Day 5 in Edinburgh…

…was the last day.

IMG_0629After we checked out from the hostel but left our bags in the basement, Emma, Linnea and I walked on Princes street one last time, ate and did some last minute shopping in St. James.
We had quite a hurry back because we were on the other side of princes street and had 20 minutes left before we were supposed to be back at the Hostel to get our bags.
Funny thing is that if we had just taken our bags with us, we wouldn’t had to worry about anything because we were near the airline busses =w=

After this I only have pictures taken in the airplane! ^_^

IMG_0631 IMG_0635 IMG_0637 IMG_0641 IMG_0645 IMG_0649 IMG_0650 IMG_0651 IMG_0656The end of the adventure.

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Cabin bag “Classic Air” small.

Hi guys! I’m going to have a busy week, which means that there will be fewer post. Next week is “sport”-break in Sweden so I’ll be free then!

Since I’m going to both Edinburgh and London this year I thought that it was time to buy a cabin bag while I still had money left, so I did buy one today!Classic air cabin bag

I got the smallest cabin bag in the Classic Air-line! Did some searching for a cheap one online yesterday and this was the one that stood out.


Pretty plum color and the design is pretty!

Practical info:

  • Width: 34,5 cm
  • Depth: 20 cm
  • Height: 46 cm
  • Weight: 2,55 kg
  • Volume: 38 litre

The measurements are practically perfect for flying with Ryan Air (which I’m doing with at least my english-class to Edinburgh). The limit for a cabin bag is H: 55 cm, W: 40 cm and D: 20 cm. The bag must also weigh under 10 kg.

This bag was the lightest one I found (for a reasonable price) and walking around with it is easy and it is very light!


DSC_0201On the lowest handle-setting. The small circles are the highest ones.DSC_0202 DSC_0203A little name tag-thingie in the back~DSC_0205Two front-pockets. Handy for my sketch-book I believe~DSC_0207The bottom. 360° rotating-wheels that are handy in quick turns.

The original one I intended to buy was the old edition (it would’ve been 100 SEK cheaper) but they were out-of-stock. So I took this one.

55251350fullThe old one.

A few differences but I like the one I bought more because of the wheels!

It seems sturdy so let’s hope it won’t break!

I payed 299 SEK for mine at RUSTA.


Been gone, too long.

Yeah, hi guys~ It’s been a while now hasn’t it? >w<


I was sick last weekend and this week, lots of things has happened and I thought that I would share them now!

  • On Monday I got to know that I failed the Bible-test *surprise, surprise…* and I didn’t have English.
  • On Tuesday there was no Swedish, instead we started a half-hour later to get guided in Gothenburg’s museum of art. The guide talked about occult things and symbols, i.e. this one:

Bild 2012-12-16 kl. 20.04 #2

Masonic symbolism2It appears in a lot of paintings! It’s a desecrate way to say “Hey, I’m one of you!” (apparently haha).

  • Wednesday: I started of meeting Emma on the buss which was fun. After that I met Marcus on the gym and we worked out. On sculpture I smashed my bean-stalk and made a dinosaur thingie instead. We also got to take our stuff home (which I forgot… I don’t remember where I left them now that I think about it! D:).
  • Thursday, we celebrated St. Lucia in school.12039_10151343754389467_567668573_n

And in the evening me and some more from the class was part of the crowd on Debatt, where they argue about current questions.

598371_4522380671515_1649600016_nThis is before the program. They rolled in a tray with coffee, cookies, fruit, caramels and water that we could take from. We’re known for loving free food so… it was nice! X’3 We were there two hours early so… thank god.

Skärmavbild 2012-12-16 kl. 19.55.52Skärmavbild 2012-12-16 kl. 19.57.04Skärmavbild 2012-12-16 kl. 20.06.43These screenshots are from the actual program. I put ovals on everybody from my class and there’s three people that are out of frame on the second picture. On the last one I’m sitting on the third row, beside the man with a grey long-sleeved shirt. It was a really fun experience but some things that were said were so stupid, I wanted to smack my head against something. I.e. the woman in black beside the woman in a pink blazer is Katrin Zytomierska (famous for provoking people on her blog). She was a factory of idiocy. She and the man that thought that the Swedish television’s Advent calendar was making children do “anden i glaset” (a ritual where you’re supposedly calling upon spirits), took the price in stupidity.

After that, me and Robin went home, watched the show to see if we could be seen and then went to bed.

  • On Friday we ate breakfast while watching the first episode of the Advent calendar (because he insisted that I would see it) and then took the buss to eat lunch in the cafeteria.

20726_4525039697989_1150088893_nOn the first buss. We look totally high haha! Oh lack of sleep ♡

When Social studies was done, some people wanted to eat so I went with them without ordering anything. After that Joel and I followed Marcus to his P.E. class and jumped around, layer on soft gymnastics mats and went to the candy store across the street + ate candy. We went with Marcus because in the evening there was a Christmas party at Anna’s apartment! It was so much fun. I begged Miss Anon to bring her camera so I took a lot of pictures with it. I’ll make sure she brings it tomorrow so I can upload them!

When we decided that it was time to go home, we took the tram in to central city. I slept over at Meriel’s house because she didn’t want to go home alone and I didn’t want to go home (we decided it the day before). We woke up at noon and I came home at five. The weather that day was strange. First giant snowflakes and then rain!

Well this took a while to write… =A= I really should sleep now, I start at 8 again tomorrow. And I haven’t done my homework D’: Good night.

// Nyancy

“I am trying to enjoy this special moment! STFU”

That’s what I thought when Marcus and I got the front seats on the second floor on the double decker bus back home from Borås. Why, you might ask. I’ll tell you why I thought that. You knew shit was about to go down when these girls were ordered out of the bus when we arrived in front of it. He gently told us to border and we bleeped our cards on the reader and went upstairs and saw that the front seats were empty. They are never empty so we were so happy!

Now to the girls, they had apparently opened the door when the bus driver wasn’t around and sat down inside without paying. To make them learn a lesson, he didn’t allow them to take this bus and wait for the next one that would arrive in 15 minutes. Angry they screamed for 10 minutes about them missing the train if they didn’t get on this bus and making excuses about the door being open when they arrived and that they swore on the Koran on it. When he wouldn’t believe in their excuses they accused him of being racist and that they would report him to the bus company (but they never did), he even asked if they wanted his employment number but they said no. Such awful childish behavior! The driver didn’t bend and drove away. We were so relieved because they made so much noise. It was hurting my ears.

They destroyed the first 15 minutes of the bus ride but then we moved on and just enjoyed the seats. It was really nice sitting there! The signs and bridges looked like they would hit the roof but they didn’t hehe. The first bridge was so much fun, Marcus screamed “bridge, BRIDGE, BRIDGE“. I looked right when we were about to get under it. My face —-> ÖAÖ

// Nyancy


I didn’t post yesterday, sorry! >w<‘ The reason was that I didn’t have anything to say (no make-up on, I already told you that I’m going to work this week). :c

So I just came home from work. It seems like I’m being needed where I was the past two times ^^ Wooh I job I already know!~

I finally met Emma again. She’s the daugher of a norwegian who works with my dad, she also studies art. We met one time when we had to do a drug test at Volvo X’D Bonding moment… anyway.

When I came to work this guy that looked a little like Ray William Johnson was working on my station and I took it from him. >w< He had been there an hour and the poor guy got forgotten so he had to watch me work for half an hour. =w= It wasn’t that bad, we talked about our education. ;D He wondered what you study when you go the aesthetic orientation and I answered. He told me that he studied nature and that he’s 25. It turned out that he has the same break room as I do (never noticed him before) so he sat at my table on all the breaks after that.

There also was this really sweet guy where I worked that helped me out with the job and another ting. :3 Everybody else can sit (either they have chairs or you can sit on the big shelves that carries material) except me (my material shelf  containing steering gear doesn’t have anything I can sitt on because you fold it up when they run out)…. ;_; But he brought me a chair. :D

Ok I really need my rest so I’ll be diving under my blankets now. Good night!

Ps. Madhouse is what they call Volvo because more than 20 years of working there will make you know everybody and have a special type of humor. c;

//Nyancy ❤

Who knew…

I got called in for work today  which means that I have 2 days worth of money in the end of the month *yay more money than one days pay per month*.

I always get to do different stuff each time I work.

It started out with the nightmare job (even for the people that have been working there for 20 years) and today I don’t have any aches (accept the ones you expect from standing for 6 hour and using your hands).

I work at Volvo and I don’t even know what I did today is called >w<‘

It wasn’t heavy and that’s all that matters.

Hopefully I’m as lucky next time

(and I really hope that it isn’t tomorrow because I want to see the new episode of True Blood that Robin will give me… and maybe sleep a liiiittle more :<)

Math starts at 8 on Wednesday so I would be a walking zombie.

Alrighty now I’m going to prepare for some sleep!

Good night everybody!

Car trips at night are very peaceful (if there aren’t any lunatics around).

My attempt of showing you guys how beautiful the sky is… didn’t work so well :c But believe me, the rainclouds and the luminous blue sky in the background is absolutely magic

// Nyancy ❤