A hot summer’s day spent at Skara sommarland!

On the 7th of July we (my family and miss Anon) went to the amusement park Skara Sommarland. It has the usual amusement park-side and a water park-side. Here are the pictures I took~ 

IMG_1306 kopiaOn the busIMG_1308 kopiaWe just arrived (and for some reason I took a picture of my brother...)Skärmavbild 2013-07-18 kl. 03.13.46IMG_1313 kopiaHamster wheel in Kotteland (kiddie land)IMG_1315 kopiaWhile riding the Tea Cups. Pro tip: if you want the ride to be funnier, try to spin in the opposite direction!IMG_1317 kopiaIMG_1319 kopiaBefore riding Newton.IMG_1346 kopiaThe water park! (taken while we tried to figure out where to change)IMG_1327 kopiaAnd finally in the water~IMG_1329 kopia
IMG_1331 kopiaBy the wave poolIMG_1342 kopiaMy brother (in a like a boss-pose) down Nyagara. This is just before the pool at the end. I recommend this one! It was a lot of fun and  super scary haha (because it's faster than you expect).IMG_1345 kopiaThe big drop. We didn't do this one though :c we wanted to save it for last but it was time everyone was exhausted... next time! *_*IMG_1349 kopiaAt the space bowl. My brother usually doesn't ride thing but just that day he yolo'd xD He was so scared tho'IMG_1370 kopiaThat's some cotton candy... *A* It was yummy though because it tasted like strawberry!IMG_1372 kopia IMG_1374 kopiaWhile waiting for the bus to depart.

I didn’t take a picture of the first thing we tried and that was “the crane”:press_98

It was pretty nice but over all, their amusement park didn’t impress me :c We didn’t do a lot of stuff because they looked lame. If you go there, it’s probably just for the water park… or you have small children that would like to go on the mini rides + visit kiddie land!

Sorry for the post being overly late… my brother had the computer yesterday and our internet connection sucks atm!

// Nancy

Pokemon fusion highlights!

Yo! Lovely Tuesday right? ^^

I didn’t have school today. The courses today are already finished (and our grades must be set on Friday so our teachers are busy setting them now).
I’ve been chilling, playing Pokemon Black 2 and drinking lovely Earl Grey!
My mother bought a pod coffee machine so I tried making tea with it, it wasn’t hot enough for me but I’m sure it’ll make a nice cup of hot chocolate (when I can buy those capsules)!

Chilling included pressing the random button on here and see hilarious Pokemon fusions unfold. I thought I would share some of them:
65.80 119.79 28.10880.40

The pink squad! It’s hard to not make funny fusions if either Slowpoke, Slowbro or Wigglypuff is one of the Pokémon! :’D
82.57 52.98 113.10915.9

Primeton (Primeape + Magneton) looks so wrong! >w<‘ And the other’s faces are priceless!

It’s so much fun making different combinations, I almost feel like a Team Plasma scientist. I’m not though… I’m obviously Team Magma’s shadow king~Skärmavbild 2013-05-21 kl. 17.50.26If I could, I would definitely order someone to make me this one!⤵109.113







So cute! We’d cover Karos in pink, toxic gas *moahahaha* >:D

If you want to make your own fusions, do so!
And show me your favorite/favorites.
See you tomorrow~

// Nancy



8 funny Pokemon comics!

After accidentally seeing not only one but several funny Pokemon comics on Facebook I felt obligated to share them with you guys!

419230_342948022492867_1233629889_nPoor Jean, what if he ever wants to hug one of them…
(I know that the logic behind this picture is a bit off but c’mon, it’s still funny!)
545766_342550805865922_1175738759_nMagicarp just ruin Feebas chances of becoming a Milotic, let us all take a moment of silence (if you’re not laughing as hard as I am!).734870_341604522627217_664057277_nNo, just no… I would never abandon Kyogre! Zubat knows why it’s there though. (((>A>66926_342507019203634_202506530_nWhy didn’t  I think of this before… *shiver*. I hope they’re two old, long haired men! ;D66926_342508985870104_1086458812_nI think I’ve seen Gyarados smile before… and he’s actually very sweet!548781_341543059300030_1372112683_nSo cute!69242_466761396723339_637977952_nCan’t handle the fabulousness that is Brycen!426069_338285486290040_749401102_nSilly, silly Gold~

And a (non-comic) bonus because I love this one!

377577_265007286965667_96136165_nEnjoyed spreadin’ the Pokemon love this lovely Sunday evening but it’s time for me to sleep. I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


// Nyancy

The crazy ending of yesterday.

I had illustration yesterday morning. That was crazy and fun, as always. Lena being as she is, took out a bag of popcorn and encouraged us to pick out a popcorn.DSC00362DSC00363


We were told to use the popcorns shape to make a character.

The one I chose was perfect haha! I was able to make two illustrations from one popcorn.

DSC00360 DSC00359 DSC00356 DSC00358Sketched up with a pencil on paper a bit bigger than A3, to then use charcoal over~

After the lesson we ate and then had social studies. When that awful lesson was done, Joel and I walked around down-down for a while until the others had quit their English-lesson! Joel bought a racket containing super sour liquid candy…


We were laughing so hard at it! He didn’t realize that it looked like a glowing “vibrator” (even though I told him in the store) but a bunch of 15-year-old’s walking towards us certainly did!

After Joel called Marcus, we headed to the cafe they were sitting at, sat down and chatted for a while but when we’d had enough, our destination was (MC D. to buy a Happy Meal and) Gamestop! Robin bought my birthday present:

Bild 2013-02-01 kl. 21.57

150 SEK worth of Nintendo e-shop points!

With those I bought Hydroventure: spin cycle and Zen pinball 3D when I got home (had them downloading when I slept and played a little before actually getting up from bed this morning)~

All of a sudden it was time to head to the Opera! On our way in, we saw a lot of fancy looking people! We felt a bit missplaced.

65236_4853298464253_994363676_nNever been inside before so it was pretty awesome to see the hall! Chess was good~ I was a bit restless at the end and when a group of people all sang at the same time, you wouldn’t hear anything but other then that it was nice to look at.

Worth noticing was that the orchestra was amazing! And also Anatolij’s (played by Philip Jalmelid in the Swedish version) voice is absolutely magical!

DSC00372 DSC00373 DSC00374

My way home was a nightmare. My bus was delayed because of an accident so I thought that I could sleep at Robin’s but his phone was dead. Instead I walked over the bridge to get to where the bus I usually take all the way home goes… 20 minutes waiting time. And turned out that it was late too… with only five minutes though.

Finally I was home after walking in the pitch black. Never seen so many stars in my life though… and the moon was huge! Exhausted, I downloaded the games and went to sleep.

I started writing this post on the bus to school but since I didn’t have much time to write in school and I’m currently making my birthday cake for my party tomorrow… this took forever! :’c

// Nyancy

Pre-birthday celebration!

Hi guys! Has this been a long day or what??! (Answer: yes yes yes)

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day of walking around down town, see Django, eat something and then go home, everything before four. Well… that didn’t go as planned.

Arrived to the middle of Gothenburg and found Anna within one minute of getting off the tram~ We went to two asian trade-stores before I noticed that Marcus had called… turned out that he overslept and he asked if we could watch the next showing, so we did. The time was around 10.30 and the next showing was at 14.30. So we continued as planned and went to two more asian trades and found this while buying Pocky.

DSC_0050Pandanus... do I have to explain why that was absolutely hilarious to me and Anna!(??)

After that we had a photo shoot for the Pocky Royalty-contest I’m participating in! Without Anna I wouldn’t have gotten the pictures I got so I’m really happy she said yes when I asked her. I’m doing a separate post on the contest when the voting begins! (So people can vote for me… hopefully QwQ’) While we took pictures, people would walk past and I’d feel embarrassed and laugh and run away. It was super-fun though.

 A preview kinda... I haven't used this one in the picture I entered the contest with!

When we were done, we headed to the centralstation. After waiting for a while, I called Marcus three times. Voicemail greeted us each time and because it said that the train Marcus was on had wagon-error we assumed that something horrible had happened. Death, death and… death. (No other explanation really! ;D). Reality: his phone was silly and slow. He texted us that he had arrive so we met up with him and took a tram to the cinema. 

After purchasing the tickets we walked down to Max and ate yummy food!

DSC_0082 DSC_0083 DSC_0084 DSC_0085 DSC_0089Marcus blueberry delux milkshake looked really yummy and my chicken burger was... *ahhhwhjfiojkd*.

At last we saw Django Unchained! It. Was. So. Good. And super-silly at times! I laughed so much haha~


2 h. and 45 minutes long! I had washed down a big cup of coke during the first one and a half hours so when it was an hour left I couldn’t hold it any longer! D: It hurt like a b- so I walked on shaky legs to the restroom. The people sitting on our row… should get an award! TwT They were so helpful when I could’t see anything. A guy with a huge bag helped me by pushing it away (took a while though since he couldn’t see it either!) while being super nice and polite.

I got an early birthday present from Anna:


Various candies but mostly she got it because of the party-whistle!


Trouble along the way but in the end everything was awesome!

// Nyancy

Lack of sleep made me lose it.

I am so tired. But I have a rule agains napping: don’t do it on purpose! So I won’t. I really don’t want to sleep when I’m not supposed to (and apparently the opposite too).

I’ve been a bit more of a giggling craze fest than usual, Anna even said “she needs to go home now and sleep!” to Marcus while we were taking the tram to my buss, haha! :’D Facebook statuses has been totally butchered with awful but funny english… I have to add that we said the replies out loud in silly voices.

Skärmavbild 2013-01-28 kl. 15.35.12Let's just say that Marcus FRd me with "I like ducks"....Skärmavbild 2013-01-28 kl. 15.40.25 Skärmavbild 2013-01-28 kl. 15.40.35Marcus and I were laughing so hard at the fact that Madeleine thought that Marcus was writing but it was me... (love you Madde >w<). He did start writing at "caps wunt halp yu maddä..." though!

I had English and Religion as usual but Science (which has been flipped with “security and work environment” from Friday to Monday) was independent work (facebook). So we sat in the library, giggling.

While Anna and Marcus followed me to the bus, we decided that tomorrow is the day for some Django Unchained since we don’t have any lessons! So at 11.30 we’ll see the movie, then we’re going to eat at MAX. Anna was really enthusiastic to the idea Marcus purposed (I did not see that coming Ö_Ö). Looking forward to a voilent movie, wizard menu and a chicken burger~

“I’m strong! As long as Nancy’s not around.”

-Lovisa, when Anna told her that she was strong

That’s my favorite quote of the day.

Now that I can stay up for quite a while… I’ll just take my time to find my inspiration, been really dry at the art-front for a few days. :c

// Nyancy


You’ve got to love missunderstandings! And the ones involving strangers are even better because you won’t get the chance to explain yourself. So why am I telling you this? Well…

Funny incident telling in

3, 2, 1.

Marcus, Lovisa and I was waiting for the cash depositor to be emptied on money so I could insert mine. It took forever so Lovisa wanted to try asking a near-by bakery if they could exchange the bills to coins (so we could use the coin depositor instead)… they couldn’t. We moved a few meters away and while we stood there in a triangle, trying to figure out what to do, a guy that probably wanted to ask us some questions appeared.Skärmavbild 2013-01-11 kl. 19.07.21 He hadn’t said anything yet before Lovisa screamed “I DON’T WANT TO” (she actually said something like “I’m not up for it” but there’s no good translation from Swedish to english) and he awkwardly walked away. Lovisa said that as an answer to Marcus! We laughed so much after that. In fact, I even forgot to insert the money!

The whole thing reminded me of the time when a guy came in to the computer-room in school with black lipstick all over his face and I turned to Meriel… her eyes were huge and her jaw dropped. I bursted out “your face hahaha!” without thinking and the guy said “hmm… *turned around* ah right” then took the thing he was looking for and walked away. There I was trying to explain but yeah… he just flew away. tumblr_m4wpw3BPZI1rqfhi2o1_250

You can just look back at times like these and laugh!

// Nyancy

Art Wednesday: Christmas and fan-art

Helloo thár! :D I’ve really missed sketching up things to then stroke some ink on it and at last splash water-colors everywhere! So that’s what I’ve done these past two days (that and played Rayman Origins 3DS). Exept those six paintings I’m also throwing in the only sketch I did before break and a gift I got! ^_^

20121226-113124.jpg I sketched this while I had my last English lesson before the holidays. Our teacher was so kind to let us watch The Nightmare Before Christmas at 8 o’clock in the morning instead of going through questions.

20121226-121136.jpg Here’s the Christmas card Robin made me last Tuesday! It’s Panty and Stocking on it <3. I'll treasure it forever (like everything else I receive)!

Now the ones I've hade these past days begin:

20121226-121411.jpg What made me get in the mood to draw again was the song All Men Are Pigs by Studio Killers. Listen here! I love everything about it: the sound, Cherry’s voice and the story (this applies to all of their released songs so far >w<)! The title and lyrics makes everybody go crazy, with talk about the band being male-hating… but the band consists of men only and the song is telling a story of a man trying to hit on a woman and while doing so says “all men are pigs, all men but me”.
The painting doesn’t really have anything to do with the song… I just like men, make-up and piggies! ;3

20121226-124000.jpg Did this quicky of the Grinch. I think he’s really cute so I wanted to do something… unfortunatly it’s not well made. =w= But it’s okey, right guys? Ö-Ö’

20121226-124421.jpg Both this one and the Grinch were made when I was tired. The will to draw but to little energy (and lack of creativity) makes me do these kinds of things! C’:

20121226-124834.jpg A girl based on Cherry’s apperence in the Ode To The Bouncer. Watch the video and listen to the song? :3 I didn’t do the stuff running down her eyes (even though I love that kind of thing!) because her face isn’t chubby enough to make it as awesome as Cherry’s. The shading is quite a bit off but let’s ignore it! As a last comment, I really like Cherry’s boobs (haha!) so I tried making slightly more realistic copies.


20121226-125858.jpg “This is no fairy tale: every single male that I’ve met ’till this day had a curly tale” from All Men Are Pigs.
When I heard those lines I thought of how cute it would be… so this man got a curly pig’s tail! The logic behind me drawing men with little clothing in the snow doesn’t exist so don’t ask. ;’D At first he was supposed to have a cigarette between his fingers but then I remembered that I don’t believe in smoking.

20121226-132426.jpg Cyanide & Happiness Christmas fan-art! There’s me in the background being super strong and soon landing on a candy cane + one of Kris’s characters in the foreground “stuffing hi’s stocking” :D

20121226-133245.jpg The joke was published on Christmas Eve at explosm.net, C&H’s official website! :3

Well that was all for now! I’m sorry if the quality sucks! As I said earlier I can’t use the laptop (or scanner) until we’ve fixed it. So no scanning or even making sure that everything looks fine on a computer. :c Urgh.
Anyway, I’m making a separate post for some stuff I’ve made in sculpture class. It’ll probably be up today!
See you later! :D
// Nyancy

How I spent my The-Mayan’s-apparently-Predicted-This-Day-To-Be-Our-Doom’s-Day

Good evening people. ^_^ How have you been this spended doom’s day? I’ve had a loooong day that started at 8.00 this morning with my mother knocking on my door to tell me that we’re going Christmas food-shopping after leaving my brother at school. And if I didn’t tag along I wouldn’t get my game… so I went! Four hours sleep have never stopped me and it didn’t today either.
I put on some clothes that reminded me of Zombie survivors (and not the smart ones… you know the ones that doesn’t cut their hair even though everybody tells them to and end up getting grabbed by the hair and get’s a chunk of their neck bitten of… by a zombie of course.), layered and warm.

No breakfast for me because there wasn’t anything appealing to eat and it was too early. Then it was time to go! Dad drove to the school first and then the supermarket. I stayed in the car and closed my eyes while singing things that came to mind such as Poor Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas and the first Pokemon theme. Fun, fun. After that my parent’s walked to the market hall while I headed straight to the nearest Gamestop, unfortunately they didn’t have Rayman Origins there so I had to go to the other Gamestop… 200 meter away*oh nooooo…* and there I found it~

Bild 2012-12-21 klVictory picture. New game and yummy breakfast!

We went home after that but my brother also wanted to buy some Christmas presents and I totally forgot to buy my last gift so we went out again, haha. When we were all done my brother sat down in the car with the face *dundunduun*. He’d seen the ringtorn-ring

but couldn’t buy it. He was so sad :c But if he get’s money on Christmas Eve. He’ll buy it! :D

Well, there my day ended… kind of. I’ve only written the Glossybox unboxing and played Rayman Origins. I really need to make a review on it (when I’m done… and the way I’m playing it, it’ll be neveeeeer). I can tell that I haven’t played anything for months. :< TIME TO CHANGE THAT. *squeezing eye drops onto corneas* I’M READY. *Runs off* See you guys tomorrow! :D

// Nyancy GG94

You stupid hoe…

Watching this even though I start at 8 which means that I have to wake up at 5… and it’s 1 in the fucking morning.

I wasn’t planning on actually watching it but I didn’t want to sleep and the time became 12 o’clock (when they (were suppose to) start broadcasting) and I just thought “fuck it, I’m watching it”. I can’t stop watching now ;A;’

Yep, I’m a stupid hoe.

You know it’s late when you’re “quoting” Nicki Minaj…

// Nyancy