Pizza party w/ Charles and Emma

Met up with Emma and Charles yesterday to eat and watch movies! We did what we did last time: bought three different pizzas and got a third of each. Last time we made frankenstein’s monster-pizzas though because we cut them and assembled them before putting them in the oven, this time we just ate them, one at a time because we were so freakin hungry!

12355086_10208411037343061_1857058178_n   The pizza from last time 😊

This time we had ham – cheese, pesto – mozzarella and prosciutto – funghi and we watched the white chicks and mr. and mrs. Smith.

We had a great time and hopefully we’ll do it again not too far in the future!


I’ve blogged a lot today but this will be my last post because I have some school stuff to read and sleep to do!

The first London vlog is up on my youtube channel so check it out here, hopefully I’ll be able to edit the second day tomorrow! The third day won’t need any editing because I just shot one video that morning ^^

// Nancy

Kawaiibox September & October

Hi guys! I know I said that I wouldn’t backtrack but since I just started blogging again you guys might not know about this subscription box and I want to tell you about it! 😊

Since it’s a subscription box you get a box every month with 10-12 cute products for between 17.30$ – 18.90$. I have the one month plan so I get it for 18.90$, the other ones are lump sums and I haven’t made that investment yet but maybe I will when I have money left some month ^^

Now to the boxes themselves! This is the September Box:


And this is the October Box:CUMR2533

Both pictures are from my instagram when the boxes just came home to me!

These are the only boxes I’ve gotten but they have similar categories of stuff in them:

  • a small pouch of some sort (the mumin one and the cat one)
  • a bigger bag (the adorable alpaca makeupbag and the bunny pencase)
  • something to eat (caplico icecream, goldfish gummies & candy sushi)
  • charms (toasted bread, eggyolk & cat)
  • a pen (a bunny inkpen & a lollipop ballpoint pen) these are my favorite in the boxes haha
  • 3D stickers (food & farm ones)
  • DIY stuff (bracelet kit, nail bling & gems)
  • some kind of paper item (a cute animal card & cute printed mini paperbags)
  • lastly, misc. things: fragrance balls in a plastic jar & a stamp set)

In conclusion I think it’s a very fun box to get every month! Until next time have a good time 😁

// Nancy

Cinnamon rolls mmmm~

October 4th = Cinnamon roll day in Sweden

cinnamon rolls

The cinnamon rolls that you can buy in-store has some pink sugar on top. Googled around and apparently it’s to show the support against breast cancer (like my grapes ;D).

Happy Friday and Kanelbullens dag! I’m going to stuff my face now, byeee n’ see you tomorrow~
// Nancy

Kracie’s Majo Majo Neru Neru.

Haaappy Friday, here I am with a Japanese DIY candy kit!Maho maho neru neruMajo majo neru neru, from Kracie!

This is what Jbox has to say about this kit:

“The wizards at Kracie have come up with another magical treat set that let’s you make your own Japanese treats at home. This package featues two unique flavors of Neru Neru Nerune DIY candy powder, cola and ramune, but also includes a special “magic powder” that will change the flavors or taste somehow, perhaps making it sparkle with magic in your mouth. Includes calcium to help build strong bones. Just add water with the included ingredients and mix until you get a fluffy treat that can be eaten alone or with other snacks. By Kracie.”

What comes in the kit:
o-maticThese are the step one/two/three bags and the special bags.
klkThe tray (you’ll take off the corner which is a measuring cup and a tiny spoon.

Step-by-step with pictures~1Pour bag one in one of the bowls.
2Add one (filled to the brim) measuring cup of water.3Blend it and you’ll get green-brown slime.4Add bag number two.5When you blend it, it’ll turn fluffy and a coca-cola foam color (not sure how to discribe it).
6Pour the content from bag 3 in the other bowl. Now it’s technically done!
You just have to dip the spoon with the candy in the sprinkles and eat it.

But if you’re curious you should try to add the other bags too:
extra1When you add the pink bag, add a measuring cup of water.extra2It’ll fizzle and become fluffier when you’ve blended everything together. It also gets a fruitier flavor.

extra3Add the black/gold bag and it’ll turn pink and taste spicy.endNow it’s entirely done!

So what do I think of this DIY candy kit? It’s cool to make, I really like the sprinkles and it tasted good but the texture isn’t really my preference. I like chewy things and this isn’t.
Also, if you’re getting this candy kit, I’d advice you to try the spicy powder on a portion of the candy if you don’t already know that you like spicy candy. Turns out I don’t like my candy spicy. >w<

It was fun but me and nerunerunerune aren’t meant to be (since I don’t like the consistency and the fluffy candy is the main candy in all of those candy kits). I might test another type of DIY candy though :D

Well this went from an early evening to a late one. Hope you enjoyed this Japanese candy post. I’ll make more~
// Nancy

My first Jbox order! :D

Sorry for the absence! I’ve been working this week but I’m free now so I’ll be able to blog more :3

I’ve been waiting for this package from Jlist/box for about a month now because two items had to be restocked but now that it’s finally here I’m really happy I waited :D I’ll show you why!

I mostly bought candy but also a bentobox~

IMG_0949Seems like the little package went through customs just fine =w=b IMG_0951I was so exited when I opened it in the car! This was the first thing I saw.

This is everything I ordered:

IMG_0956From the top to the bottom:
★ UHA One Piece Puccho World. This one is to my brother!
☆ UHA Puccho Golden With Pineapple Soda Flavor
★ UHA Puccho Miracle
☆ Morinaga Suppa Hi-Chew with Lemon Flavor IMG_0964Krachie Puchitto Fruit Soft Candy – Grape Flavor (Set of 3)IMG_0967Kracie Majo Majo Neru Neru (NeruNeruNerune)IMG_0960Neri Ame (Traditional Liquid Candy) w/ Chopsticks (Set of 10)IMG_0966Meiji Pokemon Hard Candy… LOOK AT IT, I’M DYING. I expected the little pikachu face to be all over the front (like here) but this is 10 times better! Shiny Genesect, Mewtwo and all the Eeveelutions!IMG_0970Tottoko Hamutaro Sunflower Bento Box

Aaaand that is all~ The Pokemon hard candy and the One Piece Puccho had to be restocked but it was worth the extra two weeks because they are delicious and the packaging is so pretty!

I’m going to do more posts on the stuff I got ^__^b Showing off the Pokemon candy/Puccho and doing a post on the do-it-yourself candy-kit Majo Majo Neru Neru!

Have a nice weekend!
// Nancy

Cookie Saturday! :D

Happy Saturday everyone!
At around four in the morning I found an old party book and in it I found a Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that I really wanted to try! *w* So today I went to the supermarket and bought a bunch of stuff that I needed.IMG_0879

My list~ I was right in the middle of chopping the dark chocolate when I took this xD Messy-messy.

IMG_0881Half the chocolate done!IMG_0883This is the recipe! … In Swedish though >w<
If you don’t know Swedish this will be pretty hard to follow but I can quickly translate for you if you’d like to do these cookies! I think they taste nice and they were really fun to make ^^
dl = deciliter 
tsk = table spoon
The ingredience (from the top)!
Baking Powder
Liquid Margarine
Brown Sugar
Vanilla Sugar
Chopped Dark
How you mix everything together.
(Turn on the oven. Set it on 175 degrees)
1. Blend oatmeal and milk together in a bowl and let them sit for at least 10 minutes.
2. Mix flour, baking powder, salt and vanilla sugar in another bowl.
3. Take a third, bigger bowl and mix the margarine, brown sugar and sugar. Then add the eggs in too. Make sure everything’s mixed properly!
4. Stir down the flour mix in the (bigger) bowl.
5. Lastly, mix down the oatmeal and chocolate.
Then you just have to put the batter on a tray (don’t forget the baking sheet)!IMG_0884
The finished batter

IMG_0885Finished! They are good but I never seem to make crunchy cookies :’c And that’s the texture I like! These come out very porous and after they have cooled down they are soft.

I also tried making Cutiepie Marzia’s Nutella cookies! Just because they are so simple to make. They turned out crunchy and super yummy! I really recommend making them~


Now… go make some cookies! *w*b
// Nancy

From starving to too much food!

Today has been a long day… even though I started 12.15!
We hanged around the atalié on the forth floor because most of us didn’t have anything to finish in art structure-class. We also got to know our grades though! I’m satisfied because I was stuck between two grades and I got the better one. I’m not that experienced with oil or acrylic paint but planning on getting better!

Afterwards we met up with our homeroom teacher Rafíc and looked through pictures of the class throughout the past tree years. We made a PowerPoint to show on graduation day! So much fun, the last picture is the best one~
By the time we were done, it was around 15.40 and we still waited for Marcus to finish his lesson. We waited till 16.00 but everyone’s hunger was unbearable so we went to a nearby Sushi place (Marcus arrived later though)!
My bowl with noodle soup could make two people pretty full, I couldn’t even finish it all! >w<


And we got dessert ♥DSC00496

We took the tram to Sega Gubben (a candy store) to celebrate that we don’t have any more real lessons! I didn’t eat any because I was too full haha.DSC00498Saving it for tomorrow!

Then I came home to even more food! :O My brother is getting work experience at a Thai restaurant nearby this week and every day this week he’s brought food home but today beats everything! Look at all the food we got!! ÖAÖ They are so generous. I’m not going to eat this though. I’m still stuffed!


Now I’m sitting here with tired eyes, looking through letters in Swapnotes/ Nintendo letterbox.
Have a lovely continuation of this fabulous Wednesday!
// Nancy

Last day of the Pocky contest!

Hi guys~ It just hit me that it’s the last day for the Pocky Royalty contest on Facebook (that I wrote about here)!!!

My entry is my header so if you like it and have facebook, I’d be so, so grateful if you liked my picture: Contest Entry. QwQ
It only takes a minute to do, right~

pocky derping

Stay awesome and spread the Pocky-lovin’ people! ^__^

// Nyancy

Birthday “party”!

All my wonderful friends has gone home now! It was fun, just sitting down around the living room while my brother and some friends took turns to play Super smash bros. brawl. I played some Professor Layton hehe. And Omnislashed too! Anyway not much to say really, I’ll just start dishing out the picture I was able to take (Anna and my parents took some too!)

DSC_0121Before exit to meet my friends at the busstop! My brother wore hi’s fox kigurumi and I, my hamster one!
DSC_0123 DSC_0124Oh our way! The sun was flippin’ shining!DSC_0125On our way to me!DSC_0133Pretty much our whole evening!DSC_0134Before the present-unwrapping begins!DSC_0138Madeleine being silly as usual <3
DSC_0143Arashi at Omnislashed, fab as usual!DSC_0147Opening Anna’s present~DSC_0150Anna, holding her own card to me!DSC_0158Everything I got~

(Making a separate post because I want to make this one short and I didn’t get good pictures at that moment)DSC_0164Lovisa, Ida and Anna figuring out which LOTR-character the Hamtaro-figurines I got from miss Anon were! So much fun watching them~
DSC_0166Ugliest cake ever haha! Poker face on to mask it though ;D “it’s supposed to look like this, really!”DSC_0169Still pretty satisfied with the taste and how the insides looked! It’s a radioactive neon cake~

DSC_0171 DSC_0172 DSC_0173 DSC_0174Silly and sophisticated people eating cake~

After this we watched “Melodifestivalen” and then everyone went home!

Very nice evening and that’s thanks to everybody coming~ You guys are the best! :3

Participating in the Pocky Royalty Contest!

Good morning everyone! When I got home yesterday I saw that Pocky’s FB-page had released the pictures that are in the contest early so I located my picture and saw that it had 9 likes! I was so happy and thankful~ I was expecting nothing tbh.

This is the picture I’m competing with:

Pocky royalty competition entry“The Only Thing You Need On Gloomy Days Is Pocky.”

Now, if you feel like it’s worth a:thumbs-up

I would be very happy if you liked it on Facebook: Pocky Royalty 2013 Entry.

The Pocky featured are (from front to back):

  • “Chocolate On Chocolate Mild” Pocky CreamyDoubleChocolateMild
  • “Belgian Taste: Pocky In, Dark Chocolate” Pocky PockyIn_DarkChocolate
  • “Belgian Taste: Pocky In, Milk Chocolate” Pocky PockyIn_MilkChocolate
  • Classic “Chocolate” Pocky PockyChocolate

I really recommend them all! “Chocolate on chocolate” has a thick layer of chocolate + some swirled chocolate around and “Pocky in’s” are like biscuit sticks you eat with ice cream. But yummier! If you haven’t tasted the original, that’s the never-strikes-wrong-card + you have to try it~

Thank you for reading and hopefully liking! See you after school ;D I’ll post what I got from Sheslookingatthestars in the Budget Beauty Blogger Swap! I’ll probably write about yesterday before that (from school).

// Nyancy

Yummy gifts from Thailand! :D

It randomly started snowing today… the day I decided to put on my summer jacket (Doesn’t really bother me though, I stay warm anyway… I just wish I’d brought my mittens :’c M-my fingers!).

On the last 20 minute walk home, it started “raining” snow. Cold, fast, visible snow. I like snow and I was in a really content mood so I just felt that it was really pretty. The air was already cold so it didn’t get any colder.



Miss anon was in Thailand the whole winter break and she brought back two type of snacks to me! :D

The sweet one is a pack of almond sticks from the brand Hajuku! They are biscuit sticks coated with chocolate and crushed almonds. In other words very similar to Pocky but the actual stick taste like puff pastry and the combination (puff pastry, chocolate and almonds) is really good!

almond sticks by hajukuLove how they are assuring us that it is real chocolate and almond haha!

When Anon’s father was in Thailand last summer, I got two packs each of strawberry and blueberry sticks (from the same brand). They were also very good!

Then Miss Anon also gave me 3 packs of Pretz, the pizza flavored one. Pretz are from the same brand as Pocky, i.e. Glico. They are breadsticks powdered with seasoning. And they kind of taste like a calzone (ham, cheese, tomato and champignons) with a spicy after-taste of what I asume is paprika because of the front haha. pretz with pizza flavorThat’s what I got. It’s so nice of her to give them to me! So… thank you Ballerina~

I really recommend both, try ’em if you get the opportunity! :D

// Nyancy