Enjoying my last night of freedom?

Eating pizza and goat cheese. Fighting through the 8th special world in Super Mario 3D-Land (the starcoin hunt man… geeze). Awful feeling, greasy hair. 

Summer break ♥942161_452663178151247_1988020938_n

My mother called from work a few hours ago and told me that the transfer from my dad’s “team” to my mom’s “team” is done… and that I can work tomorrow.
I was totally dumbstruck (because of the suddenty) but I had to say yes or they wouldn’t call me when they need people (it a “come-when-we-need-people”-work at Volvo). Hopefully this work won’t be as hard as the one at dad’s… I’m still really nervious. As always.

I don’t know if I should take my dad’s words (since he just vomits words he wants to say) but I probably will get less days to play games from now on. Let’s say R.I.P. to my summer break (yes, I am overreacting but that’s what it feels like right now haha) … I do get money in exchange though c:

I should probably sleep soon. I’m exhausted.
See you tomorrow! I’ll hopefully upload day 3 of The Red Lippy Project (day 2 won’t exist unfortunately).tumblr_lz8pihubJN1qc4wzho1_500// Nancy

The day before graduation spent:


  • Eating ice cream!  Under all the sprinkles there’s scoops of lemon sorbet, rainbow ice cream, candy cane ice cream + softserve. “Glasskioskens jättevåffla”


  • Watching people eat when sudden downpour. We thought it was okay to go out but it started raining super hard after 5 meter! D:

imageJust look at that sky, Gothenburg weather in a picture! >w<b

Besides that ^, I bought the graduation party ticket and persuaded Robin to go too :D Sparkly gold wristband with Comic Sans font… lovely. :’DBild 2013-05-28 kl. 20.20We (Robin, Marcus, Joel, Anna, Adam and me) also walked around town all day while Joel bought stuff. It was a lot of fun!

It’s my graduation tomorrow and I have to wake up so early (4 in the morning… I’M A BAKER)! QwQ It’s fine though. I won’t be waking up early in a year or so hehe. I’m readying my hair right now but after that, off to bed!

Good night everyone.

// Nancy

Waking up like a princess… NOT!

Skärmavbild 2012-12-05 kl. 07.06.16Love waking up like this…………………………………. I’m a crazy sleeper. Good morning btw~ The not brushed teeth are because I tucked in early but still had my drink left so when I was done the room was too cold and my cover was too pleasant!

I should get ready now! Marcus lesson ends at 9.15 and after that we’re going to the gym. See you after school guys~ Have a nice day!

(definitely bringing the camera today sooooo expect beeaaauuutiful pictures of wintery Gothenburg when I get home!)

// Nyancy

Again, really??!

Good morning. I’m tired but not I’d do anything for sleep-tired just that feeling of too little sleep.
Today when I walked to the buss I was surprised to see that the street lights were on on the new road ( the same road that I almost got hit by a truck last week). Very calming! -w-
Anyway let’s fast forward till when I got to school. I was at my locker when Anna’s literary composition teacher walks past me while thinking this out loud: ‘Is it Bianca?’. The only thing I though was “Not again…” (a few weeks ago, three people mistook me for someone else. He was one of them) and right after he said ‘No it isn’t’.
He gets a silver star for realizing himself! X3

Wrote everything above before class started but now I’m home! Really need sleep but… I need my second breakfast!

// Nyancy

Crazy start of the week!

I’m already had my lessons for today and it’s 10:53 (actually ended 09.20 but it takes some time to get home)! Feels nice but I’m so, so tired~ Waking up at 5 does tire your eyes. Doesn’t stop me from playing Pokemon though!

Now, I need breakfast! Maybe I can watch something on Youtube while eating hehehehe~

(Oh and the Art Sunday post will be up today instead! I didn’t have the strength to do it yesterday T__T’)

// Nyancy


I really am nervious. I remember the first day at Volvo. No one talked to me… only stared (just because I’ve never been there before) :c But then I had my dad and the people at his table that I’ve seen before at some point but tomorrow, I know no one exept an old workbuddy to my dad :c. And I haven’t seen him in a long time (actually that isn’t exactly true! One time not too long ago that I had to open the door and it was him and his wife asking if my parent were home but they weren’t… that was kind of akward… because I was dyeing my hair brown! X’D I wouldn’t count that though because he backed away when he saw how uncomfortable I was… haha. TwT’)

Trying to calm my nerves with finding new awsome music.

And I found D, a visual kei band. They are pretty amazing!

This song is really calming ^^ And yes that is a man on the picture ♡ His voice is stunning!

So I’m going to try sleeping now. I want atleast some sleep before tomorrow comes… don’t know if I will succeed *_* It feels really early to me!

Anyway good night people!

// Nyancy


Tomorrow the evening shift takes vacation… while I might have to work on Thursday too, on day shift of course. :C

This means that I (if I’m lucky) gets 3 hours of sleep. I DON’T KNOW WHAT MY FATHER WAS THINKING WHEN HE SAID THAT I WANTED TO WORK!!!! D:

He didn’t even tell me (like always). I’ll be working day shift three days next week (knew it after my dad asked if I could work to my boss…).

I’m so fricken pissed.

And tomorrow I have the math test. ;__;

The only good thing with tomorrow is that I’ll be at work 18.00 (the test starts 13.00 and ends 17.00) and 18.06 is lunch.

Our “loop” is ordering pizza, so I’ll be going to work to eat pizza and have the 40 minute break and then actually work. woho.

Good night people (I’m sensing that I’ll need these 9 hours of sleep the next 2 days) T_T

// Nyancy ❤

Surprise, surprise…

I woke up 30 minutes ago, went to the bathroom and when I came back my cat was in my room. Normally I would go “kitteeeehhhh ♡” but I noticed him dragging his paws on the floor (like when cats do their business in their litterbox)…

Yes he had peed on the floor. :<

THIS is not now I want to wake up… *sob*

I still love him thooo. ;___;

// Nyancy ❤


I didn’t post yesterday, sorry! >w<‘ The reason was that I didn’t have anything to say (no make-up on, I already told you that I’m going to work this week). :c

So I just came home from work. It seems like I’m being needed where I was the past two times ^^ Wooh I job I already know!~

I finally met Emma again. She’s the daugher of a norwegian who works with my dad, she also studies art. We met one time when we had to do a drug test at Volvo X’D Bonding moment… anyway.

When I came to work this guy that looked a little like Ray William Johnson was working on my station and I took it from him. >w< He had been there an hour and the poor guy got forgotten so he had to watch me work for half an hour. =w= It wasn’t that bad, we talked about our education. ;D He wondered what you study when you go the aesthetic orientation and I answered. He told me that he studied nature and that he’s 25. It turned out that he has the same break room as I do (never noticed him before) so he sat at my table on all the breaks after that.

There also was this really sweet guy where I worked that helped me out with the job and another ting. :3 Everybody else can sit (either they have chairs or you can sit on the big shelves that carries material) except me (my material shelf  containing steering gear doesn’t have anything I can sitt on because you fold it up when they run out)…. ;_; But he brought me a chair. :D

Ok I really need my rest so I’ll be diving under my blankets now. Good night!

Ps. Madhouse is what they call Volvo because more than 20 years of working there will make you know everybody and have a special type of humor. c;

//Nyancy ❤


I went to sleep last night pretty quickly, right after Coraline which is a really beautiful movie. =w= Stop-motion ❤

Anyway when I prepared my sleeping place Robin had three rugs on his couch and when I picked them up, I got a bad feeling. They were wet. *__* Then came another nice touch, under the last rug the couch had mold on it :c Robin wipped it off and because I was so tired I didn’t give a f*ck. So I put the two almost non-wet rugs on the couch, wrapped myself in the blanket I and tried to sleep with the sound of Robin playing a game. TwT

I woke up at 08.00 (that means I got 10 hours of sleep but I’m still tired) so when Robin gets up to do something. I’m stealing his bed! >:3

// Nyancy ❤

N A P P I N G.

I really don’t understand what’s so good with napping… :c Everytime I’ve slept those 2 or 3 hours I feel like shit. My face is sore, I have this disgusting feeling in my mouth and usually my head feels warm.


The only plus side I see is 1. that feeling when you’re almost sleeping (you feel so damn content) and 2. that you’ve gotten more sleep.

(Sorry for the hating. >w<)

// Nyancy ❤