It’s been a while since I introduced WOMMITWOL so I thought that I would do a post! The thing I’ve had on my mind for a while is the weather. There is always someone who points out that it makes them depressed when it rains or snows. I couldn’t agree less (I understand and allow your opinion though!). I think it’s refreshing and it’s winter… this is the season where it should be “bad” weather. What makes me depressed during winter is that it’s dark when you come to school and it it’s dark when you leave. That’s depressing. But the inbetween is beautiful. What I’m referring to is when you wake up an early winter morning and see the beautiful light blue/pink/purple sky! Another beautiful moment is when you leave the school building and the sun is dissapearing making the sky orange/red/purple/navy with  defined clouds. Absolutly beautliful. Bild 1This was: What’s On My Mind In Twohundred Words Or Less.
Hope you enjoyed, BYE!



W A T E R.

I was sad.

I cried.

I calmed down.

I suddenly thought about something funny (don’t remember what anymore).

I started laughing so hard, I started crying again.

I was unable to stop.

It’s going to rain tomorrow the whole week.

// Nyancy