The beauty that is Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Limited Edition.

kingdom_hearts_limited_edition_cover_ps3To my surprise I got my copy of the game yesterday. Here I thought I’d have to wait till next week (… now I just have to wait until tomorrow since I’m working today too)! front2

Art book – front and back.

I really love how they’ve made the art book the actual case with the game in on the last page! kmreiogdk

Inner front and back.

In the art book you find illustrations and sketches that they’ve divided in Characters, Worlds and Weapons. Everything from character design to scene layout. You’ve also got a foreword from Tetsuya Nomura about the series and this remaster itself.

While I flipped through the pages in the car yesterday, I kid you not, I almost started crying when I saw this page.jmpoI love Winnie the Pooh and just the sketchy feel combined with the handholding and friendshipness… it’s so darn pretty.

I can’t wait to play the games and watch the KH 358/2 days cinematics! You really get your money’s worth when you get this game (I don’t regret it anyway TwT).

Edit: Question, does the US get another version of the art since the promotion shows Halloween Sora/Donald/Goofy?

// Nancy

On my pre-order list!

Ahhhh… having a cozy Saturday? It’s been a really grey day and my mom tells me that it was non-stop thundering this morning! And the news are overflowing with rain disasters :c Since I don’t have anything to do and I got my salary yesterday I decided to look what I want to preorder :D And this is what I’ll get (and the bonuses)

1. Disney Infinity for Playstation 3

DisneyInfinityLargeI will get a Merlins Summon Power Disc Pack with the pre-order

2. Kingdom Hearts HD ReMIX 1.5 Limited Edition Kingdom-Hearts-HD-1-5-Remix-out-September-13-1098119As you can see on the picture, an artbook will be included!

3. Pokemon X & Ypokemon_boxartI pre-ordered both in a bundle c: I don’t know what the pre-order bonus will be but hopefully it’ll be similar to when SS/HG came out: figurines of Xerneas and Yveltal. In Japan you’ll get them if you have a special ticket from Corocoro. (source: Bulbanews) *Crossing my fingers*800px-CoroCoro_August_2013_p49-50

That’s that for now! There’s lots of releases that I’m looking forward to but I have to restrain myself…
With my next paycheck, I’ll buy my long anticipated PS3! I have so many games on my to-buy-list , I’ll have to get myself a “real” job soon >w<‘

Have a great weekend! //Nancy

The day before graduation spent:


  • Eating ice cream!  Under all the sprinkles there’s scoops of lemon sorbet, rainbow ice cream, candy cane ice cream + softserve. “Glasskioskens jättevåffla”


  • Watching people eat when sudden downpour. We thought it was okay to go out but it started raining super hard after 5 meter! D:

imageJust look at that sky, Gothenburg weather in a picture! >w<b

Besides that ^, I bought the graduation party ticket and persuaded Robin to go too :D Sparkly gold wristband with Comic Sans font… lovely. :’DBild 2013-05-28 kl. 20.20We (Robin, Marcus, Joel, Anna, Adam and me) also walked around town all day while Joel bought stuff. It was a lot of fun!

It’s my graduation tomorrow and I have to wake up so early (4 in the morning… I’M A BAKER)! QwQ It’s fine though. I won’t be waking up early in a year or so hehe. I’m readying my hair right now but after that, off to bed!

Good night everyone.

// Nancy

Pokemon X & Y: Four New Pokemon + General Game News!

Happy Slakoth Sunday everyone! :3287_slakoth_by_hilson_o-d4il388
I have some awesomely exiting news to share with you!
The Japanese magazine Corocoro has been released and 4 new Pokemon and some cool details are out.
This is on the cover of the magazine:Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 09.16.38As you can see, there’s Mewtwo’s “awaked” form along with Pikachu, Ash and the four new Pokemon.
Right beside Ash’s head you can also see what seems to be the box art!

Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 09.16.21 To the right you have Gogoat (grass-type and 1.7 m/91.0 kg). On the picture below it you can see the male trainer riding it. It can learn the move Horn Leech.
The panda Pokemon is Yancham (fighting-type and 0.6 m/8.0 kg). It has a new move called Parting Remark which lowers the opponents stats and causes the user to switch out.
The robin Pokemon is Yayakoma (normal/flying-type and 0.3 m/1.7 kg). It announces itself with a beautiful voice and it can use the move Flame Charge.
The lizard Pokemon is Ellkiteru (electric/normal-type and 0.5 m/ 6.0 kg). It has a new move called Parabola Charge which heals the user while damaging opponents. It uses solar rays to generate electricity.

Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 09.16.30We’ve already seen how you will look in-game but now they also showed the art!
Maybe you’ve already noticed but I’ll give you a zoom on the coolest thing about the characters~ :DSkärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 09.16.52Yes… we will be able to customize the skin and hair color! *w*

Some extra information:

  • The new region will be called Karos and it appears to be based on France.
    Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 09.16.30
  • The “main” city is Miare City (the city where you can ride Gogoat).
  • The Pokédex:Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 09.16.21
The information is from and the admin’s friend Gin was the one who translated~

That’s all for now people! I’m getting super exited, how about you? *w*

// Nancy

Super Mario 3D Land has arrived!

Skärmavbild 2013-05-03 kl. 16.59.45I’m sick and it was sunny… so don’t mind the face!

Finally I own Super Mario 3D land~ I’ve been wanting this game before I actually got my Nintendo 3DS XL (you might remember *hahahaha… no. probably not* the post I made about it: here)!
I really like what they do design-wise for the Mario games! I remember thinking that the NSMB2 case was really cool because of the art on the inside of the cover (and you could see details through the squares)… turns out that they had done it for this game too~IMG_0823 IMG_0824It’s a bit different from the NSMB2 one but still!
The fact that there’s a close up of Mario’s face on the card is also really funny because it looked like he was looking at the instruction manual (that also has a close-up of his face on it)!IMG_0822

I took the opportunity to order both Super Mario 3DS Land and Luigi’s Mansion (2): Dark Moon on because it was the last day of their offer: all orders over 100 SEK will get 50 SEK off if you used a code!
I ordered them separately so I got a total off 100 SEK of them both which made them cheaper than if I would ordered them on Amazon~
I should get Luigi’s Mansion on Monday because I suspect that they couldn’t squeeze both the packages down the mailbox so they just pressed down one and took the other one with them…

I thought that I would list things I thought while playing first world!

  • The courses are simple but effective.
  • It’s freakin’ weird playing Super Mario in 3D (I’ve played galaxy but the controls are different so it isn’t the same thing).
  • The dandelion seeds that fly at you when you spin with the tanooki suit is a really cute detail!
  • I can’t do the canon ball on boxes… D:
  • I’m getting vertigo when they zoom out and show how high you’re going to jump >w< AND I’M NOT EVEN AFRAID OF HIGHTS IRL!
  • In regards to the above… if you’re not wearing a tanooki suit, you will jump. And die.
  • Bowser had a tanooki tail ♥
  • When you get ink on your screen because of ink spitting Piranha plants! :’3 So cool~
  • …Why do they have monoculars for you to see the goal when you will get there eventually? .__.’
  • I really suck at this game! >w< I miscalculate where the edge is all the time and I’m really slow because the    run button shouldn’t be Y but B!

That’s what I have to say! I’ll continue to play a few more courses until I need to sleep. ^^

I’ll see you tomorrow! // Nancy

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to infinity DEMO thoughts!

Happy Saturday everyone!
hGleY9wAs you might know, a new Pokémon mystery dungeon game will be released this year! NA already has it (and japan of course) but we in Europe (and Australia) only has to wait 20(/21) more days! :D
The short and sweet demo can be downloaded on Nintendo e-shop so if you haven’t already done it… GO, GO, GO!
I downloaded it yesterday but it’s been on the european e-shop since the 25th… my internet connection is so bad that it couldn’t play it until today (I was gone most of the day too so it’s not only because of that).

If you’re not familiar with the mystery dungeon-series: the games starts with you having a weird dream and waking as a Pokémon. Then you get a partner and together you do quests!
I chose to be Tepig (fire-type and a pig… it’s just meant to be) and I wanted to have either Axew or Oshawott and in the end I chose Oshawott! All the data will be saved from the demo and can be transferred to be actual game!

pokemonmysterydungeon To be honest, I had no intensions of buying the game before I played the demo because my experience with PMD: Explorer of the sky wasn’t so much fun because of really difficult dungeons.
But this game to the 3DS looks amazing! And the attack system isn’t as wacky as in Explorer of the sky…
Another thing I noticed was that the personality test is missing, a little sad but hey, usually you made the test until you got the one you wanted… I know you did it too!

Reading the reviews, it doesn’t sound promising but meh, who cares, really!
It’s better to see for yourself and get your own opinion~ I don’t know if I’ll preorder it on Amazon or if I’ll wait a little… I saw that they had dropped the price on Super Mario 3D land and I might buy it first hehe!

Have a nice continuation of your Saturday!
// Nancy


Who knows what it’ll be called but now the new Mewtwo form (that have been circulating our lovely internet since last Wednesday) has been confirmed.

It’s been rumored since it was sighted on the new Pokemon movie’s poster:

Skärmavbild 2013-04-06 kl. 22.32.19Skärmavbild 2013-04-06 kl. 22.32.27 I quite like the new form (it has Mew’s cuteness and Mewtwo’s badass-vibe) but I’m sure it has a lot of haters since we’re talking about a Gen1, legendary. Some aren’t open minded enough for such an old pokemon getting a makeover~ =w=

What to you feel/think about it?

// Nancy


Sylveon theories.

The biggest Pokemon-question right now (that’s circulating in different social media sites) is what all the starter Pokemon are going to have as their second type when they evolve. A not so popular guess is Fennekin being fire/fighting, since we already have Combusken, Inferape and Pignite. That’s not what I want to talk about though, but the second biggest question: what is Sylveon, eevee’s new evolution,’s type going to be! tumblr_misgh2GLHS1r2katno1_500Now, I was convinced by this picture that the answer must beee: 155279_416394211778144_166625006_n“GameFreak probably decided an evolution for each special type a long time ago. It was that til gen 4. Why change now?” sounds like a perfectly good guess. Eevee being able to evolve into all the different types sounds really cool but I like the color guess even better! It really is the same colors as the 3rd generation type-icons so it must be it right… right?

Nope, I’m not done yet!

I was sure that that must’ve been it until I came across this gif:tumblr_mip7trluNH1s4o1sbo1_500
Wobuffet it is then!

Not only does all the others have it’s weakness/superior (exept Jolteaon) but the English name is Sylveon and the Japanese name is Nympheon

Sylv mixed with nymph becomes Sylph (aka an air spirit).

Now I’m done. What do you think? I think it’s pretty clear that Sylveon is a flying-type~548781_341543059300030_1372112683_n
Hope you’re enjoying my Pokemon-posts… I don’t feel like writing about anything else tbh!

// Nyancy

sylveonIt has nothing to do with the subject but just look at it! Awh.

Rayman Origins 3DS review

Will contain some spoiler(s).

I played though Rayman Origins during the winterbreak and finished right before starting school again, therefor I wasn’t able to write this until now! Leeet’s start!

rayman origins

I didn’t get the Nintendo 3DS when it first came out, instead I preordered the Nintendo 3DS XL. Now, one of the first demo’s I downloaded was Rayman Origins. And it reminded me of being a eight-year-old girl again, playing  Rayman Advance on Gameboy Advance. But with better artwork and music.

I’m bad at telling stories so let’s just professionals do it:

At the beginning of the game, Rayman and his friends – Globox and the Teensies – are sleeping at the Snoring Tree. With them is the Bubble Dreamer, the jovial god who created their world, the Glade of Dreams. A nearby microphone, disguised as a flower, picks up the sound of the heroes’ snoring, amplifying it and transmitting it to the subterranean Land of the Livid Dead. The undead beings who live there, infuriated by this incessant snoring, launch an invasion on the Glade of Dreams, ambushing and capturing Rayman and his friends. When they escape, they find that the Bubble Dreamer has gone quite mad. The Livid Dead have been joined in their invasion by hundreds of other enemies, who have captured and imprisoned the Electoons – small, pink energy creatures that hold the world together. Now the Glade of Dreams has begun to disintegrate. In order to heal the Bubble Dreamer’s mind and restore harmony and balance to the Glade, the heroes must free the Electoons from cages hidden across the world – if they fail, their universe will vanish like a bad dream.

Energy creatures called Lums are scattered throughout every level in the game; at the end of each level, the heroes give the Lums they have collected to the Magician, a friendly character who counts them in a large test tube. In exchange for a certain number of Lums, the Magician gives the heroes Electoons. He also makes occasional appearances at the beginning of a level, to give the heroes advice and instructions. The hub from which the player can access levels and choose characters is the Snoring Tree. As the player frees more Electoons, more characters become available, but all are variations of Rayman, Globox and the Teensies. – Rayman Origins page, RayWiki

Sounds like fun, right? The first place you play through is Jibberish Jungle (the fifth course ‘Swinging Caves’ is one of the three courses in the demo), in total there’s 12 places (11 playable) and 60 courses (there’s three kinds: the 2D platform-, the tricky treasure chase- and the mosquito shooting-course).

And every place has a beautiful setting and it’s own music! A few examples are:

Ticklish Templesskate-rayman-origins-wallpaper-
wallpapers-of-rayman-origins-Sea of Serendipityrayman-origins-wallpaper-1Angsty AbyssRaymanOrigins_PreE3_HD_Underwater Just by these pictures you can tell that the sceneries are amazing! There’s a lot of depth with the layers and the 3D doesn’t provide that much more to the background but I still love it.

When it comes to the music it’s really fitting in all the environments. In the underground part of Gourmand Land for example, where it’s hot and fiery with cooking equipment and food everywhere, the music is very ‘flamenco’ and spanish. It sounds like a fun latin party!

My personal favorite, both visually and musically is the course Freaking Flipper in The Sea of Sirendipity. The first part has my favorit song in it, with the lums singing hypnotically. The scenary at 3:57 is my favorite visually (the person playing in the video seems to think the same!).

Now comes the part where I tell you what I liked less! I only have two thing that I didn’t like really, and it is that they replaced the Mr. Darky/Magician chase from the Wii/PS3/X-box-version to a mosquito shooting-course in the 3DS version! When looking up how to defeat the damn metal bird I also saw the chase and was terrified but super exited… but instead I got a mosquito shooting… only! D: I was so dissapointed because I was sooo looking forward to it and also… riding the mosquito is my least favorite type of course. It’s a shame but that’s how it is.
The second thing is that you can’t play as all the characters shown on the art above, on the 3DS-version. I want to try playing as a teensie…

Hope you liked my review! See you tomorrow!

// Nyancy

Pokemon X and Y

gsm_169_PokemonXY_ot_010813_640The broadcast started with pikachu talking. So cute, haha!

The news from the Pokemon Direct that got broadcasted today was HUGE, predictable but HUGE. It’s predictable because we either wanted a Ruby/Sapphire remake or the next generation!


So the games introduced were for the Nintendo 3DS (Thank god! Not being able to play this one would be really sad. And that would be a game on Wii U >w<‘). The games will include characters, environment and pokemon in 3D.


The three new starters were also introduced!

pokemon-x-and-y6 pokemon-x-and-y7 pokemon-x-and-y5As always (well, almost always) I’ll choose the fire-starter! And now that I think about it, Fennekin looks like our dog! Haha.

I absolutely believe that they will be great games. And I can’t wait for more information and the 6th gen! :D

I hope that you’re as exited as me~

// Nyancy