The Dark Knight Triology – Ultimate Collector’s Edition Unboxing

IMG_2284Aaaand here comes the slightly late unboxing I told you that I would do. ^^b I’m showing the content in the same order as they came in the box! IMG_2285

These are the first things you see when you open the box. A letter from Christopher Nolan and the reproductions of the Tumbler (from Batman Begins), Bat (from The Dark Knight Rises) and Bat-Pod (from The Dark Knight).


Next comes the villain prints from Mondo in a sturdy envelope. They are gorgeous~ I want to frame and put them on my wall! Sadly I don’t have any room (or a frame for that matter). D: The prints are 25.5×17.3 cm.IMG_2288

IMG_2289This is the large 48-page photo book of the trilogy. It’s beautiful and the inside combines both matt and shiny finishes. The photos are shiny while the background is matt (and the batman logos, not on the picture above though haha).IMG_2290IMG_2291 IMG_2292And the finale is the disc book. A thick, hard-cover with 6 Blu-rays. Batman Begins has one disc, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises has two each (one being special features, nothing new for those that already have the movies on blu-ray) and the final disc has over 90 minutes of new special features.

Like I said on my last post: it was worth the 600 SEK i gave for this TDK: UC edition. I’m in love with it~
// Nancy

Blue Tuesday.

Feeling a bit down this week but what makes everything better if not a Buffy marathon! So far I’ve seen a season each day (from Sunday) so I’m in the middle of season 3. I really love Buffy the vampire slayer. I remember seeing it on TV3 when I was around ten. My grandmother wanted me to change the channel but I refused. I was totally enchanted by Spike!

Drusilla and Spike are great villains c: I’m in love with them both.
Their personalities are lovely and inspiring (not in the sense of a way to be but creatively for me!). The Brittish accent they both have, but especially Drusilla’s, are perfect. ♥ spike-drusillaCan’t wait for Spike to be in the show more regularly and maybe another visit from Dru (please?)!

Another thing! Remember when I said that I didn’t get the preorder gift for Disney Infinity? Well yesterday when my parents came home at 1 AM (after work), my mom gave me the usual Electroworld package:Bild 2013-08-27 kl. 16.48 #2About A4 format (which feels huge for ⇣).

And there it was inside! >w< IMG_1864A tiny Power disc pack.IMG_1866 IMG_1868A holographic Merlin Summon power disc. It’ll make “in-game economy pickup area times two”. I’ll come in handy c:IMG_1870And my surprise power disc is Cinderella’s Coach. I’ll be able to ride the carriage in Toy Box mode.

It feels weird that they sent it like this and not together with the game… but I assume that they did it because they didn’t have them when the game came out(? maybe).

I didn’t get my PS3 today because I’m feeling sick but tomorrow my mom is going to the optician so I’ll tag along and buy it then! See you tomorrow~

// Nancy

Monsters University premiere

IMG_1572After the movie~

IMG_1586IMG_1587 And SF’s Monsters University menu! *w*b

Popcorn in a cute (hard paper) box, a plastic mug (you could choose either a Mike, Sully or Art figurine to have on top) and the memory game-cards.

This one is far better than the Wreck-it Ralph menu… didn’t expect to get the card game (but I love to collect stuff so it’s a pleasant surprise) :3

monsters_university_2013-wideI liked Monsters University. It was a worthy prequel and to see tiny Mike was *AHHHH*… he was adorable °u° I laughed and almost covered my eyes when they almost lost the scare games (twice Ö^Ö)!
MonstersUniversityDean1Ps. Dean Hardscrabble is awesome *gay monster crush :DDD*… oh and she reminded me of the Grand Councilwoman in Lilo & Stitch!

// Nancy

Ps2. Look at all the SP hits i got today (been a while since I got this many in one go)! x’D IMG_0875

No More Hand Drawn Animation From Disney(?)!

I woke up and saw that Eora had linked the video above.
Now, I got sad of the idea that disney won’t be making any more hand drawn 2d feature length films. The movies we grew up with, the ones called classics are beautiful! But as I looked into this a bit more in-depth, Bob Iger, the Chief Executive of the Walt Disney Company, said this (at an annual shareholders meeting in Phoenix, Arizona this past Wednesday):

“To my knowledge we’re not developing a 2D or hand-drawn feature animated film right now. There is a fair amount of activity going on in hand-drawn animation but it’s largely for television at this point. We’re not necessarily ruling out the possibility [of] a feature but there isn’t any in development at the company at the moment.” – Bob Iger, Chief Executive of the Walt Disney Company

He’s not actually saying that there won’t be any more hand drawn movies, they are just not being made right now/planned yet! This is because the last two hand drawn movies, The princess and the frog and Winnie the Pooh earned a lot less money than the 3D animated movies: Tangled and Bolt.

The princess and the frog $267 million
Winnie the Pooh $33 million
Bolt $310 million
Tangled $590 million

There’s no doubt that this is a decision made to make more money. But even if this is the case, let’s in the meanwhile enjoy the 3D movies being made, because let’s be honest, we enjoy the beautiful animations and the heart-breaking stories even though they aren’t hand drawn…
lanterns-tangled_00334738In late 2013, Frozen has it’s premier (or well November 27th in NA but February 7th in Sweden! :c). It’s based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen.frozen-character-art-580x4291azxxSo are you still going to watch upcoming Disney movies or are you going on a strike? Maybe you haven’t had an interest in Disney movies at all?

// Nyancy

Weekend funsies!

I’m going to list what I’m going to do this weekend! :D


  • the movies I borrowed from the library yesterday! I’ve already watched The Flowers of War (highly recommended If you want to both cry floods and smile/laugh) and have Lord of the Flies (1963) left. Kind of read the book in english (didn’t manage to read the end) so it will be interesting to see the movie interpretation.

Lord-of-the-Flies-1963-Hollywood-Movie-Watch-Online 600full-the-flowers-of-war-cover

  • the post-midseason finale episodes of The walking dead and Once Upon a Time.The-Walking-Dead-Season-3-Poster
  • Les Miserables in theater… alone. Everyone else cancelled on me :c Might see something else though, so I can see it with them some other day. The seats available are crappy anyway!les_miserables_french-poster
  • season one of Adventure Time!adventure-time-with-finn-and-jake-3

Play (+ maybies)…

  • large-1Harvest Moon Tale of two towns (The majors are not fighting as much as in the beginning, I’ve got more money. I also have two chickens,  a full grown cow and a lamb. Life in Konohana is goooood~)
  • Pokemon-black-2-white-2-wallpaper-pokemon-black-version-2-and-white-version-2-32031323-900-675Maybe some Pokemon Black 2. Honesty time: I have not come far in the game! Stress made me not want to play it and now I don’t feel like it! Should try tomorrow nonetheless >w<
  • prof-layton-wallpaperMaybe continue Professor Layton and the curious village… been a while now. Got stuck at an area-calculation puzzle. TIME TO PULL MYSELF TOGETHER LIKE A SIR!

I should probably do some have-to-do’s too but I’d rather not think about it right now. Have a great weekend everybody! See you tomorrow~ I still have the surprise-post (that I promised you) left to write. Hint: It’s beauty-related.

// Nyancy

Pre-birthday celebration!

Hi guys! Has this been a long day or what??! (Answer: yes yes yes)

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day of walking around down town, see Django, eat something and then go home, everything before four. Well… that didn’t go as planned.

Arrived to the middle of Gothenburg and found Anna within one minute of getting off the tram~ We went to two asian trade-stores before I noticed that Marcus had called… turned out that he overslept and he asked if we could watch the next showing, so we did. The time was around 10.30 and the next showing was at 14.30. So we continued as planned and went to two more asian trades and found this while buying Pocky.

DSC_0050Pandanus... do I have to explain why that was absolutely hilarious to me and Anna!(??)

After that we had a photo shoot for the Pocky Royalty-contest I’m participating in! Without Anna I wouldn’t have gotten the pictures I got so I’m really happy she said yes when I asked her. I’m doing a separate post on the contest when the voting begins! (So people can vote for me… hopefully QwQ’) While we took pictures, people would walk past and I’d feel embarrassed and laugh and run away. It was super-fun though.

 A preview kinda... I haven't used this one in the picture I entered the contest with!

When we were done, we headed to the centralstation. After waiting for a while, I called Marcus three times. Voicemail greeted us each time and because it said that the train Marcus was on had wagon-error we assumed that something horrible had happened. Death, death and… death. (No other explanation really! ;D). Reality: his phone was silly and slow. He texted us that he had arrive so we met up with him and took a tram to the cinema. 

After purchasing the tickets we walked down to Max and ate yummy food!

DSC_0082 DSC_0083 DSC_0084 DSC_0085 DSC_0089Marcus blueberry delux milkshake looked really yummy and my chicken burger was... *ahhhwhjfiojkd*.

At last we saw Django Unchained! It. Was. So. Good. And super-silly at times! I laughed so much haha~


2 h. and 45 minutes long! I had washed down a big cup of coke during the first one and a half hours so when it was an hour left I couldn’t hold it any longer! D: It hurt like a b- so I walked on shaky legs to the restroom. The people sitting on our row… should get an award! TwT They were so helpful when I could’t see anything. A guy with a huge bag helped me by pushing it away (took a while though since he couldn’t see it either!) while being super nice and polite.

I got an early birthday present from Anna:


Various candies but mostly she got it because of the party-whistle!


Trouble along the way but in the end everything was awesome!

// Nyancy

Nostalgia at it’s highest level!

It’s Cartoon network’s 20th anniversary this year.

(Click on the picture to see it in full size, It really makes a difference!)

I saw this picture on Facebook this morning. And the nostalgia just washed all over me. This is my childhood. I see that two or tree programs are pretty new (so I haven’t seen them) but I still recognize them!

Power puff girls, Dexter’s laboratory, Ed, Edd n’ Eddie, Courage the cowardly dog, Fosters home for imaginary friends, Cow & Chicken, I am Weasel, Johnny Bravo, Sheep in the big city, Time squad, Samurai Jack, The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy, Codename: Kids Next Door, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, Camp Lazlo, My Gym Partner’s a Monkey ect.
There’s so much more (See: List of broadcast programs by Cartoon network) but these are the ones that I remembered. I also know what Adventure Time is but just like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, It just flew by me haha.

I found this video (which also includes my favorites Looney Tunes, The Flintstones and Tom&Jerry! :D):

 I hope you enjoyed the nostalgia!

// Nyancy


Ohhh yes ♡ Soon… sooon just going to make some popcorn first! ;D

Right now I’m watching Pokemon The Movie 2000 (with really good quality) at Synchtube until Friday the 13th starts!

The music ♡ Especially the main melody of the movie.

Seriously… how could you not like it??! It’s so beautiful!



Btw I’ve been looking through all the 3DS games available and… I’M GOING NUTS!

I want 1. Money and 2. the time to go faster! :<

Here are the games I want to get:

As you can see I really like platform games! Haha :3 And I will also get Pokemon B&W 2 when they’re released on the 12th of September :D

Oh… The movie started 20 minutes ago. Woopsie!

// Nyancy❤

M O V I E S.

I met my mother on the way home and she wanted to eat ice cream so we walked into a ice cream parlor, while she ordered ice cream… I looked through movies that were sold very cheaply. This is what I got (the lables on the movies doesn’t match what I paid.)I like when they are in profile and have open mouths on the cover apperently ;D

Sasha Baron Cohen ♡ Haven’t seen Borat yet but soon…. sooooooooon (hopefully)! *∆*

It’s a perfect day for movies (although every day is a good day for movies, if you aren’t stressed) :3

It’s all that possibly can happen with the weather right now. Sun, dark rain clouds, wind, rain, humid. X’D

Bye beautifuls! I’ll start watching now. Haven’t figured out which one I’ll be watching but probably something that my brother want to see too because he’s sitting next to me! ^^

// Nyancy & Little Bro ❤


For me in Sweden, it’s exactly one month till the premier! I’ve even given my mobile nr. to the site of the cinema so that when the tickets have been released… I’ll get a text *geek lvl. 1337*. I don’t really know what to expect (and I think that that’s good) but I’m really looking forward to it.

Hearing that Catwoman is back got me so exited (When Michelle Pfeiffer did her… I was blown away! SHE WAS SO BADASS ♡ I’ll never forget the rage-scene). Then I heard that the one playing her was Anne Hathaway and I was a little skeptical (I always see her as the good/innocent-but-want-to-be-bad girl) but we’ll see how she does! Really hoping I’m wrong. ^^

Hnnnnn ♡

// Nyancy


(A little spoiler may be included)

I’d say that those ratings are fair :3

The story is great and I love the show (even though I think that some of it is a liiittle silly, like Wonderland or the special effects over all but that’s the charm I guess X’D).

Robin is a real sucker for Regina while I like Rumple. The way he say dearie and accent is really charming. ^^

I’m rewatching the six last episodes with my brother because he hasn’t seen them.

There’s going to be a season 2 and I’m really looking forward to it! :D I’ve heard that The Little Mermaid’s going to be included in the series. And of course I’m hoping that August will turn back! That should happen right??! He should turn human again when the magic Mr. Gold unleashed reaches him… ;_; Fingers crossed.

// Nyancy ❤

H O S T E L.

Yesterday I actually didn’t see any Batman movies *_* Because my brother asked if I wanted to watch Hostel and I thought “hmm, why not? I haven’t seen it in years”… My memories must’ve been really blurry because I didn’t remember the movie being that bad! Ö_Ö Seriously the acting can almost be compare to The Room’s cast (not quite there but almost). Then you know it’s bad. I looked through IMDB and I found that they did no effort at all trying to make anything look like it actually was from where it was suppose to be! These are from IMDB:

– “While most of the movie is supposed to happen in Slovakia, the filmmakers didn’t even try to make it authentic as all of the signs are in Czech language. They did not even bother to remove all Czech signs at the train station which should be in Austria.”

– “When the bad guy walks into the toilet at the end, all signs should be in German. Right above the walkway is a sign that says “Kabinky” which is Czech and Slovak.”

This one’s my favorite:

“Season changes in Slovakian from spring to winter and then spring again, all in a few days.”

How can they not realise this??! Bad, bad movie. :c

Even if pretty much everything suck with this movie, something I thought was really cool is that “the interior of the slaughterhouse was filmed at a functioning mental hospital in Prague built in 1910, in a wing that had been closed for over 50 years. Building 10, where many of the scenes were filmed, was where the craziest patients were taken. The basement was so creepy that Eli Roth had a string quartet playing classical music to make it feel cozier while shooting.”

So that was my thoughts of the movie Hostel. ^^

I will be updating again after I’ve eaten something so see ya soon! : D

// Nyancy ❤

Oh, you are such a J O K E R.

Well hello there.

So it’s midsummer’s eve today… and I’m not f*cking celebrating that. I’m quite bitter because this week hasn’t been the best (and it washed over me now), but I’m fine with that. Times like these are nice once in a while. I don’t want/need anyone right now. And it feels great. SO anyway, I did some pink and black joker-magic, who doesn’t like creepy shit??

It’s raining outside… ❤ Rose my mood a lil’ (that and Marilyn Manson) :3

I just now got a sudden urge to watch some batman movies! It’s a shame that I don’t have The Dark Knight :< Heath Ledger in my heart∼ Oh well, I’ll just “settle” for Jack Nicholson (badass MF). And Alicia Hunt:

DAAAAMMMNNN, she is beautiful ♡


// Nyancy ❤