“Runin’ down town with a friend I like and be like Gaaatsbyy!”

Good noon! :D
It’s already Saturday, wa-wa-waam~ Yesterday I didn’t have any lessons but I had made plans to see The Great Gatsby with Marcus, so I still had to go to the city.
Before actually taking the bus to central Gothenburg, my parents and I ate ice cream at an ice cream parlour fairly close by! I took the usual, a scoop of polka in a wafer *yummy* ♥
Then I took the fauna-hot bus for 40 minutes and I came in to Gothenburg at the same time Marcus did.
We picked up the tickets and then decided to walk across Gothenburg to The English Shop (awesome store with expensive imported goods from England). There I got a big pack RAINBOW NERDS! :D

DSC00490We walked past really cozy houses in Haga.

After we were done at The English Shop, Marcus and I decided to eat at Burger King because we hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Friday’s “King of the day” is Chicken Royale… mmm.
DSC00492We were on the premiere of The Great Gatsby so there were a quiz to win stuff before the movie started. I only knew  the first question and people were so fast haha!
The movie was great! I whimpered through the last 30 minutes.
Words to discribe this movie: Surreal, Fäncy, Party Hard, Unfair, Pretty People, Unexpected Music (I kinda like it), Feels, ASSHOLES EVERYWHERE.
Good, so good.
DSC00494The busride home wasn’t as much fun. Rude and creepy drunk people speaking their mind because they think you can’t hear anything since you have headphones on…
Too bad there isn’t any Great white/Tiger sharks in Sweden… I wouldn’t mind if they would pay them a visit in the dark water. C:

Besides the last part of my day I really enjoyed it! Marcus and I have already decided that we will go on the pre-premiere of Man Of Steel! I hope more people will join us! I’m not a huge fan of the Superman movies but I think that this movie will be very different from all the other ones since Goyer and Zimmer are awesome! (And Snyder, totally forgot Snyder! Ö^Ö’)

// Nancy