W A T E R.

I was sad.

I cried.

I calmed down.

I suddenly thought about something funny (don’t remember what anymore).

I started laughing so hard, I started crying again.

I was unable to stop.

It’s going to rain tomorrow the whole week.

// Nyancy


So as I said yesterday I will have an update every Sunday of all the paintings ect. that I’ve made through out the week!  

They might be anatomically incorrect, unfinished and weird. Most of it isn’t pretty but hey that’s not how I work~ ;3

I had an idea drought and no energy to do anything but last Saturday it stopped and I started playing with watercolor on A3 paper. I can’t scan them because my scanner only takes A4 or smaller. =w=’

The fourth one is made with red and black ink and the others with watercolor. I was bored making these so that’s why they don’t have any type of meaning or anything ehehe.

The next six are made with a lead pencil and black/red/white ink (mixed and as they are).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s art and come back next Sunday! :D

I’m off cleaning and studying now~ ;__;

Continue to have a nice Sunday!

// Nyancy ❤


I thought that I would scan everything I’ve done through-out the week on Sundays and show them to you. Would that be something? :D

Making people react to things you’ve made must be one of the greatest feelings in my opinion 

Doing pieces for a little display when my school is having a culture day the 15th November so those I won’t upload before (I’ll show them the same day hehe!) but everything else will pop up on Sundays

// Nyancy 


Hi guys! Thought of doing a post before this one about a look change but hell I believe it’s officially fall now soooo why not! ^^

I made this header first but I wanted the picture of the sunset  as the background so I scrapped the idea and went with just changing the colors to orange on the header I had before! Hehe.

I’m very satisfied!



I’m off continuing reading Nemi~ See ya later!



My day… was a real roller coaster. No memory card. Lovisa was late. I was hungry. I saw the longest book fair line ever. Then Lovisa arrived, we bought food and ultimately bought a ticket each to the fair. c:


The book fair in Gothenburg is held at “Svenska mässan”.
Pretty, pretty building~

Lovisa feeling like an elf with her mothers sweater and santa’s hat :D

Haha ❤ In one booth we played a game called “brain ball”.
We put on straps with sensors on our foreheads and then the one with the least brain-activity won… and that would be me!
The ball in the middle rolled to the one with the most on it’s mind hehe

An armchair made of paperbacks!


What I brought home:
☆ Nemi book no. 9 from the publisher Kartago.
☆ “Askungar” by Kristina Ohlsson, “Monster” by Micael Dahlen and “Låt de gamla drömmarna dö” by John Ajvide Lindqvist from the bookstore chain Bokia.
☆ Elvis “Tillsammans sedan 2000” from the publisher Egmont kärnan.

I’m satisfied with today and now I’m sleepy as hell so… TIME TO GO TO BED! ;w;

Good night everybody. See ya tomorrow~

// Nyancy 


No school today ‘ayy!

Already morning my fellow bloggers and readers, hellooo! Woke up way too early today but it doesn’t matter! No lesson today. Feels nice~ c:

Still going though because I forgot my notes and having two tests in the beginning of next week without notes… I would be screwed.

I’ll post todays makeup later. I feel like thick lines and pink today *hint* *hint*! 

// Nyancy ❤


Good evening!

Today we had our class photographed for the year and it’s the last time with my current class (a bit sad but we made it fun, I dressed up as a panda! Sadly I don’t have any pictures~ you’ll just have to wait ;D).

Tomorrow I only got one lesson (social studies) and then Lovisa and I will go to the big book fair in Gothenburg! I’ll bring my camera so pictures from there will pop up here :D

And I’ve got some news…


✭ Our computer is back (finally after more than a month pending) which means more updates!


✭ I forgot my 3DS’s SD-card in the library right after my last post. Everything on my 3DS is (hopefully temporarily) gone: “apps”, pictures, videos and downloaded games… I’m literarily praying to find it tomorrow, I don’t know what I’ll do without it! Q_Q

✭ When we got the computer back it was completely restored. Everything gone… all my music, pictures ect. I was totally broken down by this. 2012 hasn’t been a good year for memory related things.

Oh well, time to prepare for bed. Want to catch up to my internet reading of manga haha. Good night~

// Nyancy ❤


H-hiiii guys so it’s been a while. The reasons why I haven’t posted anything: too much things going on in school and the most crucial thing: no computer (we had to get it fixed for real this time).

I don’t have much time to write anything because I have an english test this afternoon but here comes some pictures from my morning!

These are taken with my 3DS XL, the quality isn’t great but in 3D it looks really pretty :3

Got to go study now! Until next time~ byeee!