Shadow and silhouette art.

I was bored yesterday and just wanted to do something to stimulate my creativity. I haven’t done anything since I painted a naked lady and that was 10 days ago .__. I never paint anymore besides in class (which is sad… and not good at all since I should’ve finished a lot of things in illustration-class).
I worked with black tissue paper, yellow napkins and old, homemade wallpaper glue. Oh, and lipstick!

The witch's crow[THE WITCH’S C R O W]Sunflower[S U NFLOWER]Mermaid's kiss[MERMAID’S K I S S]

I really enjoyed doing these! I might do more today… or actually draw something. =w=
I told myself (and my Nintendo letter-friends) that I would finish Professor Layton and Pandora’s box this weekend so I might do that first and then draw something beautiful.
See you later!

// Nancy


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