First of the year-tag

Why not take advantage of the new year and make a tag out of it! ^_^ LEEEET’S GET STARTED! :D

First clothes worn:

828d950036da2c65220701abf4782b1e-621455078-1Bild 2013-01-01 kl. 11.06I just felt like putting on the Kigurumi I haven’t worn for 2 year now! It’s a winter one so it suuuuper warm!

First video watched:

First song:

First of the year… by Skrillex.

I’m being honest, haha. I curiously clicked on it while looking up if someone’s done this tag before… I only found a New Year’s-tag about the past year. I wish I’d chosen a song that didn’t get me a headache though.

First nails:

Bild 2013-01-01 kl. 12.21 #2Alll the patches. I should do something about this…

First TV-Series: ghetto72024_472488496125495_183433645_nI almost said 2 1/2 men (watched a minute haha) but then I remembered that I watched Ink masters at 3 in the morning.

First painting: Bild 2013-01-01 kl. 12.47Did this one in the dark with a single candle for lighting. I’ll scan this one when I make my Art Sunday post! :3

I just randomly rattled off things I could think of so you can to the same, because I tag eeeeverybody who read this! :D So do the same if you want to~



I made a Twitter! Haven’t had an active account for a few years but I decided that I could always write tiny (140 words to be exact) thoughts there, so why not make one again~ ^^

I came up with my Twitter name when I thought about the first video I saw by Snakebitesparkles (she’s so funny and looks like Helena Boham Carter!). She said FLATFORMS (instead of platforms) ❤ It was the first time I heard the term and it made so much sense!

When I search for platform shoes this is what I get: 

They are pretty but me and heels will never be. Flatforms in my ❤ 

So what is my Twitter username?



Want to know something else? Miku from An cafe and Lc5 is following me *__* (he follows so many people but still, I feel somewhat special! >w<‘)

Promotion picture from An cafe’s newest album. Captain Miku is so cute haha ^^

From when he was in the band Lc5 during the An cafe break during 2010-2012 :3 His image was much more mature (aaand I like it ehehe >///>).

I’m just going to sleep now, too much fangirling for my sleepless brain. Miku/All members of An Cafe, Miyavi, Halestorm, Billie Joe Armstrong and Shaun Morgan. I’ll tell you why tomorrow. Good night!

// Nyancy 


I’m going to follow Onmislashed example and share something a little embarrassing. I don’t think that the event itself is embarrassing, just funny but what I have to admit to for you guys to get it~

So earlier I really had to go to the bathroom and… do a nr. 2 >_> So I brought the laptop with me. <- the confession haha…

Now when I sat down I clicked on the video that was the highest one on my Youtube subscriptions, which was this:

“How does your butt feel. Mm, that’s cool”

I started laughing so hard.

It must’ve been faith. Just sayin’.

// Nyancy

Crazy start of the week!

I’m already had my lessons for today and it’s 10:53 (actually ended 09.20 but it takes some time to get home)! Feels nice but I’m so, so tired~ Waking up at 5 does tire your eyes. Doesn’t stop me from playing Pokemon though!

Now, I need breakfast! Maybe I can watch something on Youtube while eating hehehehe~

(Oh and the Art Sunday post will be up today instead! I didn’t have the strength to do it yesterday T__T’)

// Nyancy


I really am nervious. I remember the first day at Volvo. No one talked to me… only stared (just because I’ve never been there before) :c But then I had my dad and the people at his table that I’ve seen before at some point but tomorrow, I know no one exept an old workbuddy to my dad :c. And I haven’t seen him in a long time (actually that isn’t exactly true! One time not too long ago that I had to open the door and it was him and his wife asking if my parent were home but they weren’t… that was kind of akward… because I was dyeing my hair brown! X’D I wouldn’t count that though because he backed away when he saw how uncomfortable I was… haha. TwT’)

Trying to calm my nerves with finding new awsome music.

And I found D, a visual kei band. They are pretty amazing!

This song is really calming ^^ And yes that is a man on the picture ♡ His voice is stunning!

So I’m going to try sleeping now. I want atleast some sleep before tomorrow comes… don’t know if I will succeed *_* It feels really early to me!

Anyway good night people!

// Nyancy

Catching up.

I don’t know if I’ve told you guys but I have reeeally bad internet at my place so when I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere and have a good internet connection. The owner of the computer is asleep and I haven’t had time to watch anything on Youtube this week…

I’m f*cking catching up on everyone I subscribe to!!!!! *A*


Then I’ll watch Pewdiepie and Cry!

(I subscribe to alot of more people, I just don’t bother putting all of them here…)

BYE! // Nyancy <3

The pictures are from the facebook account of Androgenetics and Pewdiepie.


I’m in that kind of mood right now…. like my heart is dying because of  my hatred.

YOU make me like this.

And I CAN’T throw you away because “you” won’t let me.

But when I’m gone. That’s when I can start breathing again.

Diru what would I do without you?

Good night. // Nyancy ❤


I have to hurry up and “paint” my nails with some nailhardener before I fucking chew my nails off (I’m truly sorry if you think that it’s gross)… I can’t even help it! My fingers wander up, by themselves *___*’

And I only realise that I’m doing when it’s too late :’c

Because they’ve become long (for me), I don’t want to risk breaking them in any way D:

As I said… not that long but long for being me. Btw akward >n>

Now on to the next subject!

It seems like wherever I turn I get my daily dose of piercing talk.

Androgenetics topic of the week is body modification! Mmm I really love all of them ;w; Gorgeous androgynous boys ♡

I can totally relate to what Em said. Once I turned 18, that’s when the f*cking wheel started spinning for real :3 Still I don’t do anything without my parents knowing… I feel that that would be very disrespectful.

And Yami… Yami ♡

He’s so wonderful (both in the personality- & apperence aspect)! And he has Chilean blood in his veins (just like me) : D I was really amazed that he got his first piercing at 13 y. old. Are there no laws about how old you got to be in Mexico? Or maybe he had his mother’s permission∼

EENYWAYYYS I’m just going to continue my obsession. BAI

// Nyancy ❤