99 D A Y S left.

Good evening everybody~ I haven’t had the drive to post anything for three days now *sorry*!
The Mr. Aconitum post will get uploaded when I’m in the mood to finish writing it. But let us put that aside for now!

Today marks 99 days until I graduate high school and I had my first day at school in nine days… wasn’t as horrible as it could’ve been.
English was chill, I do have a major test on Wednesday though (on some stuff I probably won’t remember).
Religion was fine. The two-hour-lesson usually is a drag but today everything just flowed. The jokes also made everything funnier.


After some okay school food, Anna revealed that she’d made some cookies (in the shape of graduation caps and cats, she also made meringue) to celebrate the day and also her birthday (she turned 19 on the 16th). She brought coffee and squash (+ plastic cups, we just had to get water from the bathroom :3) to drink.

In the middle, Anna reminded me and Marcus that we hadn’t done our presentation. So I freaked out… turns out the teacher didn’t even remember everybody’s name(!!) so it’s cool. If he wants us to do it tomorrow we’ll just ask him to do it next week or something. I really don’t want to prepare a speech right now since I have to write a book report on a book I haven’t read all the way through. (TT_TT)b
Wish me good luck.. I’m going to need it.

Procrastination… it only feels good at the moment.

Skärmavbild 2013-02-18 kl. 21.16.43

See you tomorrow or so~


// Nyancy

The sun was up when I woke up.

Hi guys! I overslept with three hours today. Missed my Swedish lesson but as usually, they did nothing. It’s a shame though. That hour and a half is good attendance. :c
Had to hurry though, woke up 30 minutes before I had to go to catch the bus. And then I arrived at school an half hour before science class started. I met Anna in the entrance so we walked up to the third floor together. Eora, Miss anon, Rapuncel, Sofia and Merielle were already outside the classroom.
Science was cool. Our teacher Ola seems like a nice teacher. We had a vote on what subject we should read about… and we could chose between “How much water should our food cost?”, “Scampi or coral reefs?”, “What should we do with the rain forrest?” and “GMO- threat or possibility”. We choose the hardest one (GMO)! QwQ I voted on it so I shouldn’t complain! I just wish that he’d said so earlier, never the less I believe that it will be interesting.


We also did an experiment/competition. Everybody got a paper with the assignment: You and your friends land on the moon but 200 km away from the base. You have your suits on but will need to walk and can’t take everything with you. Rank the items below from 1-15. 1 being the most important.
First we were two in each group to then be four. When we were four, we compared our answers and did the final order. Then: moment of truth. We compared our answers with the choices of actual astronauts . 2 points for the same answer as them and 1 point for a nearby answer. The first group didn’t care to count their points, the second group got 5 points… and the group I was in got 18-20 points (we couldn’t decide on one item)!
When the teacher announced that we won (and said jokingly that we would go to the moon), I cheered but our counter Rapuncel looked terrified :’D I started laughing so hard.

After school I went in to Åhlens and Kicks to find my beauty swap-products. I think I know what to get Samantha soooo I’m exited! ^_^ Probably should bring money with me though… not having money on my bank account is frustrating but atleast I can’t impulse shop! ;D

// Nyancy

School is mentally killing me.

I’ve been stressing myself like never before. School has been hell, ‘why’ you ask? Well I’m procrastinating really bad while having two oral presentations (a ‘national test’ speech for Swedish and an English presentation about the native Americans of the south in English). I’ve always been like this but this time… it felt like I was mentally dying. :c The speeches are over now but I still have a lot of things to do. A swedish writing based on a tiny book about different values, an art video script, read  Uncle Tom’s cabin for English and write a text about ‘How to boil a frog’… I got exhausted from just writing all that. And the lack of organizing makes me crazy.

I really should write down everything… from now on. Q_Q’

Everything should get better from now on, I just need to organize better.

Going to sleep soon… LOL JK. Got to watch Revenge first ❤

God night anyway~

// Nyancy

Empty house.

I start school pretty late today so I was expecting no brother when I woke up but no one is here. This little note was found on the laptop:

“Hi Nancy! Inu is with us”

My mother felt like it was necessary to write down the day and date so that I would understand that she meant today…Thanks mom.
Anyway this mean that I don’t need to be careful to wake anyone with my SUPER LOUD MUSIC!… or well music that feels super loud right now (just-woke-up-hearing).

See you later!

// Nyancy

Blood, sweat and tears.

B L O O D – My back hurts like a bitch. I have a narrow, horizontal bruise on my stomach from getting a big cardboard right there (embarrassing story so I won’t tell…) and my fingers hurt (and my nails, damn it! ;n;)

S W E A T – It was reeaaaaaally warm inside D:

Tears – I didn’t actually cry but you know… it’s tough TAT

Got the same job that Emma did last week… It’s not bad but it’s some heavy lifting… and the screws doesn’t want to stay where they should be so I tore my fingers while trying to make them stick. :c uhh.

Hoping that I can persuade my boss to let me be where I’ve been the last couple of times… because I can’t stay there the whole day. MA BODY WILL DIE! Ohhhhhhh also I wasn’t really welcome there. The girl in charge was like: “Nooo not another one, please I don’t want to” :’I Haha… there already was to many there (5 to be exact) so I can’t blame her. But after that she was really nice. =w=

Well now I shall do/watch something pleasant (I don’t know what) before going to sleep at 8. I was a total wreck today and I don’t want to be like that tomorrow! You can’t really use the same excuse as when you are “really” tired at school: I’m to tired to answer you question, it too early in the morning (8 o’ clock)!. Work don’t fucking care if it’s 6.30. You work or you don’t get paid.

2 days to go!

// Nyancy ❤


Tomorrow the evening shift takes vacation… while I might have to work on Thursday too, on day shift of course. :C

This means that I (if I’m lucky) gets 3 hours of sleep. I DON’T KNOW WHAT MY FATHER WAS THINKING WHEN HE SAID THAT I WANTED TO WORK!!!! D:

He didn’t even tell me (like always). I’ll be working day shift three days next week (knew it after my dad asked if I could work to my boss…).

I’m so fricken pissed.

And tomorrow I have the math test. ;__;

The only good thing with tomorrow is that I’ll be at work 18.00 (the test starts 13.00 and ends 17.00) and 18.06 is lunch.

Our “loop” is ordering pizza, so I’ll be going to work to eat pizza and have the 40 minute break and then actually work. woho.

Good night people (I’m sensing that I’ll need these 9 hours of sleep the next 2 days) T_T

// Nyancy ❤

Uh If I could to nothing today ;w;

Hnnn I don’t want to do anything today :c I’m so tired.

Thank llama that it’s midsummer on Friday (and therefor we are free).

But I will either work or go to the gym today (after school) so “nothing” is off the radar.

Well I got to go do morning stuff so bye guys ^^

// Nyancy ❤

God morning… or something.

I’m so unmotivated, damn it!

It’s good that it’s Friday though so I can sleep tomorrow.

So yeah… summer school for math T_T It’s great that I have two friends with me though because you know what they say:

Misery loves company.

Been a while since I’ve wore any of my circle lenses so today’ll be wearing my blue disney ones.I just woke up so yeah… no make-up ;D

// Nyancy ❥