Express delivery from Asos!

I’m in need of a new pair of shoes (since I have a tendensy of destroying them on a regular basis :c) and since I saw a pair on Asos a couple of months ago, I decided to put them in my basket! Along with two maxi dresses and a pair of leggins.

image1xxl image2xxl

image1xxl (2) image2xxl (2)


 In total it became 801 SEK so I precisely qualified for the “FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY TO SWEDEN
ORDERS ABOVE 800 SEK” offer on the Asos UK website. I don’t know how much you have to buy for in your currency but it’s probably the value of 80 GBP.
The express delivery guaranties delivery within four days so I should get my stuff at the latest on Thursday :3
This will be my first express package ever ÖwÖ’ Never choose it since I don’t ever have a hurry but it’s free this time so why not =w=

Oh and I’ve ordered another thing that will come next week. I’ll show it to you guys once it has arrived. Very exited over it because I’ve wanted one since I went in 8th grade but I had totally forgotten about it until I saw one, two days ago. xD

Anywaaay, have a nice Sunday~
// Nancy

The Red Lippy Project: Day 5

The Red Lippy Project 
(If you don’t know what TRLP is, click on the text!)

Bild 2013-06-13 klkjpoi kopia[Kitty Tail]Bild 2013-06-13 kl kopia Bild 2013-06-13 klekf kopia[Happy Doggy]

Lip-product used: IsaDora’s Perfect Moisture lipstick in Chelsea Red.

Such a strange weather day! It looks like it’s going to rain anytime in one minute and the next the sun is shining crazy strong. I’m having a recovery day today because yesterday was very long for me~ I’m still exhausted  (╯︵╰,)

// Nancy

New hair: “I chose the color of your eyes…”

Because I’m (unconsciously) a hopeless romantic.

Bild 2013-06-05 kloek kopia Bild 2013-06-05 kl kopia Bild 2013-06-05 klkmlk,pö, kopiaI used Directions Turquoise on the bleached hair and then hime cut my hair~
I have to trim it a bit though (and straighten it… it isn’t as majestic when it isn’t straight)!

Glossybox arrived today, I just have to pick it up but a post will be up tomorrow. See ya~

// Nancy

Bubblegum bitch going blond and flamingo pink!

[↑ PLAY ↑]

Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 20.54.47❪Stage 0❫Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 20.54.53❪Stage 1, bleached❫
 Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 21.08.41
Stage 2, dyed roots with Pretty Flamingo❫kkdmkdmfkbubbler kopia❪Stage 3, framed and touched up roots with Cotton Candy Pink❫

〖BLEACH〗MOOD Ultrablond Extra
【HAIR COLOR】MANIC PANIC Cotton Candy Pink & Petty Flamingo

Psst, sorry for the bad lighting… it’s a grey day again!
// Nancy

MOTD and first ever OOTD on Sunday-Funday!

4-bildsserie 2013-05-05 kl. 15.07 (kompilerad)Caturday is behind me and now it’s Sunday-Funday! ;DSkärmavbild 2013-05-05 kl. 15.49.38I’m wearing
Pullover: Lindex
Leggins: Cubus (bought a long time ago), I made the cuts myself though.
Shoes: Asos (Vancouver Flatforms)

Bild 2013-05-05 kl. 14.57Bild 2013-05-05 kl. 14.56 #3Bild 2013-05-05 kl. 14.55 #2See you tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

// Nancy

Makeup of yesterday: It’s all about the wings!

… winged eyeliner, that is!Skärmavbild 2013-04-27 kl. 00.31.16 Skärmavbild 2013-04-27 kl. 00.31.22

Thick wings are so nice when you are too lazy or sick to wear much makeup!

Skärmavbild 2013-04-27 kl. 00.31.26

Mixed my lenses yesterday. Because the other red lens had dried up… it’s fine now after it’s been in solution for a few hours! I liked the subtle hint of different colored eyes.

// Nancy

Makeup of the day: Powder pink

Skärmavbild 2013-04-10 kl. 07.42.27Skärmavbild 2013-04-10 kl. 07.42.15 Skärmavbild 2013-04-10 kl. 07.42.21 Good morning! ^_^/
I chillaxed all morning (because I woke up early) so I could take my time with everything, and still blog *weekday luxury*! c: I start 12 today but I’m heading out soon to sit in school with Marcus and read about Shakespeare.
Have a nice day!

// Nancy

Makeup of the day: Ororon.

The demon Ororon.

5fd0e35edf247576cdd9d723a67b195d Skärmavbild 2013-04-02 kl. 11.18.01My makeup yesterday. This is in the car on the way home from seeing Silver Linings Playbook (I liked it) at the cinema. ^_^
I have other pictures taken before going but I was in a hurry so I only took pictures with my mom’s iPhone and… she’s at work.

The eyeshadow was: a cream color at the tearducts and inner lower lashline, dark blue on the lids (with purple glitter liner on top) and the same color on the outer lower lashline.

Lips: Milani color statement in Sangria.

I enjoyed wearing this makeup… it might’ve been a bit too bold with both strong lips and eyes in sunlight but I’m cool with that ;3

// Nancy

PS. I just got a text saying that my Glossybox has arrived at the convenience store! *happy* Since I’m not going out today I’ll just ask my mother to pick it up!
The unboxing will be up in about 5-6 hours.

I read it wrong… it only says that it’s on its way!

Schwarzkopf Poly Color toner schampo in Noble Chestnut.

Skärmavbild 2013-03-31 kl. 11.04.09 Skärmavbild 2013-03-31 kl. 11.03.54As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday I dyed my hair. I used Schwarzkopf Poly Color toner shampoo in Noble Chestnut. I’ve never used this one before but I thought that I would try it!20adelkastanj_250x250I felt like the shade matched my old color but surprise, surprise, it got a lot darker than on the package. It says that it’ll last about 28 washes so I just have to wait for it to fade that way. The sun will help too haha.


Took this picture just before heading for the shower.

AfterIMG_0750 IMG_0749A dark red-brown color. I like it but it wasn’t the color I wanted…

Good: I really like the formula! The color acts like a shampoo so it makes the hair stay where you put it (unlike other hair dye’s).
I bought it for under 50 SEK at the supermarket, which is cheap in Sweden.

Meh: If you plan to use it I would recommend to not don’t swirl your hair around too much because I did and the shampoo made my hair stick together pretty bad. The conditioner included in the package made it untangle though.

Next post: Milani color statement lipstick will be up in about an hour~

See ya!// Nancy

Makeup of the day: Påskkärring.

MOTD: Easter-edition! I went with being a grown-up påskkärring.Skärmavbild 2013-03-30 kl. 13.29.58 Skärmavbild 2013-03-30 kl. 13.28.43Skärmavbild 2013-03-30 kl. 13.30.40

Påskkärring is Easter witch in english(?… that’s what google tells me anyway).Skärmavbild 2013-03-30 kl. 13.41.30 Aaall the children dressed up like this when I grew up. I don’t know if they do it nowadays but from reading the news paper, I think they do! I haven’t seen any today though…

I hope you’re having a nice weekend~ // Nancy

Asos Vancouver Flatforms.

Good afternoon, having a good Friday? ^_^
I’ve had a pleasant one, nothing majorly annoying (just a printer failing on me, that’s about it)~ :D

Yesterday I got a mail notifier saying that I had a package to pick up~ So I picked it up today and as I suspected, it was my shoes! I ordered the ASOS Vancouver Flatforms with the black and white bird-pattern from their OUTLET Up to 70%-sale almost two weeks ago. It took 10 days for them to come from the UK to Sweden~ Which is totally fine with me, I’m not much of an “I want them fast”-type of girl. I’ll be happy if they just arrive in good condition!
DSC_0837This model comes in five different colors: white, black, black/white birds, metallic blue and rose gold. This “color” is 100% textile on the outside, has a 50% polyurethane/50% textile lining socket and the sole is 100% rubber.
The flatform is 7 cm.
DSC_0836They are creeper-styled but with a pointed toe (and a more feminine-shaped flatform).DSC_0840I really like these shoes~ They are pretty and comfortable to walk in. I only walked in them a bit but they are already dirty-looking (sorry for that~). For close-ups it looks pretty bad but in real life it isn’t that noticeable! They are a bit taller than my old ones but aren’t harder to walk in. Speaking of old ones, I showed my Twitter followers this a few weeks ago and this is also the reason I bought a new pair:DSC_0844One day they just decided to split in two. I love these shoes but when I’ve bought a pair, I use them until they are torn to pieces so I wasn’t surprised. I bought them in the middle of last summer and used them everyday until today. I’m taking these with me to Scotland though. I won’t get the new shoes soft enough before the trip in three days and I really don’t want to have chafed feet with the amount of walking we’ll do in Edinburgh!

You can still find these on the website. Only in size 8 though. If you’re looking for clothes I really recommend you to check out the sale, they have some pretty awesome deals. ^_^ They also ship worldwide!

(btw… fitting first post after the blog announcement, right? The timing is perfect! :’D)

// Nyancy

Mr. Edelweiss.

Good evening everyone!
I met up with Robin today. He had other plans yesterday so we postponed it till today! I finally did a flower inspired makeup on him~ I decided to make him an edelweiss because he lives in an apartment on the 5th floor. The view of the sky from his balcony is beautiful and I really wanted the view as the background. It’s been sunny these past few days so I’m lucky~
Ederweiss-flowers are unique because they live high up in the mountains. They felt like a very good participant amongst the other flowers I’ve chosen. Ederweiss looks like this:edelweissRobin took a snapshot while I was putting foundation on him!479782_10200198222872200_1584382952_nTo be honest, he probably is the most difficult model I’ve had! >w< Cancels on me, rubs his eyes when I’m finally done with the makeup on his eyes and he can’t sit still. I should probably thank Emilie Autumn for the fact that he actually sat down for about 40 minutes! He listened to her the whole time~
He made the end result look amazing though + I don’t think anyone would stand on a chair (in a tanktop with bold makeup), on a balcony on the 5th floor while the possibility of neighbors peaking through their windows.
Viking points: +30! ÒAÓ/

Here’s the result:72402_10200198381196158_62205380_nThe other pictures are too similar for me to show you, so you get the webcam picture Robin took after everything was done!

Afterwards we walked to Sushi Delux and we ate yummy food, sushi for Robin and chicken salad for me~DSC00447I also received the Maria Nila products from Glossybox today! A post on them will be up tomorrow :3 See you then!

// Nyancy