymore!

I have a few things I want to do and I thought I would write them down here!

1. Stand on top of the mountain.

EdinburghCastleYou know the mountain Edinburgh castle stands on :3 Can I do that? I hope so.

2. Walk around… alot.

I know that we’ll get a 3-hour guided tour (arranged by our teacher) but we’ll probably go a ghost tour and a Harry Potter tour too.
The “what can we do in Edinburgh”-group mentioned them when I asked~ But beside the tours I just want to walk around and explore the city… I don’t want to get lost though ;w; Good thing I’m always going to be with someone! My sense of direction is probably as bad as Ryoga’s…


3. Do some shopping.

I have three type of things I want to buy: makeup, games and some kind of souvenir to myself~ People have been sayin’ that they want me to buy them something so I guess that I’ll have to do that too! ;3

4. Whatever life throws at me.

Like food, the company and new experiences! =w=

It’s going to be so much fun! But I haven’t even started packing (except from the things I said I had packed a few days ago)… I have exchanged the SEK to GBP though (and that’s pretty much the only thing I did yesterday, except attending Fern’s birthday party)!

I should get started with important stuff~ :3 See you guys later!

// Nyancy

Edinburgh trip update.

I’m officially going. (Yeeessss~)

I had my doubts tbh, since my english-teacher said that the conditions for going is 1. don’t get a warning for failing class and 2. have 90% attendance (I skipped class at least once a week, the first five weeks… not knowing anyone took it’s toll). I am sure that I have skipped more than 10% but looking around at all the people going, some of them have been gone a lot more than me. Only two people are not going, and they didn’t sign up from the very start!

Really happy that I’m going though (and everybody else of course!).
We’ll be departing in the morning of the 25th of March and will be back in the afternoon of the 29th. Never been to Scotland so I’m really exited. The flight and stay is free which is really nice! ;w; We have to buy food (besides breakfast) ourselves and everything else.

We got the code to print out our boarding passes today. Which made it official in my mind, haha. We can’t print them out until two weeks before we’re actualy going though!

We also got the introduction to the work about Scotland. An oral presentation about a specific subject, involving Scotland. I teamed up with Linnea and Emma, we chose “Scotland in popular culture”. We came up with Brave and something more… that I can’t recall right now. If you have something, let me now! :D It would be very much appreciated~

Bild 2013-02-06 kl. 21.01

It’s only 5 weeks left! I can’t wait~

Feels good to have everything in order already! Bag, passport, booking nr. and the contact with my “Edinburgh friend”… now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I haven’t told you guys about it! Ö_Ö

We got an email each to mail because we have been paired up with a person studying Swedish on the University of Edinburgh. Not knowing who it was, we sent an email and waited for a reply. I mailed mine late/early Saturday so she didn’t reply until Monday evening. I got 19-year-old Sanni from Finland. She is really good at Swedish so I’ll see what I can help her with! I’m getting the feeling that I’m the one who will need help haha. I’m afraid that I won’t understand what regular people are saying :’c But I’m good at listening comprehension-exercises so hopefully I’ll be fine~

I have some important things to write now so this post have come to it’s end. See ya~

Bild 2013-02-06 kl. 21.02