London to do-list.


London, a city neither Ari or I have ever been to. We’ve talked about going since our second year in high school and it hasn’t happened until now. Probably because the money we got from CSN (the central study authority) wasn’t much and it all went to food and a game every month 😂 (It feels good to be slightly older.)

So what are we prioritizing for our first time there? Here’s the list of what we’ve planned to do:

  • Shrek’s Adventure 19566-shrek_landscapeI’ve already talked about this on my last post so that’s why it’s on top of this one! Shrek’s adventure is a themed attraction and if I’ve understood it right it’s a live show with different elements and we’ll be able to buy a travel book with our pictures in it when it’s over + there’s a few rooms themed with popular dream works where you can take your own pictures and then a gift shop! (hella exited over this one)
  • Namco Funscape1091884226_Namco1Ari and I are both reeeaally exited to go here. It seems to be an arcade hall but with bumber cars and bowling alleys… so a small amusement park indoors (my fave)? đŸ˜±đŸ’•
  • Shopping on Oxfordstreet Oxford_Street_December_2006I’ve heard the name Oxford street in the past but looking through google maps (yeah I know… I want to be able to have a sense of location when I’m there haha) I found everything I want to check out! Superdrug☆, Boots, Disney store & Primark are the main ones but there’s lots of other stores so hopefully we’ll manage to get to those too!
  • Last but not least… all the sightsSights-of-London.rend.tccom.966.544Since it’s our first time visiting, we have to of course see Big Ben, London Eye & Buckingham palace but I don’t think we’ll purposely seek out all of them because it feels like they’re just there but we’ll see 😁

I hope you found this interesting and please, if you’re a Londoner or have been there and would like to give some tips about where to go/eat/shop ect. please comment and I’ll read and reply, thank you 💙

// Nancy 💖

Day 1 in Edinburgh~

Get ready for 31 pictures…



20130318-194819.jpgBefore adventure land!20130318-194858.jpgFirst picture in Scotland! ^_^ We had just stepped out of the airline bus~
IMG_0422On our way to the hostel.
IMG_0424We were so hungry so we ate at the closest pub we could find… fish and chips, mmmm~
20130318-195021.jpgOur teacher forced us to the National museum of Scotland and this is on our way.20130318-195043.jpg 20130318-195116.jpg 20130318-195134.jpg 20130318-195217.jpg 20130318-195232.jpg 20130318-195256.jpg 20130318-195315.jpg 20130318-195404.jpg 20130318-195427.jpg 20130318-195441.jpgSo many fascinating things… I really recommend going if you visit Edinburgh :320130318-195500.jpg 20130318-195525.jpgOn our way back. The view from the bridge is so pretty! Especially St. Arthur’s seat *which I’ve explored c: But you’ll see that on Day 4*.20130318-195534.jpgGiraffes made out of car parts… ÖAÖ20130318-195546.jpgIMG_0460Our room! :D I slept on the bed to the right while Linnea slept highest up on the bunk bed and Emma on the lowest.20130318-195601.jpgFirst nommies bought, they were fun because of the dares written on them. Turns out, I can touch my nose with my tongue!
20130318-195628.jpgThe view from our window.20130318-195641.jpg“I’ve finished packing up.”20130318-195704.jpgSNOWSTORM, on our way to Princes street! 20130318-195803.jpgCute/beautiful/amazing architecture everywhere!20130318-195813.jpgMy Scotland friend c: (I’ll be back Superdrug✩)20130318-195834.jpgIt stopped snowing…
20130318-195904.jpg…but then the snowstorm started again.20130318-195923.jpgSo we ran in to Starbucks and drank hot chocolate~

End of day 1.

Edinburgh in T -1 day!

I haven’t been out of the country for… hmm, what is it now, three years? And that was with my 9th grade class. To Budapest. We were there for three days and from the little I remember, everything was fun and exiting.

This time my English C class is going to Edinburgh, Scotland. To be teachers for students studying Swedish year 1 and 2! My student is Sanni and she’s lived in Finland, where they learn Swedish in school so I’m pretty sure it’ll be a piece of cake. Her written Swedish is really good~

We also got the assignment to do something cultural while we’re there and then write about it. These past few weeks we’ve also prepared a presentation about different subjects involving Scotland. Emma, Linnea and I chose Scotland in popular culture and if you read my blog you should know what we already had ours presentation before everyone else ^_^ So we don’t need to worry about that anymore!

I have a few things I want to do and I thought I would write them down here!

1. Stand on top of the mountain.

EdinburghCastleYou know the mountain Edinburgh castle stands on :3 Can I do that? I hope so.

2. Walk around… alot.

I know that we’ll get a 3-hour guided tour (arranged by our teacher) but we’ll probably go a ghost tour and a Harry Potter tour too.
The “what can we do in Edinburgh”-group mentioned them when I asked~ But beside the tours I just want to walk around and explore the city… I don’t want to get lost though ;w; Good thing I’m always going to be with someone! My sense of direction is probably as bad as Ryoga’s…


3. Do some shopping.

I have three type of things I want to buy: makeup, games and some kind of souvenir to myself~ People have been sayin’ that they want me to buy them something so I guess that I’ll have to do that too! ;3

4. Whatever life throws at me.

Like food, the company and new experiences! =w=

It’s going to be so much fun! But I haven’t even started packing (except from the things I said I had packed a few days ago)… I have exchanged the SEK to GBP though (and that’s pretty much the only thing I did yesterday, except attending Fern’s birthday party)!

I should get started with important stuff~ :3 See you guys later!

// Nyancy