Only hours left of 2012!

I lazied of for a couple of days because writing things down on an iPhone was not ideal… (I hated it! I need buttons to press down). But yesterday my parents went out and bought a charger so the laptop works again *hallelujah choir*.

What I’ve wanted to share with you guys are a couple of things! One was that I ate passion fruit for the first time! Such a strange fruit and it taste almost nothing like the juice. Only a quick after-taste here and there.


Reading to put aside the thought of frog-eggs made just want to put it all aside, haha. But I mixed it with kiwi and banana so it was yummy. The actual fruit was sour and slippery, while the seed was bitter (but not overly so!).

20121231-103801.jpgI want to eat this fruit salad again… but none of these fruits are left! :’c

Now to the next thing:

I bought color B4 Extra to get the nasty red color out of my hair. The color didn’t come out as I wanted from the beginning and when it faded it just turned to an oxblood color! D: My hair felt really bad too, all stiff and greasy. Reading that my hair probably would turn all porous… I thought “fuck it, I’ll do this and then wait a while” which I’m doing >w<‘ I can’t afford buying anything to do with my hair anyway…

But it worked out great. I got back the color I had before the red, which was my bleached hair with faded brown on top of that. I think it’s my favorite color to have when I don’t have jet-black hair or something fun~

20121231-111814.jpgThe same day before the treatment.Bild 2012-12-31 kl. 11.40

And today!

My hair is super soft right now and it doesn’t look as tired so I’m satisfied.

Now to the final thing. Because we got the computer working I could finally redeem my 2 months of free movies and tv-series yesterday! But I’m doubting that it actually got redeemed because it says that it’s only valid for a month… so I’ve contacted the company and we’ll see!

It was quite a movie day yesterday! I watched Rio and Sanctum on the TV. Both were good, Rio in a fun, Pixlar way and Sanctum in a “Omg, it’s The Descent all over again but underwater and without monsters”-way… and I love The Descent!

Later my brother and I watched The Thing (2011), House of wax, Boogeyman and the first part I missed in Paranormal activity 3.

Right now I’m watching Hanna. Half way in and I’m really liking it.

I really need to wash my hair, haha. So I should do that now before grandma arrives.

I hope you’ll have a nice new year. I don’t know yet if it’ll be troubleless but I’m hoping.

See you in the new year!

// Nyancy

Art Wednesday: Christmas and fan-art

Helloo thár! :D I’ve really missed sketching up things to then stroke some ink on it and at last splash water-colors everywhere! So that’s what I’ve done these past two days (that and played Rayman Origins 3DS). Exept those six paintings I’m also throwing in the only sketch I did before break and a gift I got! ^_^

20121226-113124.jpg I sketched this while I had my last English lesson before the holidays. Our teacher was so kind to let us watch The Nightmare Before Christmas at 8 o’clock in the morning instead of going through questions.

20121226-121136.jpg Here’s the Christmas card Robin made me last Tuesday! It’s Panty and Stocking on it <3. I'll treasure it forever (like everything else I receive)!

Now the ones I've hade these past days begin:

20121226-121411.jpg What made me get in the mood to draw again was the song All Men Are Pigs by Studio Killers. Listen here! I love everything about it: the sound, Cherry’s voice and the story (this applies to all of their released songs so far >w<)! The title and lyrics makes everybody go crazy, with talk about the band being male-hating… but the band consists of men only and the song is telling a story of a man trying to hit on a woman and while doing so says “all men are pigs, all men but me”.
The painting doesn’t really have anything to do with the song… I just like men, make-up and piggies! ;3

20121226-124000.jpg Did this quicky of the Grinch. I think he’s really cute so I wanted to do something… unfortunatly it’s not well made. =w= But it’s okey, right guys? Ö-Ö’

20121226-124421.jpg Both this one and the Grinch were made when I was tired. The will to draw but to little energy (and lack of creativity) makes me do these kinds of things! C’:

20121226-124834.jpg A girl based on Cherry’s apperence in the Ode To The Bouncer. Watch the video and listen to the song? :3 I didn’t do the stuff running down her eyes (even though I love that kind of thing!) because her face isn’t chubby enough to make it as awesome as Cherry’s. The shading is quite a bit off but let’s ignore it! As a last comment, I really like Cherry’s boobs (haha!) so I tried making slightly more realistic copies.


20121226-125858.jpg “This is no fairy tale: every single male that I’ve met ’till this day had a curly tale” from All Men Are Pigs.
When I heard those lines I thought of how cute it would be… so this man got a curly pig’s tail! The logic behind me drawing men with little clothing in the snow doesn’t exist so don’t ask. ;’D At first he was supposed to have a cigarette between his fingers but then I remembered that I don’t believe in smoking.

20121226-132426.jpg Cyanide & Happiness Christmas fan-art! There’s me in the background being super strong and soon landing on a candy cane + one of Kris’s characters in the foreground “stuffing hi’s stocking” :D

20121226-133245.jpg The joke was published on Christmas Eve at, C&H’s official website! :3

Well that was all for now! I’m sorry if the quality sucks! As I said earlier I can’t use the laptop (or scanner) until we’ve fixed it. So no scanning or even making sure that everything looks fine on a computer. :c Urgh.
Anyway, I’m making a separate post for some stuff I’ve made in sculpture class. It’ll probably be up today!
See you later! :D
// Nyancy

Silver star


Merry Christmas guys! I know that both North America and South America (+ Italy, New Zealand and Canada) celebrate tomorrow but Chistmas Eve is the way we do it in Sweden so I wish you a merry Christmas Day in advance with lots of presents! :3
Today I woke up at 11.30 and outside the result from yesterday’s snowstorm made the whole world white.

20121224-175128.jpg Pretty, right? -w-
I wanted to draw some more (did some last night i.e the Grinch) but other things came in the way so an ‘Art Sunday’-post will come tomorrow or the day after! ^_^ Our computer crashed again so it’ll be a while till I’ll be able to use my scanner. It’ll be iPhone pictures/blogging for now.

20121224-180418.jpg My cute working space.
We watched Donald Duck’s Christmas at three o’ clock (almost every Swede’s tradition and also the topic of the winter since Disney altered the classic version because someone thought that a scene might seem offensive(?) and ate our Christmas dinner in front of the TV (which we’ve never done before).
Right after that we opened our presents!


20121224-182947.jpg Got a ring in real silver from my brother.

20121224-184139.jpg From my mother I got the tub-scarf I wanted and she also bought a pair of mittens.
To be honest I have not had a great day. I’ve been upset and pissed all day. Which have left me with a head-ache that won’t go away. Non the less I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I’ll see you tomorrow or the day after!
// Nyancy

Santa Tora says eat a lot of herring!

Gingerbread making!

Hi guys :D Made some gingerbread cookies today and I thought that I would share the pictures I’ve taken~
Here we were just getting started so we only used cookie cutters but then we made our own stuff, with knives and BBQ sticks.


The first picture is my tray (it’s horisontal because I can’t flip it on the phone :c) and the other one is my brother’s! He made a bunch of Lord Of The Rings-characters, it’s more noticeble when the icing is on!


Mine all done!

Haha, and my brother’s! <3 :'D The one with the hat and stick is Gandalf, the one with the sword is Aragon and Gimli is the one with no torso and a hammer! Eye of Sauron can also be found~
That was all for today! It's just two day's left guys~ Exited? C: I'm going to munch away on my fingers now, see ya tomorrow!

How I spent my The-Mayan’s-apparently-Predicted-This-Day-To-Be-Our-Doom’s-Day

Good evening people. ^_^ How have you been this spended doom’s day? I’ve had a loooong day that started at 8.00 this morning with my mother knocking on my door to tell me that we’re going Christmas food-shopping after leaving my brother at school. And if I didn’t tag along I wouldn’t get my game… so I went! Four hours sleep have never stopped me and it didn’t today either.
I put on some clothes that reminded me of Zombie survivors (and not the smart ones… you know the ones that doesn’t cut their hair even though everybody tells them to and end up getting grabbed by the hair and get’s a chunk of their neck bitten of… by a zombie of course.), layered and warm.

No breakfast for me because there wasn’t anything appealing to eat and it was too early. Then it was time to go! Dad drove to the school first and then the supermarket. I stayed in the car and closed my eyes while singing things that came to mind such as Poor Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas and the first Pokemon theme. Fun, fun. After that my parent’s walked to the market hall while I headed straight to the nearest Gamestop, unfortunately they didn’t have Rayman Origins there so I had to go to the other Gamestop… 200 meter away*oh nooooo…* and there I found it~

Bild 2012-12-21 klVictory picture. New game and yummy breakfast!

We went home after that but my brother also wanted to buy some Christmas presents and I totally forgot to buy my last gift so we went out again, haha. When we were all done my brother sat down in the car with the face *dundunduun*. He’d seen the ringtorn-ring

but couldn’t buy it. He was so sad :c But if he get’s money on Christmas Eve. He’ll buy it! :D

Well, there my day ended… kind of. I’ve only written the Glossybox unboxing and played Rayman Origins. I really need to make a review on it (when I’m done… and the way I’m playing it, it’ll be neveeeeer). I can tell that I haven’t played anything for months. :< TIME TO CHANGE THAT. *squeezing eye drops onto corneas* I’M READY. *Runs off* See you guys tomorrow! :D

// Nyancy GG94

Swedish Glossybox: Golden New Year!

Happy end of the world-day guys! Thought that I would celebrate by writing this Glossybox post! ;D I received this one at the same time as the December box. I was so exited (and with a good reason), five full sized products worth over 1000 SEK and I payed (or my mother payed) 229 SEK! It is a perfect Christmas gift~ Wouldn’t have gotten it without my mom. I’m truly grateful! ;w; Let’s begin the unboxing!

IMG_0417It’s of course a gold box .IMG_0420The style is different from the usual ones. You can’t take of the lid, instead there’s magnets that closes the box. The card is in another style, you’ve got a glittery black ribbon (which is fabulous!) and the box is slightly bigger.

Now to the products:

1. BM Beauty Lash Thickening Mascara IMG_0435 IMG_0439 Bild 2012-12-21 kl. 17.55

BM Beauty’s Lash Thickening Mascara is a popular mineral mascara without parabens. According to the card it also both strengthens your lashes and protects them. When I first tried it, I didn’t really like it. It didn’t feel like it did anything but I applied it on top of a coat of my usual mascara and the wand is really thick so it couldn’t grab onto my lashes. Using this one as a first coat and then build with another mascara is the way to go!

The product is worth 179 SEK and contains 8 ml.

2. Kryolan Professional Make-up High Gloss

IMG_0432Bild 2012-12-21 kl. 18.55This gloss is a very opaque dark red and it’s called Catwalk. I love the design, it smells like strawberries and the color is amazing. The formula is sooo sticky but when it’s on your lips it doesn’t feel like your lips are sticking together. Which surprised me considering the stickiness. It’s also super shiny and according to the card, it’s because of the pearl pigments in it!

The product is worth 139 SEK and contains 4 ml.

3. Nails Inc. Nail Polish

IMG_0441Liquid silver. That’s what this product is. It’s both shiny and sparkly and all the colors are named after classic locations in London, this one is Cambridge Terrace! It’s easy to put on and two coats are very opaque while one coat gives you the glitter and shine with the hint of your own nail under. I want more colors already!

The product is worth 149 SEK and contains 10 ml.

4. NYX Cosmetics One Night in Marocco

IMG_0426 IMG_0428A really handy palette consisting of 8 eyeshadows (4 slightly glittery and 4 matt ones), eyeshadow base and four discrete lip colors! The Lip colors look really dark here but not in reality. The right ones isn’t that brown either. They also claim that the eyeshadow will last all night with the primer. I haven’t used this one yet but I’ll try it the first chance I get!

This is the most expensive product in the box. It’s worth 390 SEK.

5. ModelCo Cheek + Lip Tint

IMG_0430This was the most exiting thing when I first opened the box. I’ve wanted to try a lip tint since a year back. And finally (+ totally unexpected) I got to try it. It’s small but it does make a difference! I’ve only used it on my lips (in the Santa Devil-look) but next time I put on blush I’ll put this one on instead~ As a last thing, I noticed that it smells really good too! Like berries.

The product is worth 155 SEK for 10 ml.


I forgot to take a proper picture but do you see the gold thing under the products? x’3 Well it’s the bonus in this box! It’s a pretty vanity case!Bild 2012-12-21 kl. 20.15 Bild 2012-12-21 kl. 20.15 #2Took some pictures now, haha. All the things are in it and it’s not over-stuffed. Perfect.

That was all folks! Everyone that ordered this box got the same thing so if you’ve seen this post you’ve seen them all. ;D

I hope that it was helpful and a nice read. No more Glossybox posts until the end of next month! Bye, bye~

// Nyancy

Swedish Glossybox December!

Hi guys, I felt that I couldn’t postpone this post any longer even though I haven’t made an video yet (I’ll make it when I can).

This month’s theme is “Glossy Anniversary” because Glossybox Sweden has existed in a year now. To celebrate they have products that are from brands that people have liked though-out the year. It’s exiting to see, especially since I have received only one box before this one! ^_^ Let’s start!

IMG_0393The box is silver and my box is really scratched. I have no idea what it went through but I’m glad it’s not me C; IMG_0395The usual card, grey ribbon, black tissue-paper with silverstars and a sticker with an art-deco diamond.

Let’s start with the products:

1. La Sultane de Saba Ginger Green Tea Body Lotion


La sultane de Saba is a company from France that makes products inspired by oriental beauty rituals. This luxury lotion contains green tea and ginger. It has a light formula that the skin picks up fast. The bottle I got is 40 ml. and the full-sized product is 150 ml and costs 269 sek in Sweden. What I’ve picked up so far is that it has a very citrusy smell to it and that it isn’t sticky to your hands and gets absorbed really quick. I like scents that smell sweet and rich so this isn’t really something for me. It makes me think of dish soap. The formula is really great though! C:

2. Anatomicals The Showering inferno Hot And Fiery B-Movie Body Cleanser

IMG_0402This is the product that made the Glossybox smell good (just like the Aquolina body mousse in the previous box). Not noticeably if you didn’t think about it though. I only realized later haha! This is the yummiest shower gel I’ve ever smelled, it smells just like Coke! It seems like it gets quite a lot of praise and according to the GB card, it says that it’s one of the most appreciated brands during the year. The product I got is 150 ml. and the full-sized one is 300 ml. for 79 sek.

3. So Susan Micronized 8-Hour Eye Shadow Palette

IMG_0404IMG_0406This is a tiny eyeshadow palette that contains a highlighter, base and conture. So Susan is a newly launched brand and is cruelty-free (says so on the backside with two bunnies as proof! ;D). I’ve actually used this one and it stayed on the whole day. It’s really smooth to the touch and very pigmented. It’s the original product and it costs 129 sek.

4. Zoya nailpolish in Storm

IMG_0408Never tried a Zoya polish before and I had watched SimpleLittlePleasures on Youtube the day before so I was exited to try it. This color is called Storm and the first thing I thought when I saw the color was that it is similar to the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polish in Black diamond. Now in retrospect the Sally Hansen one looks a little more grayish and the glitter in Storm looks bigger. Zoya also dries quicker. This is also a full-sized product and costs 149 sek. for 15 ml. I really like this product and would like to buy it in some other color!

5. ImPRESS fake nails

IMG_0411This product was the first thing I saw, it was peeking though the tissue paper so I pulled it out. I’ve heard Bunny (Grav3yardgirl on YT) talking about these type of press-on’s before but I’ve never tried them! The color is gorgeous but I can’t find the name anywhere! :c Looking through the tiny pamphlet I guess that it it “Message Me” but I’m not 100 % sure. Also worth mentioning is the variation of designs and colors! 24 designs are listed but it says that you can see all 36 styles on their website They have plain ones, animal-inspired ones and flower ones ect. I will most likely make a review on these! I’m a little afraid of putting them on though. Just trying them on without taking of the plastic gives me the impression that they are huge! (Thinking about it… that was not intended as a pun haha!) They are really long and wide. xD I will try them on Christmas Eve anyway! ^_^

EDIT. I almost forgot! You also got a ‘little’ bonus in the box, that I’m really exited about! It’s a ViaPlay trial during two months. :D ViaPlay is a site you can stream movies, sport and tv-series on…it’s a less awesome Netflix. From what I’ve heard they don’t have that much in their movie/archive and are slow with updating movies. Still exited to activate my code! x3

So that was this month’s Glossybox. I hope you enjoyed! :D The Golden New Year Glossybox that I received simultaneously will also get a post but I will post it tomorrow! It’s getting late and I’m looking forward to some reading.

Good night guys and I’ll see you tomorrow!

// Nyancy

Make-up of the day: Santa Devil

Hi guys! This is the make-up I had earlier today. I finally found my red eyeshadow that was hiding (not quite true haha, I depotted it in a container I have three of so I just assumed that the two that were laying around wasn’t it! So silly~)

I’ll just excuse my dry lips in advance! I hadn’t put on lip balm on before taking the pictures. (Probably should excuse my skin too but hey, I can’t help that I get break-outs! c;)

As a new thing I thought that I would insert the name and brand of the products I’m using.

IMG_0463 IMG_0464Skin:foundation-clinique_300

foundation in 05 Vanilla.

And baby powder on top of that (to not make it so heavy but still set everything).

05541980402Clinique blushing blush powder in 107 Sunset Glow.


Clinique colour surge eye shadow soft shimmer in 271 So Sweet as cheek highlighter.

IMG_0460(Inserted this picture to show you the 90 degree wing I made, which made me think of devil horns)


isa400_1plus-sign cb-raspberrybodybutterEquals_sign_in_mathematics2/3 foundation + 1/3 body butter makes a good eyeshadow primer. Except in summer when it’s super hot, then it just melts! :<


Double Bubble eyeshadow 30 (the red side only)

107992364-260x260-0-0_max+factor+max+factor+colour+perfection+eye+shadowColour Perfection Eyeshadow in 470 Star-Studded Black for the highlight and contouring


cheek-lips-cheek-and-lip-tint_250x250Cheek + Lips tint in Rosy red. 

Later on I also put on211782-1284_1

I hope you liked this new styled MUODD! See you tomorrow~

// Nyancy

I was too exited :c

I wrote this yesterday: Skärmavbild 2012-12-18 kl. 19.18.23Guess what? I got both Glossyboxes today and I couldn’t wait! >w<‘ I opened both… AND MY GOD, I’M DYING. The products are simply amazing! I’m not posting a Swedish Glossybox unboxing today because I want to make the videos first. I think that I’ll record in front of my Christmas tree. *w* I might be able to shoot them tomorrow morning because I start pretty late but if not, I’ll do it on Thursday!

Speaking of tomorrow, my holiday starts after the general ending ceremony and the class good-bye. :D I was so exhausted today that I didn’t even celebrate the last lesson for this year… which is a shame really. :< If I’d just slept a few more hours last night, maybe today wouldn’t have been so… unbearable. :c

Oh well, what’s done is done!

I’m going to continue watching some program about Christmas decorating now. See you tomorrow guys! :D

// Nyancy 

Water marble nails: Rorange + Make-up of the day: Santa’s little helper!

Red + Orange = Rorange

GOOD MORNING GUYS! :3 Last night I decided to do some water marbling with the nordic cap of Sweden-polishes I bought. They dried so fast that my pinkie and thumb looked really weird when I did it the first time so I had to redo them… the original idea was to have a base of red and then water marble with with black (sally hansen black diamond) and the see through polish. I failed miserably ;_;

So I just re-did it with orange and red, which almost doesn’t show on the red base unfortunately. The other three fingers look fine though =w= I tried swirling it a lot but it didn’t come out that swirly. I only did my right hand so I’ll try making circles later! :D


I chose red and orange because it matches my Santa hat, “Ho ho ho” doggy/kitty-collar and scarf!

Bild 2012-12-18 kl. 08.05 Bild 2012-12-18 kl. 08.05 #3 Bild 2012-12-18 kl. 08.06 Bild 2012-12-18 kl. 08.06 #2Bild 2012-12-18 kl. 08.15

I have to go now so I’ll see you later!

// Nyancy


🎄It’s the most wonderful time of the year🎄

I couldn’t agree more! I love this time of the year (and when I say “this time of the year” I’m counting the whole months of December and January x’D) ^___^ Today I’ve bought Christmas presents to my family and a pack of tiny bauble in different colors! But I still have a gift left to buy. I thought that I would save it since Robin asked me if we could buy present together on Thursday!

DSC_0141The baubles I bought! They are so cute~ for comparison, I’ll show you a picture I took earlier:

Bild 2012-12-17 kl. 16.33So tiny~ I have a tiny black, Christmas tree so they are meant to be together! ;D

I also bought wrapping paper :D DSC_0157

I took out the Christmas tree two days ago but I wanted to buy the baubles before actually decorating it. The tree is a black, plastic one and it’s three years old.

DSC_0146 DSC_0144DSC_0154I’ve got the silver and red glitter hearts + lights that I had last year, the baubles I bought today and four Christmasy Winnie the Poh characters (Owl, two Tiger’s and Piglet) that I bought last year in the tree.

DSC_0155The fuzzy star that I’ve got on the top, I got last year when my class was a “test panel” for Christmas tree decorations and candle lanterns. The newspaper we did it for gave us all the things we rated to split among ourselves c: I got the fuzzy star because no one else liked it (I don’t understand how they couldn’t!). I also got a huge, beautiful, hand painted bauble and the black lantern with stars on the “first” picture.
DSC_0148All these presents are from me. Three of them are wrapped by the store and the two that are wrapped with the paper I bought today, I wrapped. I’m so exited to see the pile grow :’D My Glossy boxes are also going to be placed here when they arrive. And apparently my mom have bought both me and my father presents (I told her not to buy anything but I knew that she/they would anyways c’:). My brother asked for games and PS3 games are quite expensive so they’ll have to wait until my parents gets their Christmas salary.

DSC_0147As you can see, I’ve forgotten to open for four days so I did it now haha. I love this calendar and Minnie is so cute! ^___^ It’s only a week left now~ How do you feel about the holidays? Are you exited or just stressed? Maybe you don’t even celebrate it? I’d like to know so feel free to comment! :D

See you tomorrow guys!

// Nyancy

“Celebrating Christmas”-Dinner with friends!

I’ve put up all the pictures from last Friday on my Facebook and now I’m posting the best ones here (the camera didn’t take the best of pictures but it’s the memories that counts, right?) ^^ As you probably noticed from the title, these are pictures from our little pre-Christmas dinner with Anna. We ate all vegetarian food. Hamburger-meat all made by veggies, potato gratin, beetroot salad and white cabbage salad with orange and apple~ De-li-ci-ous! And don’t get me started on the desserts! We had so much stuff, we died at the end of the night. Butterscotch made by Anna, Wiener nougat by Madeleine, saffron buns by Lovisa’s mother. Crazy good stuff right there.
The drinks wasn’t anything to underestimate either! All kinds of delicious tea, coffee and of course mullet. Mm-hmm!

That’s what I have to say, enjoy! ^^

DSC06064 DSC06065 DSC06066 DSC06067 DSC06068 DSC06069 DSC06070 DSC06073 DSC06074 DSC06075 DSC06082 DSC06084 DSC06087 DSC06115 DSC06117 DSC06127 DSC06128 DSC06129 DSC06131 DSC06132 DSC06155 DSC06173It was so much fun! Bye guys! :D

// Nyancy