Selfridge’s beautiful window display

I took a picture of all the window displays outside of Selfridge while we walked through Oxford street. They were so beautiful and planetary themed. My favorite is what seems to be Mars, the god of war. And the one with feathers behind it is my least favorite… it felt very strange. For example: why is he holding the bow like that? And the overall pose too, is very strange.











Planets and stars are some of my faves and this was very aesthetically pleasing to me.

// Nancy




🎄It’s the most wonderful time of the year🎄

I couldn’t agree more! I love this time of the year (and when I say “this time of the year” I’m counting the whole months of December and January x’D) ^___^ Today I’ve bought Christmas presents to my family and a pack of tiny bauble in different colors! But I still have a gift left to buy. I thought that I would save it since Robin asked me if we could buy present together on Thursday!

DSC_0141The baubles I bought! They are so cute~ for comparison, I’ll show you a picture I took earlier:

Bild 2012-12-17 kl. 16.33So tiny~ I have a tiny black, Christmas tree so they are meant to be together! ;D

I also bought wrapping paper :D DSC_0157

I took out the Christmas tree two days ago but I wanted to buy the baubles before actually decorating it. The tree is a black, plastic one and it’s three years old.

DSC_0146 DSC_0144DSC_0154I’ve got the silver and red glitter hearts + lights that I had last year, the baubles I bought today and four Christmasy Winnie the Poh characters (Owl, two Tiger’s and Piglet) that I bought last year in the tree.

DSC_0155The fuzzy star that I’ve got on the top, I got last year when my class was a “test panel” for Christmas tree decorations and candle lanterns. The newspaper we did it for gave us all the things we rated to split among ourselves c: I got the fuzzy star because no one else liked it (I don’t understand how they couldn’t!). I also got a huge, beautiful, hand painted bauble and the black lantern with stars on the “first” picture.
DSC_0148All these presents are from me. Three of them are wrapped by the store and the two that are wrapped with the paper I bought today, I wrapped. I’m so exited to see the pile grow :’D My Glossy boxes are also going to be placed here when they arrive. And apparently my mom have bought both me and my father presents (I told her not to buy anything but I knew that she/they would anyways c’:). My brother asked for games and PS3 games are quite expensive so they’ll have to wait until my parents gets their Christmas salary.

DSC_0147As you can see, I’ve forgotten to open for four days so I did it now haha. I love this calendar and Minnie is so cute! ^___^ It’s only a week left now~ How do you feel about the holidays? Are you exited or just stressed? Maybe you don’t even celebrate it? I’d like to know so feel free to comment! :D

See you tomorrow guys!

// Nyancy