“Shine bright like a diamond”

Rihanna must’ve meant the moon because, daaamn, does it shine bright tonight Ö_Ö

A(nother) Friday done at work. Everyone was really nice today! All friendly and talkative.
Oh and I can’t wait until I get next month’s pay. This one won’t be juicy haha. But I haven’t planned any expensive purchases so I’ll be fine~ I’ve almost worked the maximum of 10 days this month (2 to go) :D And the month isn’t done yet so they might need me before October.

I picked up the Jbox package I had at the nearby store, didn’t get the notification for the preorder item yesterday so I just said “what the hell” and picked up the one that was there anyway. I can go to the store twice~

I got my Elvis comic too~ It’s all about sickness and waiting rooms ect. haha, which is funny since I’ve been sneezing and feeling a bit low lately.Elvis nr.6 2013It’s the last one for this year (:c) but I don’t have any of their comic albums and they are probably (somewhat) cheap on the book fair next week so I’ll get the newest one and probably a few others! :3 No lack of Elvis here haha. The creators are usually there signing so I might get my copy signed… if I’m there on the right day that is =w=

Ah well, I hope you’ll enjoy the weekend~ I’ll upload the candy I got sometime during the afternoon. It’s all Pucho goodness :D (Good night!)
// Nancy

I need a cane… (+ AC:NL Harvest Moon)

My hips feel totally messed up :< I worked today… my boss called just when my parents were about to leave. Logistics had some computer problems where they bring in the car bodies so some people had to help them over there. I don’t know why I’m feeling totally exhausted because there wasn’t a lot of material to repack ö_ö The opposite actually!
Maybe the stress I went through and the fact that I didn’t eat until dinner at 18.06 wore me out.

I would’ve blogged about AC:NL’s Harvest Moon but yeah, not much to say really so I can just put it in here =w=HNI_0014 HNI_0019 HNI_0020

I got the veggie basket during work so I couldn’t screenshot everything the first time. That’s why I took another one with my second character!

Like on the day of the solstice, there’s a face cut-out standee on the town plaza. You’re a scarecrow and there are leaves falling and a very vibrant and pretty moon. Unfortunately the “real” moon doesn’t look any different from any other day… :cHNI_0013

It’s a bad photo but it’s still better than the one I got at night xD You can’t see anything!

Here’s the veggie basket you get from Isabelle:HNI_0021

It’s getting late and I have a feeling that my body needs as much rest as it can get so good night!
scarecrow(Trying to get some pretty waves tomorrow… I will most likely look like a scarecrow c: lovely~)
// Nancy

Worked on hardcore mode (+ plans).

yoThis definitely doesn’t feel like a Sunday, might be because I worked yesterday and the day before. It was exhausting and I never ever wanna do it again haha! xD I worked from 15.24 to 00.12, came home and slept two and a half hours and then worked from 8.30 to 17.24. The day shift felt awfully long. But it means that I’ll get two days pay at the end of October *happy*. I get payed the month after I’ve worked and I felt like that was a bad thing at first (two months waiting for money is never fun) but now I think it’s great (since the money lasts longer).851581_144885039019096_588913436_n Looking forward to the rest of the year… I haven’t written anything on November or December in my calendar so I basically mean two months ahead *haha* but I’m sure N&D will be fun too! I just don’t know it yet ;D
These are some of the things I’m going to do:

Go to the annual Gothenburg Book Fair.
✩ Visit Madeleine (Eora) in Copenhagen. It’s really cheap to get there with bus so hopefully a couple of friends will tag along.
✩ Play through KH 1.5 HD Remix and Pokemon X&Y.
✩ Stop buying candy
. I’ve bought some on Jlist again but that’s the only exception.
✩ I’m getting my tooth fixed next month. I’ll tell you more when it’s done!
✩ Re-dying my hair at the end of the month (or sooner if I can’t wait).

That’s it I think.

I promise-promise that I’m going to blog more often *__* I’ve said it too many times now but tomorrow on I’ll post stuff every other day at least.
Preparing to scan some stuff right now! See you tomorrow~
// Nancy

Working Class Hero.

Work yesterday was good compared to every time I’ve worked at the “belt”, there were no stress at all. We were four people unpacking material that the trucks drop off at your stations. It’s heavy (like all the jobs in the Volvo factory) but I can manage that. Stress on the other hand and the fact that if you fail, it stops the whole belt you’re working at… it’s awful.

Working in a factory with bad air circulation, dust flying everywhere and oil getting all over your arms and clothes isn’t really what I want to be stuck doing every time I need money. It does pay the best though. If I take the summer job as for example a helper for the elderly, I’ll have to work three weeks instead of six days.

That said, I like working where I worked now and it pays well but I can’t help feeling like a piece of me is dying every time. I want to try working with different things. Something as basic as in a store would be awesome… and scary since I don’t like talking to new people. But I have to get rid of that fear. Because living with a “no, I don’t want to talk to him/her because I’m afraid what they’ll think of me”-attitude isn’t good. At all.

Conclusion: I’ll try to apply for other jobs too but I’m happy with my new job.

They won’t be needing me until about two weeks before the summer holiday so I’m not working for a few weeks…
MY SUMMER BREAK CAN CONTINUE :Dtumblr_mnp49frWeB1rj0yrio1_500 // Nancy

Ps. I wrote this last night so I’m probably sleeping when you read this~

The Red Lippy Project: Day 3

The Red Lippy Project 
(If you don’t know what TRLP is, click on the text!)

Bild 2013-06-11 kl. 13.17 Bild 2013-06-11 kl. 13.15 Bild 2013-06-11 kl. 13.20Ready for work~

Lip-product used: Jelly Pong Pong’s Lip Blush (moisturizing lip stain).

I chose the lip blush because it’s easy to wipe off! Since I don’t want to sweat in a boiling factory with lipstick all over my face, haha!
I’ll be back tonight but now it’s time to earn some money *I’m so nervious!*.

See ya and have a nice Tuesday! // Nancy

Enjoying my last night of freedom?

Eating pizza and goat cheese. Fighting through the 8th special world in Super Mario 3D-Land (the starcoin hunt man… geeze). Awful feeling, greasy hair. 

Summer break ♥942161_452663178151247_1988020938_n

My mother called from work a few hours ago and told me that the transfer from my dad’s “team” to my mom’s “team” is done… and that I can work tomorrow.
I was totally dumbstruck (because of the suddenty) but I had to say yes or they wouldn’t call me when they need people (it a “come-when-we-need-people”-work at Volvo). Hopefully this work won’t be as hard as the one at dad’s… I’m still really nervious. As always.

I don’t know if I should take my dad’s words (since he just vomits words he wants to say) but I probably will get less days to play games from now on. Let’s say R.I.P. to my summer break (yes, I am overreacting but that’s what it feels like right now haha) … I do get money in exchange though c:

I should probably sleep soon. I’m exhausted.
See you tomorrow! I’ll hopefully upload day 3 of The Red Lippy Project (day 2 won’t exist unfortunately).tumblr_lz8pihubJN1qc4wzho1_500// Nancy


I’m really exited for next week :D

Monday: I’ll be cleaning because I’ve postponed it for waaay to long. My room can now be compared to a battlefield without me exaggerating.

Tuesday: I’m actuallu hoping for sun because me and my friends are going to the sea :D Right now I’m a liiittle worried because it’s been grey all day and it’s raining right now… let’s hope for the best.

Oh and it’s also the 24th on Tuesday and you know what that meaaannss…

I was very sad to hear that James Holmes shot and killed/injured people inside the theater on the premiere in Colorado. But I’m not going to let one man destroy my exitment for the movie that I’ve been exited for monthes. Still my condolences to the victims loved ones.

Wednesday: I’ve ordered a Guns n’ Roses bag to my mother that will hopefully come on Wednesday. Free shipping and all ♡ I’ve told her but what she doesn’t know is that I also bought a cup to her :D It’s really awsome too so I thought: why not!

Okey so while looking up the pictures on the website I noticed that they have a 2 for 1 offer D: AND I DIDN’T NOTICED IT!!!! Now I’ve contacted them and either they will add another cup or I’ll cancel the order and reorder it. We’ll see tomorrow I hope ;_;

Thursday: Nothing special is happening I think but maybe I’ll make it special somehow! :D

Friday: That’s M-O-N-E-Y so sexy eyy *singing along to Lady Gaga’s Money honey”. P-p-payday~ Getting payed for two days -4 hours (because I was in school so I had to start later) so it’s not much buuuut…

Saturday: … enough to pay for my Nintendo 3DS XL! ♡ :3 And maybe a case + screen protectors. I refuse to use it before I get those two things! :c But the screens must be covered in plastic from the start right? so maybe I can test it out either way. °Ö∇Ö° Btw I read this post: Review: Nintendo 3DS XL and I think that his thoughts on the console are very nice! ^^ It’s strange that in the US everybody that get the console also gets a charger but not in Europe. I know that it’s because they protested so much but the reason Nintendo doesn’t include the charger from the start is because people buying probably have a console already. The problem though is that most people will do as me and trade their old console and with that their charger + stylus. I can’t find the logic in this. But I don’t have this problem because Gamestop (where I preordered it) hade the offer: preorder and you’ll get a charger. Poff, problem solved.

So *clears throat* this was Saturday noon (hopefully) and in the evening I’m going to Lollipop with miss Anon! It’s a party with K-pop, house and electro music being held at a club called Lust. Never been there before but I’ve wanted to go a long time, I just haven’t had the money but this time it’s free entery!

Sunday: I would say that this will be my recovery day…

Epic week right? :D

// Nyancy ❤

B O R I N G.

I’m exhausted.

But it’s okey… I just realised how much I’ll get in the end of August. *A* ALL THIS SHIT IS WORTH IT!

Tomorrow will be the last day. But it chocked me how boring it was at work today. Ö_Ö

I really like the people but seriously I looked at the clock every 2 minutes! I got to do the job I wanted today btw. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that the machine freak me out when it turnes orange and make a really high pitched noise (because sometimes it doesn’t work rewinding and screwing it back in so I have to run and get a new screw… ;_;).Bleh, bleh, bleh.

This will be the last of the boring I-work-and-I-got-nothing-else-to-talk-about-posts.

Looking forward to what’s to come!

Oh and also, you were suppose to mail the teacher to get the results of the math course. I emailed her last Thursday… and she still hasn’t answered :c I WANT TO KNOW DAMN IT!

// Nyancy

Blood, sweat and tears.

B L O O D – My back hurts like a bitch. I have a narrow, horizontal bruise on my stomach from getting a big cardboard right there (embarrassing story so I won’t tell…) and my fingers hurt (and my nails, damn it! ;n;)

S W E A T – It was reeaaaaaally warm inside D:

Tears – I didn’t actually cry but you know… it’s tough TAT

Got the same job that Emma did last week… It’s not bad but it’s some heavy lifting… and the screws doesn’t want to stay where they should be so I tore my fingers while trying to make them stick. :c uhh.

Hoping that I can persuade my boss to let me be where I’ve been the last couple of times… because I can’t stay there the whole day. MA BODY WILL DIE! Ohhhhhhh also I wasn’t really welcome there. The girl in charge was like: “Nooo not another one, please I don’t want to” :’I Haha… there already was to many there (5 to be exact) so I can’t blame her. But after that she was really nice. =w=

Well now I shall do/watch something pleasant (I don’t know what) before going to sleep at 8. I was a total wreck today and I don’t want to be like that tomorrow! You can’t really use the same excuse as when you are “really” tired at school: I’m to tired to answer you question, it too early in the morning (8 o’ clock)!. Work don’t fucking care if it’s 6.30. You work or you don’t get paid.

2 days to go!

// Nyancy ❤


I really am nervious. I remember the first day at Volvo. No one talked to me… only stared (just because I’ve never been there before) :c But then I had my dad and the people at his table that I’ve seen before at some point but tomorrow, I know no one exept an old workbuddy to my dad :c. And I haven’t seen him in a long time (actually that isn’t exactly true! One time not too long ago that I had to open the door and it was him and his wife asking if my parent were home but they weren’t… that was kind of akward… because I was dyeing my hair brown! X’D I wouldn’t count that though because he backed away when he saw how uncomfortable I was… haha. TwT’)

Trying to calm my nerves with finding new awsome music.

And I found D, a visual kei band. They are pretty amazing!

This song is really calming ^^ And yes that is a man on the picture ♡ His voice is stunning!

So I’m going to try sleeping now. I want atleast some sleep before tomorrow comes… don’t know if I will succeed *_* It feels really early to me!

Anyway good night people!

// Nyancy


Strawberries cola popsicles

And kitty cats.

Pretty awsome Sunday and that’s fortunate for me because I’ll will be working tomorrow. D,: My day will be starting 4.30. ;w; hahaha…

Oh well. I can survive 3 days i hell. I’ve done it before.

// Nyancy ❤



↑ That’s what it said on the thingie that shows time and other stuff I don’t really care about 10 minutes before we finished work! ↑

Had my first “last day” on Volvo… damn everybody were cheerful (hmm I wonder why∼) X’D The celebration at dads team was the pizza eating :3 And where I worked they bought sweets and Coke. They also put strawberries and Dumle in the baskets of the the steel things carrying the things we make! Yummy∼ :3 I even got two cookies from Patrik (Patrik ‘s the one boss in team 16) >w< I gave Emma the second one when we had finished. Chocolat chip cookies ♡

I got alot of help the last half hour from “Simba” (my dad calls him that because of his afro *that FYI is awsooome* and I don’t know his real name)…. At first I was like: not sure if he’s helping me because he wants to or if he’s implying that I’m slow as fuck. >_< Turned out that he wanted to! :D He’s really nice. The team I’ve worked with the last 5 times has been the nicest (and the job is really easy). Hope that I’ll work there when the evening shift starts again! ^^

So next week I’ll be working on the day shift for 3 days. No dad and no familiar faces (exept one, Göran and thank kittens for that)  T__T I’m really nervious (not right now of course but it will come to me). I may get a tough job and I start sooooo early :c What I do for money… haha and I don’t even get inconvenient hours additions. ;’D

Oh I almost forgot to mention the math test! I think that I will pass (probably bearly but I think that I’m on the right side of “the line”)! TwT It was really easy but when I counted my “right” answers… I got like 16… which means that if I have 2 wrong answers… (I don’t want to think about it). No matter what, NO MORE MATH! :D

Weeeeell I’ll be watching True blood now! Charles gave me the episode yesterday even though I totally forgot that we made plans. Sorry Char-char (again) </3

God night∼

// Nyancy ❤