Cyanide(, runny eyes, clogged nose) & happiness.

Yep I’m just laying here, feeling awful (see: just read between the brackets⤴) & looking through a few years of C&H.incredible I also have True Blood s. 3 running in the background… ahhh, I love Hoyt (spoiler: he was so sweet here and it makes me sad that they had to send him off) ♥♥♥♥ It’s been a while since I’ve seen it and it always surprises me which event happened when, when I look back in tv-shows (they always seem a lot later in the show). I don’t know why I’m surprised anymore! xD

I’m so tired… I’ll probably rest my eyes a bit. I want to feel good at the end of the week so I’ll try to be good and sleep (, drink lots of water, keep warm, ect.) ;_;
// Nancy

New cute stuff hanging from my 3DS.

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was feeling down. Almost slept through the whole day.

Anyway, I’ve hung some new things to my 3DS! I like keychains and mobile jewelry but I don’t use everything I have since I’m afraid of losing them (like pins when you put them on bags :c). I haven’t lost anything in a long time though :D Probably because I always put everything back in my bag instead of letting them hang outside.

These are the ones I’ve had hanging for a few months (without changing them at all):current ones

All worn out and stuff haha. HK and Black widow were the latest ones but as you can see, Black widow’s eyes has faded a lot! >_<

Now to the new ones! Two of them I got as surprise gifts from Puccho candies and the third one is from a Puccho case.

This one’s from Puccho One Piece: img_0956
I’m not a One Piece fan (haven’t read the manga in 6 years or so) but the Puccho tastes really different and I really liked it when my brother got it so I bought one for myself.
I got Zoro and from what I remember I though that he was really cool haha.
You can hang it with the string but you also get an earphone jack plug so I went with that instead!

The second one’s from Kumamon Puccho: IMG_1059
As you can see on the picture below, I got the one where he’s wearing a sash xD I love the tiny Puccho piece at the bottom of it.
new ones

The last one is the Hello Kitty in a Masaru suit. It’s the top piece on the blue Nameko Saibai Kit x Hello Kitty Puccho case I got: MLS234_e

I haven’t broken the case btw! On the back it shows that you can screw it off haha >w<
This item has sold out on Jlist/Jbox so I’m not absolutely certain but I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to get a Puccho pack in it… and I didn’t receive one :c I’ve mailed them so we’ll see what happens.

Urgh, this weekend was no fun. I do like my 3DS XL a bit more now ;D I want to buy a hard case for it too… maybe next month. It’s a shame that shipping from the US is so damn expensive, I’d already have one if it wasn’t.
// Nancy

“Shine bright like a diamond”

Rihanna must’ve meant the moon because, daaamn, does it shine bright tonight Ö_Ö

A(nother) Friday done at work. Everyone was really nice today! All friendly and talkative.
Oh and I can’t wait until I get next month’s pay. This one won’t be juicy haha. But I haven’t planned any expensive purchases so I’ll be fine~ I’ve almost worked the maximum of 10 days this month (2 to go) :D And the month isn’t done yet so they might need me before October.

I picked up the Jbox package I had at the nearby store, didn’t get the notification for the preorder item yesterday so I just said “what the hell” and picked up the one that was there anyway. I can go to the store twice~

I got my Elvis comic too~ It’s all about sickness and waiting rooms ect. haha, which is funny since I’ve been sneezing and feeling a bit low lately.Elvis nr.6 2013It’s the last one for this year (:c) but I don’t have any of their comic albums and they are probably (somewhat) cheap on the book fair next week so I’ll get the newest one and probably a few others! :3 No lack of Elvis here haha. The creators are usually there signing so I might get my copy signed… if I’m there on the right day that is =w=

Ah well, I hope you’ll enjoy the weekend~ I’ll upload the candy I got sometime during the afternoon. It’s all Pucho goodness :D (Good night!)
// Nancy

I need a cane… (+ AC:NL Harvest Moon)

My hips feel totally messed up :< I worked today… my boss called just when my parents were about to leave. Logistics had some computer problems where they bring in the car bodies so some people had to help them over there. I don’t know why I’m feeling totally exhausted because there wasn’t a lot of material to repack ö_ö The opposite actually!
Maybe the stress I went through and the fact that I didn’t eat until dinner at 18.06 wore me out.

I would’ve blogged about AC:NL’s Harvest Moon but yeah, not much to say really so I can just put it in here =w=HNI_0014 HNI_0019 HNI_0020

I got the veggie basket during work so I couldn’t screenshot everything the first time. That’s why I took another one with my second character!

Like on the day of the solstice, there’s a face cut-out standee on the town plaza. You’re a scarecrow and there are leaves falling and a very vibrant and pretty moon. Unfortunately the “real” moon doesn’t look any different from any other day… :cHNI_0013

It’s a bad photo but it’s still better than the one I got at night xD You can’t see anything!

Here’s the veggie basket you get from Isabelle:HNI_0021

It’s getting late and I have a feeling that my body needs as much rest as it can get so good night!
scarecrow(Trying to get some pretty waves tomorrow… I will most likely look like a scarecrow c: lovely~)
// Nancy

Back to business on Friday.

I am/was only needed at work on Monday and Friday this week so I’ve been chilling a bit (it’s needed because my hands are killing me). My friends seems busy so I have just been home and spent time with our mini-werewolf >w< It’s been nice. I don’t feel like going out either since I noticed that my public transportation-card ran out last week :c851557_144885162352417_697485609_n

I did get the nailpolish today though (and boy, did I get a surprise)! But mom took her phone with her before I could take the pictures so I’ll post it tomorrow~ Also got the notification that my Jbox order has arrived, but I’ll pick it up when the other package has arrived too.

It’s getting really cold now (love it ♥), really feeling the autumness~ Well, I’ll continue to watch The Big Bang Theory and I feel like making pancakes :3 See you tomorrow!yoyoyo

// Nancy

Rapunzel by the window.

rapunzel at the windowA sketch from last year. We acted as models for each other while we drew and this is Lovisa (our dear Rapunzel) by the windows at the stairs between the third and forth floor of Schillerska.
When we were done sketching we went back to the classroom and we could do whatever we wanted with the sketch… obviously I picked up watercolors. :D

This is on A3 paper and unfortunately the biggest my scanner can take is A4, so it’s a bit cropped.

// Nancy

The beauty that is Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Limited Edition.

kingdom_hearts_limited_edition_cover_ps3To my surprise I got my copy of the game yesterday. Here I thought I’d have to wait till next week (… now I just have to wait until tomorrow since I’m working today too)! front2

Art book – front and back.

I really love how they’ve made the art book the actual case with the game in on the last page! kmreiogdk

Inner front and back.

In the art book you find illustrations and sketches that they’ve divided in Characters, Worlds and Weapons. Everything from character design to scene layout. You’ve also got a foreword from Tetsuya Nomura about the series and this remaster itself.

While I flipped through the pages in the car yesterday, I kid you not, I almost started crying when I saw this page.jmpoI love Winnie the Pooh and just the sketchy feel combined with the handholding and friendshipness… it’s so darn pretty.

I can’t wait to play the games and watch the KH 358/2 days cinematics! You really get your money’s worth when you get this game (I don’t regret it anyway TwT).

Edit: Question, does the US get another version of the art since the promotion shows Halloween Sora/Donald/Goofy?

// Nancy

Late night dy(e)ing.

newhairYep, I dyed my hair last night after my parents came home with my dye. My mother also told me that I’ll be working today because they have a lack of people so I’m just going to write this and then put on my work clothes and head out. profilI used Schwarzkopf Brilliance in Blue Black and left a strand of the washed out turquoise which got discolored when I washed out the black dye from my hair (so it an indigo color right now) and I really like it! Since I have naturally black hair, I don’t really want to dye it my natural color when I want to cover hair that I’ve bleached so I choose this jet/ink black instead. I’ve had it once before but my hair was much shorter then :3whiFrom February/Mars 2012 (with miss Anon)

Time flies, now I really have to get ready! See you tomorrow~
// Nancy

Shiny DP legendaries event – Dialga

I believe that these event-dates differ in the US/Canada (they are ahead).

I forgot to talk about this when it started and now it’s only two days left for Europe to get Shiny Dialga at the local GAME/Gamestop >_< Hopefully you already knew this!

Sparkly Dialga has been available from August 30th and will be replaced by a red Palkia on September 13th.
They are (as usual) destributed as mystery gifts in Gamestop Sweden while the UK can get them on GAME.ImageProxy-1

So what do you get? Well this~DSC00546DSC00547 DSC00548 DSC00549 DSC00550DSC00551

I used to collect ribbons but after D&P that was kind of impossible (or not really thrilling) :c

It has no special attacks so if you get it, it’s probably because 1. it’s shiny, 2. it’s a lvl. 100 or/and 3. you just like to collect “special” pokemon (like me :D). It doesn’t cost you anything so why not get it~

// Nancy