Kawaiibox September & October

Hi guys! I know I said that I wouldn’t backtrack but since I just started blogging again you guys might not know about this subscription box and I want to tell you about it! 😊

Since it’s a subscription box you get a box every month with 10-12 cute products for between 17.30$ – 18.90$. I have the one month plan so I get it for 18.90$, the other ones are lump sums and I haven’t made that investment yet but maybe I will when I have money left some month ^^

Now to the boxes themselves! This is the September Box:


And this is the October Box:CUMR2533

Both pictures are from my instagram when the boxes just came home to me!

These are the only boxes I’ve gotten but they have similar categories of stuff in them:

  • a small pouch of some sort (the mumin one and the cat one)
  • a bigger bag (the adorable alpaca makeupbag and the bunny pencase)
  • something to eat (caplico icecream, goldfish gummies & candy sushi)
  • charms (toasted bread, eggyolk & cat)
  • a pen (a bunny inkpen & a lollipop ballpoint pen) these are my favorite in the boxes haha
  • 3D stickers (food & farm ones)
  • DIY stuff (bracelet kit, nail bling & gems)
  • some kind of paper item (a cute animal card & cute printed mini paperbags)
  • lastly, misc. things: fragrance balls in a plastic jar & a stamp set)

In conclusion I think it’s a very fun box to get every month! Until next time have a good time 😁

// Nancy


New cute stuff hanging from my 3DS.

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was feeling down. Almost slept through the whole day.

Anyway, I’ve hung some new things to my 3DS! I like keychains and mobile jewelry but I don’t use everything I have since I’m afraid of losing them (like pins when you put them on bags :c). I haven’t lost anything in a long time though :D Probably because I always put everything back in my bag instead of letting them hang outside.

These are the ones I’ve had hanging for a few months (without changing them at all):current ones

All worn out and stuff haha. HK and Black widow were the latest ones but as you can see, Black widow’s eyes has faded a lot! >_<

Now to the new ones! Two of them I got as surprise gifts from Puccho candies and the third one is from a Puccho case.

This one’s from Puccho One Piece: img_0956
I’m not a One Piece fan (haven’t read the manga in 6 years or so) but the Puccho tastes really different and I really liked it when my brother got it so I bought one for myself.
I got Zoro and from what I remember I though that he was really cool haha.
You can hang it with the string but you also get an earphone jack plug so I went with that instead!

The second one’s from Kumamon Puccho: IMG_1059
As you can see on the picture below, I got the one where he’s wearing a sash xD I love the tiny Puccho piece at the bottom of it.
new ones

The last one is the Hello Kitty in a Masaru suit. It’s the top piece on the blue Nameko Saibai Kit x Hello Kitty Puccho case I got: MLS234_e

I haven’t broken the case btw! On the back it shows that you can screw it off haha >w<
This item has sold out on Jlist/Jbox so I’m not absolutely certain but I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to get a Puccho pack in it… and I didn’t receive one :c I’ve mailed them so we’ll see what happens.

Urgh, this weekend was no fun. I do like my 3DS XL a bit more now ;D I want to buy a hard case for it too… maybe next month. It’s a shame that shipping from the US is so damn expensive, I’d already have one if it wasn’t.
// Nancy

Kracie’s Majo Majo Neru Neru.

Haaappy Friday, here I am with a Japanese DIY candy kit!Maho maho neru neruMajo majo neru neru, from Kracie!

This is what Jbox has to say about this kit:

“The wizards at Kracie have come up with another magical treat set that let’s you make your own Japanese treats at home. This package featues two unique flavors of Neru Neru Nerune DIY candy powder, cola and ramune, but also includes a special “magic powder” that will change the flavors or taste somehow, perhaps making it sparkle with magic in your mouth. Includes calcium to help build strong bones. Just add water with the included ingredients and mix until you get a fluffy treat that can be eaten alone or with other snacks. By Kracie.”

What comes in the kit:
o-maticThese are the step one/two/three bags and the special bags.
klkThe tray (you’ll take off the corner which is a measuring cup and a tiny spoon.

Step-by-step with pictures~1Pour bag one in one of the bowls.
2Add one (filled to the brim) measuring cup of water.3Blend it and you’ll get green-brown slime.4Add bag number two.5When you blend it, it’ll turn fluffy and a coca-cola foam color (not sure how to discribe it).
6Pour the content from bag 3 in the other bowl. Now it’s technically done!
You just have to dip the spoon with the candy in the sprinkles and eat it.

But if you’re curious you should try to add the other bags too:
extra1When you add the pink bag, add a measuring cup of water.extra2It’ll fizzle and become fluffier when you’ve blended everything together. It also gets a fruitier flavor.

extra3Add the black/gold bag and it’ll turn pink and taste spicy.endNow it’s entirely done!

So what do I think of this DIY candy kit? It’s cool to make, I really like the sprinkles and it tasted good but the texture isn’t really my preference. I like chewy things and this isn’t.
Also, if you’re getting this candy kit, I’d advice you to try the spicy powder on a portion of the candy if you don’t already know that you like spicy candy. Turns out I don’t like my candy spicy. >w<

It was fun but me and nerunerunerune aren’t meant to be (since I don’t like the consistency and the fluffy candy is the main candy in all of those candy kits). I might test another type of DIY candy though :D

Well this went from an early evening to a late one. Hope you enjoyed this Japanese candy post. I’ll make more~
// Nancy

My first Jbox order! :D

Sorry for the absence! I’ve been working this week but I’m free now so I’ll be able to blog more :3

I’ve been waiting for this package from Jlist/box for about a month now because two items had to be restocked but now that it’s finally here I’m really happy I waited :D I’ll show you why!

I mostly bought candy but also a bentobox~

IMG_0949Seems like the little package went through customs just fine =w=b IMG_0951I was so exited when I opened it in the car! This was the first thing I saw.

This is everything I ordered:

IMG_0956From the top to the bottom:
★ UHA One Piece Puccho World. This one is to my brother!
☆ UHA Puccho Golden With Pineapple Soda Flavor
★ UHA Puccho Miracle
☆ Morinaga Suppa Hi-Chew with Lemon Flavor IMG_0964Krachie Puchitto Fruit Soft Candy – Grape Flavor (Set of 3)IMG_0967Kracie Majo Majo Neru Neru (NeruNeruNerune)IMG_0960Neri Ame (Traditional Liquid Candy) w/ Chopsticks (Set of 10)IMG_0966Meiji Pokemon Hard Candy… LOOK AT IT, I’M DYING. I expected the little pikachu face to be all over the front (like here) but this is 10 times better! Shiny Genesect, Mewtwo and all the Eeveelutions!IMG_0970Tottoko Hamutaro Sunflower Bento Box

Aaaand that is all~ The Pokemon hard candy and the One Piece Puccho had to be restocked but it was worth the extra two weeks because they are delicious and the packaging is so pretty!

I’m going to do more posts on the stuff I got ^__^b Showing off the Pokemon candy/Puccho and doing a post on the do-it-yourself candy-kit Majo Majo Neru Neru!

Have a nice weekend!
// Nancy

Valentine’s day update!

Hellooo there sugar coated candy hearts!

I hope you’re having a pleasant Valentine’s day! Mine haven’t gone according to plan but it’s aaaall good~

I took the bus and met up with Robin… he bought the shoes he wanted (and they turned out to be cheaper than he expected them to be!) and then I bought caviar manicure-esque candy pearls that I will put on Robin’s lips.

Bild 2013-02-14 kl. 18.10I know that it’s silly but this is way cheaper than actual manicure pearls, haha!

I thought that it would be too little time until the sun went down for me to do his makeup today so we’ll do it on Monday instead!

We took a bus to Robin’s apartment (so he could leave his shoes at home) and then took another bus to a busstop near me. I got off the bus but Robin stayed because his Valentine’s date lives a few busstops from there *hehehe*~

I picked up my package and walked back to the busstop. As stupid as I was, I didn’t realize that the bus stops at a different location than before… so instead of waiting 30 minutes for the next one, I took the bus to the supermarket and waited for my mother!

Pictures from the bus ride:DSC00386The sky was beautiful… unfortunately it doesn’t show with the camera on my phone! DSC00387Checked Streetpass and I’d met this purple hero~ DSC00388He helped me poison this stubborn ghost (haven’t met anyone with a yellow shirt lately so the shield hasn’t disappeared ,urgh)DSC00389Inside the package! I got a surprise~ A yummy box of Twister-gum! Now to the games I picked!:DSC00391First up, Professor Layton and Pandora’s box.
Not going to start playing this one before I’m done with curious village though!
Next is:
DSC00393Harvest moon DS, The Tale of Towns! :D As you can see it’s all wrapped in plastic! A.k.a it hasn’t been opened before (I bought these from Retrospelbutiken, which means that all the games are previously owned by someone)! I was really surprised~ DSC00394Pretty sky again and it doesn’t show… again. :c

I bought a new Festis flavor. To be honest, I chose it because of the beautiful bottle!url-3I took REMIX:B, it tastes like orange and papaya! The other one is apple, kiwi and cucumber… I want to try it but just not today~ The plastic was really weak and wobbly though!

The bottle art are made by Carolina Falkholt.

Last but not least, my valentine’s makeup!

Skärmavbild 2013-02-14 kl. 18.52.21
Skärmavbild 2013-02-14 kl. 12.03.34I went all pastel pink (and black glitter liner)! I feel like Sebastian Simon when he wears his St. Germain lipstick! o(≧▽≦)o Faaabulous~

I’m going to continue tweeting, play Streetpass quest (then start on Harvest Moon) and listen to The pretty reckless now! See you later (but probably tomorrow)!

// Nyancy

Yesterday’s birthday presents!

Everything I got on my party yesterday~
DSC_0180Robin got me the first card three days ago and yesterday Arashi got me the blue one! They are so pretty that I’ve taped ’em to the backside of my bookcase (beside my DS/3DS games). DSC_0189Bought 5 games ❤DSC_0181Ida got me Marabou premium chocolate with 70 % cacao. She also drew the card with a cat on it ;w; It’s so cute!DSC_0182Dear Eora gave me a cute kit with Strawberry shower gel, a heart-shaped soap and two tiny shower “sponges” from The Body Shop. And also a “Born lippy”-lip balm. Smells delicious and as you probably know, I’m the nr. 1 fan of both red and hearts! :DDSC_0183Got the party eye kit eyelashes by H&M from Anna! They are so fabulous~ QwQ And They come with glue so I’ll be able to wear them haha ❤DSC_0184I also got a really funny card, Maltesers (because we’re both fans of Dan *& Phil* and I have never tasted them haha!) and two facemasks!DSC_0187I received everything from miss Anon in the silverbox! The the flying cupcake-card was attached to the lid and contained the words

Congratulations Nancy! -Have a wonderful birthday!!! You will take well care of these, that I’m sure of. ❤

I instantly thought of the joking around about Eora getting me a hamster, so I said “It’s not a hamster right?” and we were all joking around. But what do you know, I got 10 hamsters and accessories:   DSC_0185She gave me the Hamtaro-figurines she had in her room *so happy*. I really love Hamtaro so I’m speachless that she gave them to me! ;w;
DSC_0186Lovisa gave me magnetic color! SO COOL! When they all went home I started painting my desk door and now I’m doing the drawers! I might review this one~

I love everything I got and I will treasure them forever! Thank you guys~

// Nyancy

I’m doing a Rebecka B.


Hi guys! :3 Today we were able to try out graduation caps but not many from my class came because we start our lessons after lunch (12.15) but we had our time at 10.15… four came! X’D It was good that we did though because I didn’t realize that it was so many options! Ö_Ö What size, color, material, shape, lining, pins… I can’t even remember it all. It was nice to see everything in real life but very frustrating right then and there. Especially with this song in the background:

Anyway it went fine. I made mine on the internet a few minutes ago. Can’t show you because my phone doesn’t have network coverage right now so I can’t get the login information :c But they look like this~

Now I’m going to eat candy that I bought earlier:and play Pokemon! :D Right now I’m in a cave at a desert town with spanish music. Bianca is with me and I’m leveling up my Pokemon and catch some to get stamps in my Pokédex!
The candy bag contains these in different fruity flavors:  So yummy~

Go ahead and continue your wonderful evening and maybe I’ll see you later or tomorrow!

// Nyancy 

Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans!

Madeleine brought Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans to school today.

I didn’t dare to try one… she only had scary ones left! >w<‘

Black Pepper, Earth Worm, Sausage, Boogers and Rotten Eggs.

Very cool though, it’s a shame that I am a coward! =w=

// Nyancy

Cool yourself with: Polaretti fruit

I bought these yesterday because I needed to cool myself, 27 degrees Celsius/80.6 degrees Fahrenheit is far too hot for me! D:

So it’s 10 popsicles in the package and there’s 4 different flavors: Cherry, Lemon, Orange and Strawberry.  They taste really good, my favorite is the black cherry one~ When you buy them they are liquid so there’s no rush getting home! Just put them in the freezer later and they’ll turn to ice ^_^

  It says that they are gluten free and without colorings or preservatives which is really good! :D

Well I’m going to go enjoy one of these now because it’s as hot outside today as it was yesterday =w= I’m melting hehe~


Mentos and Jelly Beans, what more do you need?


Me and my mum bought some reaaaally tasty fruits today!


I’ll just go ahead and eat these (they don’t look great but they are the tastiest strawberries I’ve ever eaten.Very soft but not soggy)!


// Nyancy ❤

The city of metal? Myes, I believe it is.

It’s not everyday that the city of Gothenburg are overflow with metal lovers in all their forms (band t-shirt wearers, bikers, obvious fangirls, scene-kids and so on), even if we normally don’t exactly have a shortage ♡.

This is all thanks to Metaltown.

Anyway so that’s why today’s city life was kind of crazy∼

The math class was totally fine (didn’t feel like 2 hours haha) and there was this one guy that had the awsomest of tanktops, I’m just going to say that it was covered in:


So after we got the hell out of there (even though the teacher recommended that we should go to the study hall and she tried to trick us into going there with saying that it was obligatory *which we knew that it was not…*), we bought stuff (Robin bought guyliner a lá Viva La Diva ♡ :’D Now that I think about it, maaybe I should teach him how to apply it °__°’…).

Now some pictures:

Sat in from of the central station with Miss Anon for hours today, it came a lot of beggers asking us for money and one of them wanted my crisps and she wouldn’t go away… so I opened the bag and gave some to her. Uh. Oh well.

The weather was really nice, warming sun but not so much that you sweat and there were breezes once in a while∼

So I bought these fruit toffees to my mother  because she bought me the chocolate. (Ehehehe now I don’t have to buy anything for monthes, last time I got one of those chocolates it lasted for a month… not that I have any money left >∩>)

I was told that I looked like candy today.

Nicest compliment ever! : D

This was my day dearies, see you tomorrow∼

// Nyancy ❤