AC:NL in 8 days!

tumblr_mnlg7wLMse1sro76bo1_500It’s too close for my life to feel enjoyable!!!!! >_< Right now I’m like:9742_10151661915489059_1818363353_nLet me just sleep till then… I don’t even have Pokemon typing adventure yet and it’s a public holiday today (so I probably won’t get it this week). >w<‘ I WANT MY GAME, DANG IT.
In the meanwhile I’ll just scroll through Tumblr:tumblr_mnq9dybdBk1r5gbruo1_500Skärmavbild 2013-06-06 kl. 13.19.18Skärmavbild 2013-06-06 kl. 14.32.44It’s too funny :’3 Oh well, when I get Animal Crossing: New Leaf it’ll be NON STOPtumblr_mnp49frWeB1rj0yrio1_500You and me, Arashi. You and me ♡
(PS. Yes this is our definition of PARTY HARD :DD)

// Nancy