Doodles #3

It’s been a looong while since I did one of these posts. I haven’t done anything in a while so these are quite old (and not that many). But I hope you like them!

star children[S T A R CHILDREN]Luscious[L U S C IOUS]Gafftastic[G A F F TASTIC]

I’m going to be out all day today because me and a few friends wanted to do something different! I’m bringing my camera and I’ll upload the pictures when I come home! See you later and have a wonderful day~ // Nancy


Class doodles #1



The first one’s are two weeks old and the last one is from today~ Only a preview thought! This cutie is in a “How to…” comic. I’ll post the whole thing when I’m done. Maybe next week or this weekend.

// Nyancy

Rainbow Art Sunday

Wohoo an Art Sunday post on an actual sunday! ;D This week I bought a rainbow pencil so I’ve tried it all week (+ a silver pen, which you will see on the last one). This is the result.
Pink DP Lips 1P LipsP Lips 2
P Lips 3P Lips 4


Everything except the last one was drawn in the black book. Hope you enjoyed!

// Nyancy

An Art Sunday post containing two weeks.

Hey guys! An actual Art Sunday post…  say whaaaaat. As you’ve probably noticed form my constant complaining (which I’m sorry about btw :c) about being stressed, really affects me badly. Anyway, tiny & silly sketches ahead!

From two weeks back (I believe)

These two were drawn during English class presentation. No need to say that I was bored and I wasn’t the only one (Emma sat next to me drawing random things too haha). The first one were suppose to be a girl from the start but… that didn’t happen. The second one in an effigy of a guy in my English class that was a KKK member during their group’s presentation about white supremacy in the south.

This creepy pumpkin girl(?) was drawn on the Thursday during Social Studies.

Last week I didn’t do anything because I… couldn’t. So here comes this week! :3

A reflection of my week, I hope you enjoyed it even though I didn’t. >w< I’m supposed to hand in an ink drawing tomorrow for Religion class. My teacher is going to use them in our Bible test. So… I should start now Ö_Ö’ The assignment is to recreate a biblical event. LET’S DO THIS!

Byeee ^__^/

// Nyancy