6th of July plans!

My dad told us that on 6th of July we can go to an amusement park called Skara Sommarland (Skara’s summer land) for less than third the price. He told us this after work… at two in the morning. And the due date was the same day (but in the afternoon)!!! I tried to contact people I thought would answer fast but the only one who answered in time was Miss Anon.

But when we went to pick up the tickets… the 500 tickets were gone. The guy at the union office wrote down my parents phone number though and they called today to say that they had ordered 150 more tickets to the people that came by but didn’t get any. So we got 5 tickets to pick up next Wednesday/Thursday!

We haven’t been there before but from looking at the map… it looks like a lot of fun!Skärmavbild 2013-06-13 kl. 21.51.11I’ll be in either the water park or the tivoli! :D

We pay 100 SEK per person for both the bus ride and the ticket in instead of 320 SEK for just the ticket. I’m really looking forward to this! *w* The bus ride might be one of the worst things in a while (just imagine a bus stuffed with screaming kids and their parents telling them to shut up for one hour and 45 minutes) but hey, that’s what you have games and headphones for… that reminded me that I need to buy new (good quality) headphones!
It will be so much fun but it’s three weeks left. >w<‘ Gaah!!! I know it’ll go fast but still.Starter.Pokemon.full.1408972

I’ll upload a post in a few hours, it’s on what I’ve received in the mailbox lately! See you then~ ^^

// Nancy


Magical forest and Trains.

So here comes the pictures from when I stayed at Robin. ^^ Hope you will enjoy! I did anyway.

Robin wanted me to take pictures of him so here’s one ^^ Isn’t he pretty?

These are from when we walked into a nature reserv with beech trees. The trees looked really old and they were so tall. It felt like pure magic!

The two pictures above are from today, it was almost 5 in the morning. We saw the sun rising so we went up from our beds and walked outside. The first thing I saw was the rainbow… then I noticed that it was raining. >w< The second picture shows clouds that like northern lights. It was so beautiful. After this we finally went to bed.

I was bored while waiting for the train so I took some pictures. Lovisa and Joel was reading so I didn’t want to bother them (too much ;D).

The train ride back was nice. ^^ My friends continued reading and I rested my eyes and listened to Dir en Grey.

This was the sky on my final bus ride home. I’ve heard that it’s going to be a storm tonight… I can tell.

Sidenote: I just wanted to add that all these pictures are not edited (exept the copyright of course c:).

// Nyancy ❤

So happy I could die.

Seriously I was depressed as fuck yesterday. But today I’m so happy I could die. Don’t know what’s happening… might it be the time of the month? Hope not :c

So I finally talked to my mother about my plan to pierce my tongue (my dad isn’t awake yet so he doesn’t know). She was totally fine with it even though she kind of cringed of the thought of doing it (she did the same when she saw that I had pierced my ears X’D “I’m too old for that” she said).

Telling my dad might ruin my mood but we’ll see.

I will also buy the Nintendo 3DS XL when it comes out! QwQ

I’ve thought of getting the regular 3DS for quite some time so hearing that this version is coming out soon. I took the chans of getting it instead!I will get the R E D one!

So tomorrow is the awsomest day in a long time.

I’ll be heading down town with my mother. When we get there I’ll preorder Nintendo 3DS XL @Gamestop. When I pick up the DS on the 28th of July I’ll be giving them my DSi so that I get it cheaper! ^_^ It’s great because why would I need two? ;3

After that my mother wants to buy a face cream but she doesn’t have any money so I’ll buy it for her haha. When we’ve done all this I have an appointment @ Tribe Bodypiercing :D My mother will come along but she doesn’t want to see it so I guess that she’ll wait outside. Totally fine with me!

I really can’t wait for tomorrow or the end of the month! ASKHBHFN JKJNIS ♥

Going to take a nap now =w= Woke up at 7 today… uhh. Oh yeah, might finish painting my nails lady blue before that! ;D

// Nyancy ❤


Strawberries cola popsicles

And kitty cats.

Pretty awsome Sunday and that’s fortunate for me because I’ll will be working tomorrow. D,: My day will be starting 4.30. ;w; hahaha…

Oh well. I can survive 3 days i hell. I’ve done it before.

// Nyancy ❤



↑ That’s what it said on the thingie that shows time and other stuff I don’t really care about 10 minutes before we finished work! ↑

Had my first “last day” on Volvo… damn everybody were cheerful (hmm I wonder why∼) X’D The celebration at dads team was the pizza eating :3 And where I worked they bought sweets and Coke. They also put strawberries and Dumle in the baskets of the the steel things carrying the things we make! Yummy∼ :3 I even got two cookies from Patrik (Patrik ‘s the one boss in team 16) >w< I gave Emma the second one when we had finished. Chocolat chip cookies ♡

I got alot of help the last half hour from “Simba” (my dad calls him that because of his afro *that FYI is awsooome* and I don’t know his real name)…. At first I was like: not sure if he’s helping me because he wants to or if he’s implying that I’m slow as fuck. >_< Turned out that he wanted to! :D He’s really nice. The team I’ve worked with the last 5 times has been the nicest (and the job is really easy). Hope that I’ll work there when the evening shift starts again! ^^

So next week I’ll be working on the day shift for 3 days. No dad and no familiar faces (exept one, Göran and thank kittens for that)  T__T I’m really nervious (not right now of course but it will come to me). I may get a tough job and I start sooooo early :c What I do for money… haha and I don’t even get inconvenient hours additions. ;’D

Oh I almost forgot to mention the math test! I think that I will pass (probably bearly but I think that I’m on the right side of “the line”)! TwT It was really easy but when I counted my “right” answers… I got like 16… which means that if I have 2 wrong answers… (I don’t want to think about it). No matter what, NO MORE MATH! :D

Weeeeell I’ll be watching True blood now! Charles gave me the episode yesterday even though I totally forgot that we made plans. Sorry Char-char (again) </3

God night∼

// Nyancy ❤

N-new clothes??!

There are sales all over Gothenburg right now… and I don’t have any money.

Fortunately for me, I have a mother (and she owes me some máaany) ;D

So we walked into O N L Y and I bought two garments (both on the 50 % sale) T∇T I haven’t bought anything for ages (I don’t even remember what I bought last).

Front of the bag.


A net-shirt.

Now I’ll just continue reading gossip, eating grapes and enjoy the weather (the shadow)!

// Nyancy ❤